pucks & cues

glassin' up the courts

shuffleboard calls to me. calls to my old bones and creaky joints. calls to my days of watching cocoon and batteries not included. those little robots were the best.

it is important to note, however, that shuffleboard only calls to me in the fall. while we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we began sweating the moment we stepped out of the car and continued to sweat even while sitting down watching shuffleboard. truly, not for the faint of heart.

maddox came and joined us on the courts! with MAt and amy, of course. look at his expression; he's absolutely tickled to be participating in such a wonderfully timeworn and venerable sport.

the young master is pleased

clothed at first, he quickly shed damp outer cottony layers for the freedom of bare skin cooled by a hot, humid breeze. and the fanning of monetary donations. how could one resist, really? that muffin top is irresistible!! the boy is just so freaking cute. anthony's enthusiasm may have frightened him a little.

too cheap

sweaty pudginess

yuki was strong and braved the florida heat with us. she and i also succeeded in mowing down a roach and a grasshopper with our pucks.

kim: 1
yuki: 1
roaches/grasshoppers: 0

our aim is impeccable.

a true visitor to florida

kareema and francisco duke it out. they are also hoping to plan a championship shuffleboard title sometime in the fall. ah, cool weather ahead. so c'mon people. BRING IT.

the force is strong

out of his league?



gainesville goodness

owen is growing! it's so wonderful that meaghan and craig and owen are a mere 2 hours away.

here's an immense image upchuck (with more at my flickr site) of mine & yuki's last visits.

lucy is a highly literate feline.


yuki + owen


in the mulch


like father


like son


yuki tackles some subversive cross stitch


impossibly cute, we all agree



i'll need to get the photo from yuki, but she got a great one of owen shoving sand into his maw. he's merely munching in this shot (i also realized by the second trip that my ISO was set WAY too big/high/whatever, so my first trip pics are super grainy).


sometimes, owen is really stinky.


ah - and the release:







to save valuable space (which could be better used for flashy advertising banners), they could easily just say:

june/july - august/september
scattered thunderstorms
40-100% chance of rain
hurricane in the area

ta da! now, where's my weather-woman's salary? just deposit it into my swiss bank account, thanks. though, the one in the caymans would work just as well. your choice (i'm beneficent like that).

i have more to say, and pictures to post, but i'm at work where my brain works only at half-capacity. half-full capacity, let's be optimistic. i'm about to make my way down to subway, sit in the park, sweat and give michie/meaghan/erika a call. i miss my femmes.


  • the dark knight was awesome.
  • watched last life in the universe yesterday evening; it was lovely and the images keep cycling through my head.
  • i am finally feeling like i am out of class. i keep thinking i have something to do, something to read, something to write, but... nothing. i have nothing. nothing. it's starting to feel good.




As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!


Google Reader (131)

seriously, google reader is the new crack cocaine. i have to get a hit every few hours or i feel, nestled deeply, that i am lacking as a person. that i am missing pertinent information about the world, about culture, about art. i need a hit, a fix, a little taste, else i tremble and believe that i cannot go on with my day.

of course, this probably correlates highly with my sleepiness and/or the general boredom and malaise of my job.

*long sigh*

this past week my cousin yuki has been staying with me. :) last weekend we went up to gainesville for relaxing times and delicious food. meaghan = amazing. on the way back we frequented smiley's antique warehouse - it was much like an overpriced thrift store. pyrex bowls for $68?! no thanks. i was, however, able to score some garbage pail kids cards. bitches & hoes - they weren't the ones from my childhood, but the ones rereleased in 2004. hurumph.

monday i took off from work and we went thrift shopping and meandered around central avenue in st. pete. it goes to show you how long it's been since i've actually walked around central avenue, because practically every cute shop from my past memory is now closed and very dusty. alas!! so, st. pete was a total bust.

and, as of today, classes are OFFICIALLY OVER. i'm pretty stoked and yet feel slightly let down somehow. maybe it's the thought of student loans having to be paid back in the near future... (big ugh). or that i don't have some fancy job lined up, just the hint of a promise of one in the next few months (maybe).

the good and supremely nerdly news is that i got As in every single class. my dad will be pleased. i'll be sure to pass that information along to future job interviewers (and put it on my business cards, yet unordered).

and it's all rainy and blah and good god i need to blog when i'm happier! when i am at home and not in my non-ergonomic grey work chair with reports printed and piled all around me. when i'm not right near the window and think to myself that i'd rather be outside, in the thundering rain and bright flashes of lightning, without an umbrella, instead of here, inside. soggy leather shoes be damned. i kid you not, i could stare outside at the sluicing rain for the rest of the workday and be perfectly happy.


mid-weeding project

apologies for multiple postings, i am having the HARDEST time with these goddamn formats. stupidasdfkajsdflaksfj. *pantpant*

so, while catch-22 at first failed to grab me, i am now quite intrigued. i've also stopped listening to the audiobook (partly because something is totally whack with one of the discs). oh, i so hope to have more time to read with classes SO close to being finished! his writing really begs to be read. and not quickly, like i am wont to do with many others when i get excited and begin to skim.

this weekend was a blur of super late nights and zombie-like feelings. a bbq at jen & ryans and then saturday, saturday, a pool party with jelly & brian! the pool at their apartment was incredible. a pool straight out of my childhood with a real 12 ft deep end. pools nowadays as so tiny and sad! my last apartment complex had a pool with a very wimpy 5 ft deep middle (and a strange triangle shape). so this one was awesome. seriously, how long as it been since you've gone to a pool party? where you donned your swimming trunks (or, in my case, L/XL little-girl's-section-of-target-oh-god-i-feel-like-angela-from-the-office bathing suit) and had fun diving and falling into the deep end of a pool? tried to touch the bottom and possibly losing your glasses (brian)? oh, and we got to push their little one, scarlett, around in an adorable floating, covered island - she does love the water. the weather was beautiful and we just floated, far from annoying people (the pool was really olympic-sized, so no one was very close to us), in the water, which was just cool enough, but not teeth-jittering cold.

and instead of watching fireworks, anthony and i napped! but we did get to see some from the highway around 10 pm. they kind of make me smile.

red room cinemaheadlined a wonderful show put on my new granada at new world brewery (i went to bed at 3 am!).

and the next night we went back to new world for savioand guiltmaker. savio was good, at times repetitive, but it has been SO long since i've listened to a band where i could actually make out all the words. it was really ... intimate and at times sad (one of the songs was about the singer's father who had passed away). plus, they had a HUGE ASS piano that they traveled with; pretty rad.

in any case, here are some photos of my family from around june 12th?


to throw you off, here are some lizards getting cozy in meaghan's backyard. i have about 10 pictures of them, each one getting progressively closer and closer and closer. they were really oblivious. i want to draw little tiny ciggies in their mouths.

have your cake

this is the devil dog cake i made for my dad's b-day! the marshmallow frosting was melt-in-your-mouth-stick-to-your-teeth perfect.


mr. lam, tony (?), my dad and mom


my dad seriously wears this apron and it cracks me up so hard.

outdoor kitchen

since my dad cooks on a large wok and likes cooking over fire best, he's set up this incredible cooking area on the patio. it also helps to keep the oil from accumulating inside.


that's soy sauce in the teapot and my favorite ginger/oil/scallion/garlic sauce in the bowl.

the setup

yes, that's a huge-ass container of propane. yes, it's scary. and he's cleverly used a seat-cushion, most likely filled with flammable materials, as a windbreaker for the flames.

enter ye

here's the entrance to their house - i should probably find out what this says.

mini mc mansion

their home is very close to being a mcmansion.


mish mosh

however, they have personalized their front yard by adding a TON of random, awesomely kitchsy figurines.


what's that, you ask? is that an asian lady next to figurines from a nativity set? you're not wrong.

quick quick quick, before i have to work on my weeding project:

selection from catch-22

Yossarian was madly in love with all of them as he made his way back to the officers' apartment, in love with Luciana, with the prurient intoxicated girl in the unbuttoned satin blouse, and with the beautiful rich countess and her beautiful rich daughter-in-law, both of whom would never let him touch them or even flirt with them. They doted kittenishly on Nately and deferred passively to Aarfy, but they thought Yossarian was crazy and recoiled from him with distasteful contempt each time he made an indecent proposal or tried to findle them when they passed on the stairs. They were both superb creatures with pulpy, bright, pointed tongues and mouths like round warm plums, a little sweet and sticky, a little rotten. They had class; Yossarian was not sure what class was, but he knew that they had it and he did not, and that they knew it, too. He could picture, as he walked, the kind of underclothing they wore against their svelte feminine parts, filmy, smooth, clinging garments of deepest black or of opalescent pastel radiance with flowering lace borders, fragrant with the tantalizing fumes of pampered flesh and scented bath salts rising in a germinating cloud from their blue-white breasts. He wished again that he was where Aarfy was, making oscene, brutal, cheerful love with a juicy drunken tart who didn't give a tinker's dam about him and would never think of him again.


why i rock: a typical morning

6:20-7:15 am

deep sleep, punctuated by bleary awareness of the alarm
zombie-like arm movements in the general vicinity of alarm clock
uncontrollable drooling
pushing away of cats nibbling at forearms

7:16 am

damnation! i'm late!
heart palpitations

7:16-7:17 am

frantic pulling on of funderwear & pants
bathroom rush
brush teeth
void bladder

7:17-7:18 am

pat down hair
finish dressing upper torso
shove feet in socks
race cats to foodbowls
feed cats

7:18-7:19 am

grab books to return
grab flash drive
grab phone
grab keys
grab purse

7:19-7:20 am

shove feet into shoes
peer into fridge for breakfast or lunch
go hungry

7:20-7:21 am

get into car
head to work

did you see that? 7:16-7:21 am. i am out of the house in 5 minutes. and surprisingly am not late to work.