in the pink

in the pink

here's me, with the pink ends! i think it's faded a bit since i had it colored. and some of my towels have small pink areas on them. oops!

weekend goodies:

1 - picked up my newfangled bernina activa 240 sewing machine. anthony says i have a bernina glow. it's definitely a "she", but i haven't picked out a name yet. considered taking a photo of me humping her, but thought she might be too embarrassed.

2 - heading out to breakfast with anthony, i get a call from a branch without internet access. breakfast, ABORT. argh! being on call really sux ballz sometimes.

3 - feeling better, but sounding terrible with a horrible cough.


true love

happiness, originally uploaded by gimchi.

yammie likes the camera.

really. honest. no lie. honest abe.

in other news, i am sick and am very unhappy about it. anthony took me out for sushi tonight and i freaked out because the crunchy spicy tuna and the crunchy spicy salmon, my favorite rolls, used a mayo-based spicy sauce instead of the normal spicy sauce.


if you're going to advertise a dish, at least put that it has god damn mayo in it, especially if it's something that does not normally have mayo in it! fuck fuck fuck, i was not happy.

thankfully, the salmon nigiri was delicious. buttery and delicious.

i'm going to bed. it's 9 pm.

thank you, goodnight.


random image post upchuck

evening on the courts

the evening of the eclipse. wide-angle lenses are not kind to us.


lunar powerful

ninety two?

chocolate cake deliciousness!


two nine

two nine


ryan, jen, rachel & laurence

rosie & alberto

rosie & alberto


francisco! of gramage designs.

francisco & kareema

francisco & kareema



the seat of power

in the seat of power


MAt, who actually owns his own ballz


amy, who joins MAt in ball ownership

me & emily

me & emily

drink up, my pretty

drink up!


yawning maws

skies are fully grey and cloudy today and our windows were wet with condensation here on the 3rd floor, above the streets. the temperature is turned down low, low, low, as usual, and i’m cozy in my hoodie. i passed a little wet dead bird covered in red ants on the cement on the walk in to work. (silly, happy, blissful birds shouldn’t build their nests so high, in the lights that shine down from the 3rd story. there is no room for error for their younglings.)

i’m attempting to drink less coffee/caffeine. just one big travel mug a day (at least, on weekdays). today i have not had any coffee, but have downed 2 pots of loose leaf oolong tea instead. i am pleasantly humming, pleasantly thrumming, though my eyes are tired. i’m working, getting reports run, getting things done, but i could just as easily crawl under my desk and sleep with my head upon my shoes.

speaking of shoes, my new ones have shipped!

and, speaking of new – some items of note:

per madge, i have tried veuve cliquot, a little halfsie. and it was delicious! i’m still partial to my asti spumanti, but for a “real” champagne, it was lovely and fizzy, heady and tasty. i also cannot see or think of it without “CLIT” flashing through my mind.

shoot, my brain just fritz’d. there was something else….

OH! i suppose i wanted to mention the thai buddhist wat, which has a market with delicious foodstuffs on sundays! i am quite sure we will be going this weekend. thanks to rachel for passing along the information!

OH! yen is pregnant! truly, something in the water. good thing i’m drinking tea. … what? water in the tea you say? tea made with water? i ignore you. however, congratulations to yen!! biological clocks? it’s really true, as they say. they’re ticking and my friends are hearing it, counting down. i’m surrounded by little babies! tiny sacs of flesh and developing organs! que strano.



campers, originally uploaded by gimchi.

here are my new shoes, hopefully soon on their merry way to my naked feet.

*insert swooning here*

i know, you're fascinated. however, anytime i buy shoes, it is a landmark occassion, since i pretty much own and wear approx 3 pair of shoes. pathetic. especially now that my feet have strangely grown after my trip to europe.

also in the news is my recent haircut, in which i also dyed my hair pink.

not all of it, just some tippy tip ends. mi piace molto!


back issue

a while back, obviously, i visited michie whilst maya was still cooking in the oven. i KNEW it was a little girl, i just KNEW it. i have psychic baby powers, didn't i tell you?


visiting michie and nawaal and seeing d.c. was am absolute blast! nawaal knows an inordinate amount of good restaurants. it was frightening. we even went to dean & deluca for some expensive olive oil, aged gouda and dried guava. divine.

my tea house photos were unfortunately obliterated by a computer virus, but i have found the website here -
ching ching cha! (cha means tea in chinese; dim sum is chinese breakfast; and another way of saying that is yum cha, which is to drink tea.)

truly, this place was incredible. this beautiful square room with high ceilings and a skylight. white walls and deep dark wood accents. and expensive. $15 for a pot of tea? oolong, i must say it was divine. in a clay teapot! with a small ceremony/explanation! i loved it. there was a raised dias on one end where nawaal told us how she was once kicked out for laying out in front of the buddha statue. oops! show some, respect! apparently.

first and foremost, d.c. was COLD.


barren trees juxtaposed with michie's baby laden belly. adorable. quaint. fri

we stayed in a cute little hotel (where there was an actual elevator attendant!) with a cute little kitchen area and where i felt up michie's belly after she drank some juice. maya kicked for me!

"was that gas?"
"...are you sure?"

michie's baby shower was quite fun in an upscale d.c., luncheon sort-of-way. rich! people! and the food was delicious. everyone was so sweet and nice. plus, mimosas! you cannot go wrong with mimosas.

bring on the gifts

the homes were just spectacular.

buffet time?

stupid glare!

damn you, glare!


nawaal is much more the temptress than i.


nawaal and sara (pronounced suh-RAH), looking sweet and innocent. or perhaps with a sly grin.

later, we were so lucky to have been able to stay with friends of michie's husband's family - karen and paul! they live in this wonderful sears house which is just so wonderfully quaint and cozy and they have a guest book and treat it like a bed and breakfast. they even have business cards for their "bed and sometimes breakfast", "where your comfort is second only to ours." *laugh* and complete with guestbook.

no smoking

wet pants monday

meaghan has this wonderful habit of naming her days. clean sheet sundays and mimsie fridays (when her mom takes owen for the day and night, leaving 2 glorious free days of coupledom for meaghan & craig).

today for me is nothing so glorious or sweet. today is wet pants monday.

a pluvial lunch hour created little raging rivers down every street i crossed. my socks are drying on top of my mini oil-filled heater. my pant legs are thoroughly soaked and my toes are white and cold. they’re cowering underneath the heater in an attempt to leach some semblance of warmth. my current predicament is how to use the bathroom as my bladder is precariously full – i am loathe to put on my wet leather shoes, but using the bathroom unshod would be asking for some disgusting, embarrassing toe fungus, or worse. we won’t dwell on that.


bowling extravaganza!

bowling excitement!

us, slightly tipsy on beer on my birthday (back in march). silly rain doesn't get us down! even though we were unable to go shuffle boarding, we were still able to slide objects down long lanes and hit other objects.

and drink.

and eat chocolate cake. *ting*

true north

why is finding your way so difficult?

i’m almost 30, with a master’s degree 4 months away. (*very minor panic attack in the form of widened eyes*)

good lord, what do i want to do with my life? do i want to work here, in the public library? i’ll admit, that working with the public is an idea that slightly grates on my nerves. currently, i work in our networking department, so it’s not too bad. i have tasks. i come up against some challenges. i work on them, research them, learn sql, write code and complete them.

w00t. i just kind of get paid a piddling amount.

i would like to be more artistic. and i’m working on this. actually putting my “stuff” out there. working with my hands and making a colorful mess.

ideas that flit or have flitted through my murky mind:

  • buy land and start an artistic agriturismo in italy
  • buy land and start an artistic agriturismo in gainesville

i’m real good with locations (read: sarcasm). italy might not happen, but mayhaps the latter.

would i even LIKE being a farmer? currently my dad grows chinese fruit; not really a farm, more like an orchard

  • i don’t really like harvesting from trees, so i’ve never been much of a help to him at all
  • PLUS, spiders
  • i don’t mind getting dirty, as long as there’s a shower
  • i’ve always wanted to compost and/or have a worm house
  • my success rate is maybe 60/40 with plants; is that good enough?
  • health insurance… that’d be sucky to work out properly
  • ironies, my parents used to own restaurants and were so happy to get out of that business
    o of course, my brother is a manager of one out in naples
    o and now i’m thinking being a farmer, JUST LIKE MY DAD
    o they always wanted us to be lawyers or doctors (HAHAHA)


old man thomas

old man

awww, isn't he such a cutie? i love how his fur is all sorts of cleave-y on his neck (and tail).
  • thomas sleeps on my head most nights, taking up a full 90-98% of the pillow
  • sometimes he misses the litterbox and leaves us "presents"
  • he likes to nip my arms in the mornings with a plaintive gaze that clearly says, "FEED ME NOW, SLAVE"
  • when he yawns, steer clear of his fishy-fishy breath
  • as our two cats eat at their respective food bowls, he corner-eyes yammie to make sure she doesn't come near his blessed dry food nibs
  • clean clothes are his favorite nesting place
  • i love when he donkey kicks
  • and when he stretches whilst laying down, his back legs twitching with the exertion



woolly, slightly-scratchy, hoodie/cardian? worn and causing minor itching
space-heater? turned on and radiating heat
electric kettle? about to boil for some heat-giving, delicious tea

for real. it's ri-goddamn-diculous that i'm so iced-over at my cubicle and the weather outside is so gorgeous. hammock? dappled sunlight? iced tea? soft pillow & quilt? YES PLEASE!

i am:
* exceedingly pleased to have my craft room workshop 85% completed
* exceedingly pleased to have maya's knitted bear 98% completed
* exceedingly excited to be working on an actual business plan for my business
* exceedingly full from lunch
* exceedingly cold


total (lunar) eclipse of the heart

(photo by anthony)

remember the lunar eclipse? from like, forever ago?

me neither.

thankfully, we took some photos! (will post more later.)

unfortunately, many of them, and my dc and birthday photos, were lost when a virus attacked my computer, turning it into a barely coherent machine. good thing i know a lot of keyboard shortcuts. my start button toolbar was gone!

'windows key + E' will bring up windows explorer, so i was able to navigate to firefox and my pictures and upload them individually, 4 in a row, restart my computer and begin again.


anyways, it's 11:35 and i biked (whilst reclining) for 3 miles. i was going to go for a jog until i realized i only own 2 pair of shorts. !!

jean shorts.
white shorts. thin ones.

lame. so i'll have to buy shorts that i can actually go running in.

and i really should throw my old shorts away. i've had them since high school. kim = thrifty and un-trendy. i keep my shite for TEN YEARS.




yam, on top of our dresser and amongst my skirt.


tonight i am heading to the local big-screen to see my favorite talky live! this american life. yea, i’m pretty jazzed. i’m hoping it’ll be exciting, like when i went to see “wait, wait, don’t tell me”. except better, because it’s live and botched bits won’t be re-recorded at the end to “fix” it.

then i’m headed home to drink some (read: a bottle of) cheap reisling. it will be to offset the pain incurred by wearing really uncomfortable and chafing shoes to work. then walking a few blocks to pick up lunch. and then walking back. and pain. and limping. and avoiding the thundering herds of thespian high schoolers who have taken over downtown tampa. and blood, verging and pooling on the epidermis of my heels and pinky toes. and i don’t wear heels!!! oh, the humanity..

i’m not sure if i ever mentioned it, but i’m attempting to listen to classic novels on cd (or rather, ipod), in the 2 hour commute i take each weekday. i finished ‘to kill a mockingbird’ and absolutely loved it and am currently on ‘catch-22’. the bad, of course, in listening to a book on cd, is frustration with a particularly painful reader’s voice and a lack of visual reference.

thankfully, this reader’s voice isn’t too bad. the broken speakers in my car, however, remove all lower notes (thanks, little brother, for blowing out my speakers and leaving ciggie burns in the upholstery) and so oftentimes parts of the reading get pretty high.

in regards to visual reference, though, i couldn’t understand why the hell the reader (as you can see, i don’t know his name, nor wish to look it up) kept pausing when reciting a particular name: “major HUGELY-ANNOYING-PAUSE de coverly”. i almost freaked out in the car yesterday afternoon after hearing it 20 times in a row.

thank you, wikipedia. i assumed, and confirmed, that his name actually does have a blank within it in the novel. it’s still going to drive me batshit, i am quite sure (as it did this morning).

overall, i’m finding that the novel vacillates between funny and quirky and sharp and then painful, boring and maddening. listening to some of the circular arguments go on for upwards of 10 minutes… aiiieeeee! it’s like “who’s on first”, just longer. and worse, did i mention worse? so we’ll see how it goes. i’m definitely enjoying it more than ‘the catcher in the rye’ which is currently my bathroom book. (for when i’m taking a bath. yea. a bath. definitely a bath.)

meaghan mentioned to anthony and i that it was a book that was best read by a 15 year old male. something to do with adolescence and puberty and all and i’m tending to agree so far. we’ll see if i’m able to finish it.