canonet dreams

so last nite i bid on a canonet 17 gliii camera. i think i won it. i won't know till i get home. hello super excited! i had the option of bidding for a completely new and mint camera... but i believe it was going for $245. le sigh.


i live for creme brulee

good god, am i tired or what. went to bed at 3:30 am. anthony's band, the cold season, played at the green room. tonight - no dinner, just sleep. lots of sleep.

kina came up and visited this past weekend and we had a rip-roaring time! ok well, we mainly shopped. i'm in dire need of a good pair of black pants. is that too much to ask for?? kina came away with 3 pairs of jeans while i walked away pantless. she also came with us on valentine's day to a surprisingly good sushi buffet, where i gorged on three (count 'em, three) cups of creme brule.

and anthony's band played on sunday as well! quite superbly. despite the show being an all-ages show and all the 14 yr olds that came in later with their parents, i have to admit that the sound quality at the brass mug is amazing.

oh yea, and i'll probably be forced to say anyways, but erika completely won by at least 2 or 3 pie pieces in trivial pursuit.