personal goal.

clean off my sewing table, possibly onto the floor, set up sewing machine, sew at least 2 cat toys.

you have one hour.

9:58 am - sewing machine set up & plugged in

10:18 am - toy #1 done!


10:43 am - 3 more carcasses sewn

11:00 am - goal reached and completed!

11:07 am - possible abject failure



MAY have started a tumblr blog.

you know where to go.


happy birthday, mom!


she, too, is adorable. i called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday - she was already up and at them and chirping about her plans for the day.


newest addition

ant and i have been visiting the humane society for the past few months, looking at cute kittens and cats to bring home. it's been tough - i mean, they're all so cute!!

finally, since anthony will be home for a week, i went to the shelter on saturday and picked one out. i went by myself, because anthony couldn't make a decision - he would love anyone i brought home. as it was, i almost came home with two. :/


isn't he dreamy?? we haven't decided on a name yet, but we're still experimenting. he's super lovey and an absolute ragdoll. he's similar to yam in that he's kind of play-dumb and a bit skittish. we are already totally in love with him.

he's a very light kitten - a tinge lighter than this photo shows - and his fur is a medium length.



this is more his true color - very light! and his cute scaredy cat eyes!



before & after: dual-flush toilet



i did this MYSELF! that's right, i can do things.


our toilet handle broke the other morning and at home depot, we decided it'd be the perfect time to install one of those eco-friendly dual-flush toilets.

this also helped to avoid a potential and brewing fight over anthony not letting me spray paint the new handle of the toilet. (and why the hell not, i say?!?)

toilet innards are gross, no? i'm fighting the urge to pour bleach down there and start scrubbing. someone tell me i'm insane - obviously i need help.


happy 70th birthday, dad!


he's so freaking adorable.

also, i kind of can't believe that he's 70. where has the time gone? parents just aren't allowed to age. seriously.




on sunday, we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday a little early!

his birthday is actually the 12th, which is almost always smack in the beginning/middle of the lychee harvest, so he's always so busy working on his 14 acres. this year, we scheduled it so that we could actually celebrate it and let him relax. as it was, he was still apparently grumpy that he should have been cutting the grass. close friends, family, delicious sushi and bottle upon bottle of wine made the lack of work and heat and sweat just a little bit better.