chn love?

it all started innocently enough. we found a kickass tea lounge. and a new chinese restaurant opened up next to it proclaiming, "grand opening - dim sum!" all we wanted to know was if the chinese restaurants we liked in the tampa area (known to us as just 'ho ho's') was the same as this new restaurant - 'ho ho choy's."

hello google! turns out they are all the same local chain. and we find this nice review. ok.... good, but what's that weird... "passion.com" link to the side? further investigation of the site reveals: "find an asian date," "find an asian bride" and "what asian women want!" no lie, i thought this was a joke.

apparently, because i am an asian woman, these are the things i look for:
  • Financial Security - Security with your career and future goals makes you more attractive to Asian women. They love to be spoiled and expect to be taken care of. This takes money.
  • Intelligence - Asian women loves a man with intelligence and ambition. Show her yours.
  • A well-rounded person - Beautiful Asian women are looking for the whole package. Someone with interests and hobbies outside his career and is interesting to her and others.
  • Family oriented - Family is very important. Show her you care about the ones you love.
  • Good Listener - Get to know her. Make her the center of your attention. Ask questions about her, her family, her interests.
  • Sense of humor - Never underestimate the importance of a good sense of humor.
  • Attractiveness - Take care of yourself. Good grooming and manners go a long way.
  • Positive attitude - Have a postive outlook on things along with these other traits and you'll be on your way.
jesus effing h christ. not to mention the HUGE image of a naked asian woman. (not work-safe to browse this site.) this poor schmuck has an asian wife. yea yea, i'm sure he loves her, but seriously. i love my wife not for WHO she is, but for WHAT she is! go asians! and if you check out the decor of their house?? *shudder*

"If you are sincere single male looking for a Chinese soulmate, this is the site for you. Since 1996, this site has provided an online service that is utilized as a powerful tool for the local dating and marriage agencies in China. They strive to help western gentlemen who appreciate oriental culture and long for Chinese laidies to be their lifelong partner and to find what they have always dreamed of - a beautiful, petite, feminine, sexy, Asian woman who has a happy and pleasant personality."

hm... definitely showing your "intelligence," mister. it's spelled "ladies." oh, and you forgot to mention that we're nymphomaniacs, too! eh?! forget about that!? or was the supposed to be a given? a "beautiful, petite, sexy, Asian woman who has a happy and pleasant personality?" i'll show you a pleasant personality, freakin' idiot!



{STAR} said...

EWWWW! This guy has pictures of him and his wife with advertisements under them about asian porn! These people are wierd. I found it even worse that on their about us page they, along with their photo and porn link, ask for people interested in new and interesting things to email them. Yack! and the stereotypes. Who would let their husband treat them this way?

Madge said...

Ok - I randomly found this blog. It's fabulous! Especially since you're a Tampanian. Though I live in the city that's ruled by her highness, Pam Iorio, I always feel very far away. Thank you for letting me feel like this actually is a cool place to live.