kim = big nerd

so serious, this is how big of a nerd i am. i took the journal i have on my webpage and just now transferred each entry into my blog.

le sigh. i have, however, determined that i am a listing freak. i really like lists. in fact, just today at work, i made a list of things i needed to do around the house. things that needed to be cleaned. things like "pick up clothes." and then, of course, i left the list on my desk.

but how will i know what to clean! i am lost!

things that make me sad: that no one at work talks about the tsunami. but everyone was buzzing before about janet jackson's breast jewelry.

::and if you want to help::


mmmmmmm... sushi.....

tonight is the tampa group gift exchange.


sounds like some kind of 12-step program, eh? it's actually just our friends getting together and gifting each other in a mad frenzy of shredded paper and, in this case, sushi. we're having dinner at ichiban. if you live in tampa and have never been there, you should definitely high-tail it to this place. we're talking quality sushi and lots of it.

you know, i've been told i can eat a lot of sushi.

"you eat!" - from a server in firenze, italia after ordering (and eating) a sushi dinner for 2

i think i'm going to try and keep a log of how much sushi i ingest in a sitting. granted, i don't go out a lot, since each sushi meal for me & ant approximates anywhere from $50-$100. but this way i can keep track of my sushi eating habits and thusly work out a program wherein i can train myself to ingest more and more.

i'm sick. kick it.

images from the holidays

::this is how yam feels about the holidays::

this is the singularly ugliest picture of yam ever. shh - don't tell her or she'll cry. anthony's new nickname for yam is "skeletor."

::angel (ant's parents' puppy) & ant giving his best boxer imitation at thanksgiving::

::thomas & our tree::

::our uber-cute owl tree toppers::


::christmas-y musings::

christmas is over - and thank goodness! not that i don't love the holidays, but i'm really looking forward to seriously crushing and maiming my credit card debt. "grind it's bones to make my bread" kind of thing.

christmas eve was spent w/ anthony's family - very relaxing and filling with an awesome italian 3 fish dinner. had we the traditional 7 fishes, we would still be at the table this very moment - possibly not moving. and i got a s'mores maker! anthony's brother sal had never heard of s'mores; he thought it was some kind of alcoholic drink (which it very well may be). he kept grilling me, asking "that's it? what else??" when i told him what was in it. "just marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! ...no really, that's all there is to it."

christmas day was spent with my family at my parent's house with the non-traditional asian christmas bbq. steak, salmon, gimchi, rice, chicken wings and what appeared to be either frozen vegetables or veg-all. the veg-all was very disappointing, but everything else was amazing. it was really good also to see jenny & jesse - kids i had seen just days after their births - now they're in middle and high school! nothing like kids growing up to make you realize the passage of time.


the most incredible

so. the most incredible part of this trip to hong kong and china was anthony.

that sounds kinda funny i'm sure. but it's true. it was simply amazing to be sitting at a table in china with my family eating delicious food and then look over and have anthony there sharing it all with me.

this is a part of myself that i've never shared with anyone but family.

sure, i've shown people photographs, told them my adventures in eating pigeon and weird mollusks and dog and goose intestines, explained the squatting toilet technique and revelled in the us/china exchange rate, but no one has ever been there with me, experiencing it all, breathing in the smoggy china air.

i love him. : )

postcards from hong kong

while my brother, anthony and i were leisurely enjoying the hong kong park, we were mobbed by a gang of elementary school girls! ok, to be more specific, anthony, in all his white-ness, was mobbed by a gang of elementary school girls. it was hilarious! ant, almost 6 ft tall, the girls, almost 3 ft tall. they crowded around him holding up pink pieces of paper and pencils asking for his autograph.

"red room cinema is famous in hong kong!" is what anthony is all about.


need... uterus... love.... ..

it is incredible to me how much pain a uterus can create for a female. and not even while having a baby! i had to leave work early yesterday - the pain was unbearable. i was hot and feeling faint and retching... ugh. even after 2 bc powders and a looong nap i wasn't feeling well. today i'm feeling semi-normal after some advil. (no more aleve for me, thank you very much! i bet their stock plummetted after all those news reports.)


cold crunchy snow

i'm sitting here at work and i can't image snow.

to actually see it bob from the sky all fluffy and soft and crunchy and wet and cover everything. the ground, automobiles, our sad grass-less front lawn. it would look much better covered under a cushion of snow, really.

does it thunder when it snows? or is there lightning? like rainstorms here, but without the rain. just little white blobs.

so last night i continued on my "making art" full-throttle ahead plan and made a lanyard for my little id tag at work. it has a clip, but if i wear a dress, there's nowhere to attach it and i'm sure it loses 'security value' if i forget it on my desk when i leave for lunch.


it's print gocco time!

so... a while back i posted that anthony had bought me something online.

i figured out what it is.

ok, ok. actually, HE gave it away. i was just teasing him. i think he was already paranoid that i knew though, since he ordered it online - there was one night where he forgot to delete the history file in explorer and he thought i had peeked (i didn't).

anyways, we were talking about stockings and how big they needed to be and he hinted that mine needed to be big, like 10 inches by 8 inches big, which is, coincidentally, about the size of a print gocco - the biggest item on my christmas list! our conversation went like this:

"is it a print gocco??!"
"no. those things are expensive!"
"is it? is it?"
"thank you for my print gocco!"
"... you looked!"
"i didn't! i really didn't!!" *gack*
*anthony very unhappy pouty*
*kim super happy prancing*


my new goal is to create something every day. not in the invent-something kind-of-way. i just want to get back into the habit of doing art, MAKING art. i miss having an outlet. and i have a freaking craft room, for god's sake. i don't want to make something only when the room is clean (which is never, by the way).

so that's my new goal. my holiday goal. last night i painted a wooden box. pink insides with a crispy green outer shell. it looks rather green and growing. it will probably be hammered into the wall with the intention of decoration and perhaps as a small box shelf.

mm... what to make tonight... what to make...


mantis shrimp goodness

so anthony and i FINALLY found out what kind of crustacean we ate in china. we've been looking online for quite a while and ended up getting a good idea of what is was from a marine life book at borders. a little more online searching and voila!


let me profess: anthony was incredibly brave. he was amazing. he actually reached for the shrimp thing before i did and ended up showing me the proper way to eat it: twist off the head, then peel back the shells and eat the meat on the inside - just the tail. the same way lobster is red, mantis shrimp is purple. it was so tasty! these babies were easily 6 inches long.

apparently they are wicked fast and can actually cause people to have fingers amputated. they may also need to be kept in specially made aquariums because they can punch through glass. the force of their "smashing appendages" is slightly less than a .22 caliber bullet.


(image taken by james fatherree - see more about mantis shrimp @ http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-03/jf/feature/)


hand lotion & grapevine holiday lights

1. currently obsessed w/ hand lotion. this penchant began when i first worked for a computer company and my female supervisor had THE. SCARIEST. dry man-hands i have ever seen IN MY LIFE. also, she typed like she was punching the keyboard, which was kinda cool, really. but since then, i've had the need to keep my hands nice and moisturized. not to mention that 2 days ago they were so dry they were flaking on my fingers and getting red from the many minute cracks that dryness can cause.

2. where the heck can i get my grubby (yet moisturized) hands on a string of grapevine ball lights? target used to sell them and anthony and i have gone to every one in our city looking for them. i found some bamboo ball lights online, but they were $30!


soft & cuddly

... is a knitted uterus.

... is this not the singularly coolest thing you've ever seen?? this would make a kickass necklace, even a belt, or a purse!

instructions on making said kickass, knitted, woolen womb: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTwomb.html

doesn't it look so sweet and soft and cuddly? who could tell that this little soft pink thing could cause so much pain for 2 days out of the month. we all need more uterus love.


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas*

i am completely in love with bolthouse farm beverages. if you've never tried them, definitely do so! even the slightly scary uber-green one is delicious. plus, they're super healthy, don't contain high-fructose corn syrup, are 100% natural... good god i sound like a commercial.

they've got this amazing chai vanilla soy drink,and mango lemonade...


in any case, anthony and i have finally gotten a little christmas tree! we put it up this morning at 2:30 am. i'll post pictures at some point, but instead of a star tree topper, we've put up 2 little owls! we are so f-ing cute.


the future of humanity is grim. very grim.

so........... i know my grammar isn't always great. i write run-on sentences with abandon and overuse commas. but reading this blog entry, well, scares me. no really! what the heck is going on here? is this new? is this some weird and "hip" talk that i'm far from privy to? what is this chick even talking about?!?

"was out e` whole day wif dear ..yays ! doublehappiness ~ hees .woke up @1pm from the ringin of ma fone ..dans dear call me go down beach road wif him.and he wanna mit ad 130pm. which is jus lyk 20 mins ?omfgs. was practicallycrazee .. rushin thru ma baths.and preparing lahs. gosh. bud still, was late 20mins.dear had to wait d/s for me.sorrrie mans . bud heys; gurls do take a longtym to prepare.dunch he noe ? x: LOL. so well, headed down to bugis furs.went toget our stuffs dere .and waited for his bro ..on e` way down, was on e` sametrain wif khai.bud nv getta see him; cos dear was LAZEE to walk to e` end.lol.after bugis, headed down to lavender..meet dear's bro and his fren to beachroad.shopped dere awhile; dans headed baq home.lotsa crappin and joking.. cantstand e` hell out of it.hiaks ~ bud in short, its a realli FUNN day wifdear.hees. nw thinkin wad am i gonna do wif e` tee i bought him for xmas.-.- heWONT like it for sure."


a portrait of the author as a young man

"...he burned to appease the fierce longings of his heart before which everything else was idle and alien. he cared little that he was in mortal sin, that his life had grown to be a tissue of subterfuge and falsehood. beside the savage desire within him to realise the enormities which he brooded on nothing was sacred. he bore cynically with the shameful details of his secret riots in which he exulted to defile with patience whatever image had attracted his eyes. by day and by night he moved among distored images of the outer world. a figure that had seemed to him by day demure and innocent came towards him by night through the winding darkness of sleep, her face transfigured by a lecherous cunning, her eyes bright with brutish joy."

-- james joyce

mm. rereading a book i should have read in high school. kinda funny how i'm really enjoying quite a bit. in any case, i think i'm going to try and start keeping more of an online diary. i'm intrigued by this "digital revolution" thing, and besides, "blog" is the hot word, or so i hear. i think i'm interested in the idea of having a memory without a physical presence - if that makes any sense. a diary in the abyss.


anthony apparently just bought me something online for christmas. ...want to know!! i'm pretty excited this year about the holidays. ant and i are going to get a little potted pine, probably from target. none of the fake ones really called out to us and though an adorable squat tree whispered out to me the other night, it would just be too hard to deal with the clean-up and the kittens drinking the sappy water. instead, we'll have to find a way to keep thomas from digging up the tree and yam from climbing, and possibly snapping, its trunk.


postcards from hong kong

how do people write in blogs every day?? though maybe now that i have internet access at work, i may start writing more.

the trip to china and hong kong was amazing. every time i go i learn more things about life over there - no matter how many times i've been there, something new strikes me.

** i got to explore hong kong without parents and was able to see into the city itself - not just the family living of dinners and restaurants and homes.
** having anthony there with me... it was strange and wonderful. showing him a part of my life that no one else has ever been able to see. i loved sitting at the huge round table dinners, eating amazing vegetables, duck and shrimp (with the heads still attached) and seeing him next to me with all the chinese voices rushing about.
** i got to sing karaoke in peng san (where my dad grew up) with anthony, vincent and my cousin. ant & i sang "every breath you take." we rocked the house.
** we were called cheapos while bargaining at the lo wu commercial shopping center.
** i ate the WEIRDEST shrimp things i have ever seen in my LIFE. they were positively prehistoric. i will try and post a picture up at some point.
** we went to the cat store and cafe - where we ate meow-face toast w/ chocolate and fed cats from my salmon dish.
** i ate some sort of big roe sushi with my niece kiki and her boyfriend terri - dribbling the roe contents down my chin and onto the table.


my poor, drugged cat

passports are in hand, visas are complete and asian vegetarian meals on united are requested! we are set to go! packing will commence late wednesday night and we leave early on thursday morning. very exciting.

the only negative to our vacation is leaving poor thomas. he recently had a lumpectomy. we had found a lump on his left shoulder and the vet suggested that we just remove it - a biopsy would have been extraneous, especially since its location would have allowed the lump to grow even larger. we were told that the procedure was fast and that lasers were involved, so it was easy, but we didn't realize that his sutures and wound would be so HUGE!

he is now franken-kitty. most of the day he is doped up on his opiate medication. when he comes around and realizes we've left him at anthony's parents with yam (who has taken to hissing at him again) and their exitable and anxious boxer puppy, he is going to be pissed. it'll take some serious spoiling and perhaps the growing of a catnip plant to appease him, methinks.


hong kong or bust

well, the job is ending this next friday. which is just as well because saturday my dad bought our tickets for hong kong! i am super excited, though apprehensive, only because my brother still doesn't have his passport yet... he got it renewed aug 11th... but when my mom tracked it, it's apparently in pittsburgh. we leave in 2 weeks, and we need to get his visa for china. not good. it's going to take 5 business days to get one, so needless to say, my dad is freaking out, which is weird to see, since he's normally so stoic.

the hurricanes this season have been crazy. when hurricane charley went through, it ripped into my parent's orchards on pine island... maybe 80-90% of their 25 acres are destroyed. not sure what they'll be doing after we come back from hong kong. i think they're looking to sell, so if anyone wants some primo real estate out on pine island... contact me! honest, hurricanes like this normally don't happen! also, as long as you build a free-standing house, you should be ok... i think it stands to reason that mobile home + island off of florida = bad.


chrysanthemum tea addictions

now becoming addicted to chrysanthemum tea. i've always gotten it at chinese restaurants for dim sum, so i finally looked for it at the local asian market. i love the fact that it's steeped from real dried chrysanthemums.


and the horror ends

quick updates:

*** quit my job! it was actually a few weeks ago. i called out and quit on a tuesday, went in to kelly services on thursday. got another job and a $1.50 pay raise that started on monday! i'm liking my new job a lot. less stress, less ridiclous responsibility (as a temp) and more cash! i'm definitely not complaining.
*** last weekend anthony and i spent some relaxing time in orlando - his sister has a timeshare and we were able to use it for an evening. we ended up staying at the disney boardwalk resort in one of their villas. the woman at the front desk was incredulous that we were staying only one night and that we weren't buying any tickets for any theme parks. ha! and get this, since our room came with a washer/dryer set, we're so ghetto we actually brought a hamper of laundry to do! our plan was to see the jealous sound show going down at the social, but we ended up scrapping that idea; we didn't want to be held down by any set times. we've become super-hermits these past few weeks and didn't want that to change, so all we did was walk around downtown disney, look into a few shops, attempted to go to the now-closed fao schwartz, had sushi, bought dirty pretty things, watched it back at the room and later played cherry pit shooting games in the huge bathtub. it was so much fun! (fyi - dirty pretty things does not involve cherry pit bathing porn. i realize that if you've never heard of this movie, that last statement could have sounded a little dubious..)
*** 4th of july weekend we went out to the beach near the airport on davis island and watched the fireworks happening at channelside. we actually met up with a few friends and later went to bennigans. note: bennigans is gross. we are never to frequent this chain ever again.
*** tonight the cold season has a second show at yeoman's (also on davis island). should be quite enjoyable now that i've napped to handle the late night entertainment.


the horror that is my job continues

haven't been here in a while... mainly because my job has been keeping me super super busy. lots of stress - to the detriment of my dermis. need... new... job...

on the upside, i'm almost done w/ amy & emily's photographs and i've finished another bag. this is the second time i've broken a needle while sewing - i think i need a needle made for thicker material like denim. having small bits of metal fly at you and get stuck in your shirt is never a good thing... good thing i wear glasses. also, at the slow rate i'm making bags, i think my first few will be sold on cutxpaste. we shall see!

saturday we had a picnic at the fortuitously named "picnic park." it's located way down on westshore and one would never have imagined it there. you have to go through a really industrial area filled with many a rusty item of vague usage and really, they should have a gate where they give out free tetanus shots - pretty scary. but the actual park was quite nice, with a beach, hot humid bathrooms (ugh), scenery of smokestacks and huge cargo ships on the water, nice shade, tables, screaming kids on slip-n-slides... it had appeal. 20 minutes of frisbee, one bottle of wine and 2 games of clue later and were happy and content.


random good things

anthony makes the most amazing puttanesca sauce ever. YUM! my tummy is still super full. so... sleepy.. ..

tonight i went out to jo-ann's and got lots o' dark brown twill. the first purse i ever made was out of brown fabric and a neat-neat blue robot lining. so i'm going to recreate a few of them. at least, until the fabric runs out.

i've been feeling really super happy these last few weeks. just in a really good place. getting paid, paying bills, not using credit cards... oh, and the trip to hong kong/china has been set for dates - oct 14th-30th. pretty exciting, really.

anthony and i went to borders to check out some travel books. even though i've been there a total of 3 times (granted, the first 2 times when i was 3 and 7) i've never really been able to do the "tourist thing." never been able to explore on my own and figure out things to do on my own. always with the family, just following along. so this time, even though the family thing will be important, i'm definitely going to be planning lots of things i would like to do. and i'll be taking TONS of photos, i'm sure.

i've also finally gotten all the photographs from the emily & amy wedding developed and put on cd. now i've just got to go through all of them and save them as tif files, make sure they all look nice and snappy. hopefully this won't take too long. i think from past experience, it takes me about... 4-5 hours per roll. so, a roll a night (approx) and i'll be done... in... 8 nights? hopefully i can keep up the pace.

and here are the pictures from the paper party! i only took a few right at the beginning. keoni took the awesome picture of me & anthony. though, um, you can sorta see the pleats in my paper skirt. look close. super close.

meaghan & erika

me & ant


the beginning of the end (of my job)

finally got a new car battery this morning!

ah, to hear that missed and now unfamiliar sound of my car starting up without a hiccup or gurgle. quite pleasant.

some will be pleased to note that i've also gotten a semi-promotion, though sans monetary raise. not quite so pleasant.

it's good in that i've more responsibility - hence "job security." of course, this also means more stress, spreadsheets that get sent to the "higher ups" and lunches eaten on the clock. granted, i've worked through lunches before, but that was when it was my CHOICE. ... actually, it's kinda scary. making decisions with influence and liability? oi.


firing - yam

haven't kept up to date for a while - tons of exciting things happening! almost got fired from my job, got a new kitten... ... ... ok, just two exciting things. still!

since i'm a temp working on a specific project - now that the project is winding down, the company just doesn't have a lot of work at present. so i got "the talk." the "it's-not-your-performance-we-just-don't-have-enough-work-for-you" talk. but then, 20 minutes later i get rehired. ha! apparently, two of my coworkers went up to my boss and told her that "firing kim is going to be the worst mistake you'll make." how's that for an ego trip?

in any case, even more exciting than that was the acquisition of yam yam into our family. she's a super cute orange tiger cat, very loving and likes to stick her tongue out all the time. it's so cute!! she's also about 15 lbs lighter tha thomas. so when we're in bed sleeping, we hardly notice her on the covers. anthony and i will move our legs and she'll bound off the bed. whereas with thomas, we'll move our legs and bump into his rear, realizing that he's on the bed before he even registers that we've touched him.

IN OTHER NEWS: the cold season is recording their debut ep tomorrow evening. it'll be an all-nite all-out indie-rockin' recording session. buy their new cd! "through these wires our words became legend."


damn, these titles are hard to think up.

guess what i'm making? helloooo creme brule. anthony got me a creme brule set (complete with butane torch) for my birthday, so i thought i'd give it a whirl. helloooo burnin' down the house...

so if the recipe turns out well, i'll post it up. hopefully at some point i'll have a recipe section on here... [ok, yes, it's really, really good.]

anthony, keoni and i went out to udipi cafe this evening. amazing, amazing indian food. i feel sorry for those who don't go out and try different foods, because it's all so damn tasty! and on the 20th, my friends amy & emily got married. congratulations! i was priviledged to be their photographer and i'll hopefully have images up in the next few days.


paper party!

another birthday come and gone, a quarter-century used and disgarded, but remembered with fondness and a plethora of photographs.

my paper party/sushi birthday dinner was incredible.

[rundown follows, skip if not interested in little details]

we females, as usual, completely outdid the guys. meaghan was amazing in her complete dress of black paper. i'll have to get some pictures up soon. erika was like ethereal pink cotton candy in her couture top. i had a black skirt with blue inner pleats. jenna had the cutest paper necklace and hair clips. anthony was the only male to really wear any paper product throughout the whole meal (polka dot bow tie). keoni came in a close second with his paper hospital mask cum hat. saad entered the restaurant with a dollar bill hanging out of his front pocket - until meaghan reminded him that our currency was actually more of a fabric. and brian... left his paper pin in his truck. the only one not wearing paper, as consolation - he's pretty skilled in tactical origami folding.

it was so nice to have fellow females around all weekend and there's that certain relaxation that comes with friends you're super comfortable with. you know, the friends that come visit you from 2 hours away and it's okay to just sit around and read together - to not have the need to entertain, entertain, ENTERTAIN.

meaghan has also apparnetly put money down that i can out-sushi-eat roy, her brother-in-law. i'm going to have to bone up on my tummy's rice packing skills.


small. very small.

listening to npr these past few mornings... i am continually astounded at the close mindedness of so many people concerning gay marriage. my favorite quotes are the ones that follow like this, "people are going to be marrying their dogs next!! and their cats!! their cars and homes!"um, ok.that's right folks, gays are no longer on the same level as human beings. it's good to hear that coming from christians too. good to see their judgements out in the open.


there is shit in the meat.

my camera is now officially fixed. in case you were wondering - i had totally and completely mangled the shutter leaves. they were practically wrapped around each other.

update: job going well. tentative plans for a family + anthony trip to china in the works. anthony got a new car! deep blue and super shiny - a toyota matrix. faith in humanity sinking to even deeper levels after reading fast food nation.

one would think that reading those types of emotionally incendiary books, one would become super-activist - handing out leaflets, giving speeches, protesting, throwing raw meat... i just seem to get depressed. i mean, deep down, somewhere, nestled in the comfy recesses of my grey matter brain i feel a twinge of action. maybe i should grab hold of it. shake it. shake it hard, real hard. sigh.


canonet reality

got the camera, tried a roll of film, not super happy with the results, but i think the problem are the practically rotting, sticky light seals. ugh. i took my (other) camera to the shop though. it was a little intimidating with the owner checking out my camera trying to hide his (overwhelming) disgust with what had happened to it... haha?


canonet dreams

so last nite i bid on a canonet 17 gliii camera. i think i won it. i won't know till i get home. hello super excited! i had the option of bidding for a completely new and mint camera... but i believe it was going for $245. le sigh.


i live for creme brulee

good god, am i tired or what. went to bed at 3:30 am. anthony's band, the cold season, played at the green room. tonight - no dinner, just sleep. lots of sleep.

kina came up and visited this past weekend and we had a rip-roaring time! ok well, we mainly shopped. i'm in dire need of a good pair of black pants. is that too much to ask for?? kina came away with 3 pairs of jeans while i walked away pantless. she also came with us on valentine's day to a surprisingly good sushi buffet, where i gorged on three (count 'em, three) cups of creme brule.

and anthony's band played on sunday as well! quite superbly. despite the show being an all-ages show and all the 14 yr olds that came in later with their parents, i have to admit that the sound quality at the brass mug is amazing.

oh yea, and i'll probably be forced to say anyways, but erika completely won by at least 2 or 3 pie pieces in trivial pursuit.


what's my age again?

i'll be 25, not 24. it can't be good when you can't remember what age you are... mom mentioned that once you hit 25, the years just FLY.

anthony and i had a really amazing time at my house for chinese new year. got some lycee, ate amazing shrimp, played with tiffany while my dad, brother and their friends got super-drunk... ha! i believe they went through two bottles of cognac and a couple big bottles of wine.

--things you hear in the breakroom-- "i went to this church last week and i hated it. i mean, all the people my age did was talk about other people, so much gossip, it was so unchristian." but mere minutes later: "and this girl was wearing a tube top, can you believe it, a tube top to church. she went right up to the altar for mass in that thing. like she was going out clubbing or something. you don't wear that stuff to church." ... ... right.


another year, another life

yet another year gone by. i can't believe i'll be 24.

so what's been going on, you ask?
**living back in tampa and actually enjoying it.
**got a job, with a cute little cubicle (i'm sure perceptions of this will change as time goes by, but for now the isolation is really nice).
**trying to start up some sort of craft-y business and coming up short at names.. suggestions anyone?
**saw big fish - disappointment.
**acquired sinbad and the 7th voyage and sinbad and the eye of the tiger. kick. ass. i love harryhausen.
**am actively looking for a female kitten girlfriend for thomas.
**getting over a nasty cough after two phlegm-filled weeks.
**and looking forward to chinese new year celebrations!

resolutions? to learn cantonese (i've already gotten 18 cds from the pimsleur set at the library) and italian (again).



who: kimberlina, librarian

what: female, 31

when: march 14, 1979, 9:14 am, 5 lbs, 14 oz.

where: tampa, florida

aspiring: artiste/photographer

why: i have always kept a journal, at least, since middle school. and yes, the temptation to burn such items is rather great. thankfully, the ephemeral and inconstant electronic internet age has come and i have all too easily made the switch.

sometimes i regret this decision, because i really love paper. when i was younger, i actually wanted to work at kinko's (c'mon, i'm from florida) to be surrounded by reams and reams of paper.