i subscribe to a number of professional magazines and journals at my job. one of them is SuperVision.

it occurs to me, that it's exactly like 'women's world' magazine, except for supervisors and without the color pictures and recipes.

"in conclusion, our friends and family care about us and want us to be healthy. therefore, we must strive to be mentally active. we can make all our hopes and dreams come true when we keep our mind and body in top condition. by staying healthy, we can be productive and pleasant as we journey through life."

are you effing shitting me?


just when you think

just when you think owen can't get any cuter....




owen totally took this photo of his mom.




knock, knock

oh, why, hello there! how ARE you doing? i know, i know, SO good to see you too, it has been a while. taking care of yourself? drinking lots of water? applying moisturizer and using a condom? keeping that nose clean? well, bully for you!

i'm semi-coherent at present; our office is sweltering today at 2 pm. florida weather is highly whack during early winter (is december considered early winter?! perhaps only for florida. i'm quite sure my sense of the seasons aren't in line with those who live in the northern states.). this morning was a nippy 40 degrees and when i went out for lunch today, to sit by the river and knit, it was 74 degrees out! i was no match for the sun and my long sleeves and i scurried off after 30 minutes to sit indoors. the knitting made my hands sweat. very sexy. and i would have enjoyed myself inside, except that "they", the unseen and almighty controllers of the thermostat, appear to have set the temperature to a balmy 80 degrees, with a humidity of 85%. awesome. i melt.

this weekend was spent in gainesville staying with, sleeping with, and catching up with erika and giving healing vibes to meaghan. we 3 spent many hours knitting, drinking, baking cupcakes, eating them with chocolate ganache and espresso whipped cream, cooing over owen and downing mimosas. and watching office, season 4. the next tv show on our agenda is buffy. gfss is all about the tv show marathons. and spending way too much on yarn. and drinking outrageously strong and thick coffee. and attemping to take non-blurry photos of owen. and incomplete sentences.

i'll have to see what i can do about uploading some photos tonight. must not lose my momentum with organizing my digital photos!