the sims - for people who have less than full lives

it's been striking me, lately, how incredibly lame the sims games are.

i get it, people like to relax, whatever. i think it's ridiculous when people make fun of gamers who enjoy skyrim. aren't i doing the same thing?

ah, but for me, i just don't understand how the HELL people find enjoyment in balancing their fake lives. question numero uno would be: how the HELL do these people balance their *actual* lives?!
probably i'm just jealous of their free time.

i've been feeling better about what (little) i can accomplish in a night, in a week, in a weekend. i give myself 3 things to do, sometimes one of those things is "go to bed early". seriously. lame, right? and "check the air filter" seems to have traveled through my lists for about 5 days. also lame. tonight! air filter will be checked!

and with this detox diet thing, DUDE. can we talk about how much prep juicing requires? did i mention the 48 lb bag of carrots in our fridge? 2 heads of cauliflower, 6 heads of broccoli, 9 beets, celery, lemons, limes... we spent $70 at sanwa, this kind of wholesale, faux farmer's market here in tampa. the prices are *insane* awesome for our wallets.

i just watched some knife skills videos. because i realize now, i need them. tonight i will be sharpening my knifes. (maybe, it's not on my list.) this process needs to get faster, because i can't spend 3 hrs in the kitchen every night, prepping for the next day.

and, for the curious ones, it's the 28 day mind+body challenge on wholeliving.com.  no alcohol, caffeine, gluten, processed foods, dairy or added sugar. rawr - hardcore. (i'll have to cheat at virginia's bachelorette party, though, since it's over a weekend in another city.)

Blogging from the phone sucks.


Day 1

Body, de-toxify!

Or something equally granola and new age hippie. I'm doing this for a few reasons. One, to lose a tidge-y bit of weight. Two, to be in solidarity with Ant (and it's easier to do it with). Three, I like the idea of getting back to Food Zero.

I made that term up. Basically, all of week 1 is eating lots of raw or minimally cooked foods. Proteins are from oils, nuts and seeds. Then one starts adding in proteins like fish in week 2.

It's that idea that's appealing. Like those people who are all 'paleo' and shit. I really hate that term. 'Paleo'. Ugh. Food zero' is pretty bad, too.

Here we go!


An xbox in the bedroom makes a horrendous amount of noise. The fan is like a damn jet engine.

Lack of sleep + lack of coffee + cramps = a harrowing Monday.

May have to get some pho to set things to right.

Tumblr may be my new friend.



i've trying out this new site to track my life.
cons:  it's difficult to keep up with!  at least with how much water i drink - the alcohol is pretty close.
and i mean, what else to track?  what else is really important?  i've added a "work contentment level" to see how it relates to my sleep.  maybe hours of TV?  hours spent on my photography business?  (oy, that'll get me moving)
(she writes today about tracking her life, as she just posted yesterday about having too many things to do)


not really sure what i should/can keep in this little box.
received it as a travel tchotche from my boss's boss.... really?  *sigh*  i don't understand why people feel the need for such things - it's kind of unusable.  others got boxes with pens in them.  i just got a tiny box.
it seems perfect for cocaine, if i were an addict.
or maybe a singular ob tampon.  possibly 2.
you think pain pills would be safe to keep in there?
any other suggestions?
while at work, brushing my teeth in the dusky pink bathroom, i realized:
1) i need more sleep
2) i need to let go
i'm starting to feel that stress of trying to organize and control too much, of having too many projects going on at once.  photos to edit, things to knit, things to sew, drawings to complete, a house to cozy-fy.
... which is probably why i also want to cut my hair again with my trusty scissors.  control!!  I CAN CUT MY OWN HAIR!!  I CAN DO THINGS!!!
i'm afraid it might turn out badly, but i've also started to cultivate a "so what?" kind of attitude.  my shoes are frumpy and falling apart at the seams, it's just not professional!  so what?  my haircut is terrible and i look terrible and i don't wear makeup to cover my adult onset zits!  so what?
ummmm, brain fritz, not sure what my point was.
but, the good news is that i can say, "hello, how are you?" in cantonese.


just contacted an artist about a tattoo in may - excitement!