i did not vote 4 bush

show your solidarity against bush with these stylish black rubber band bracelets! they are but a mere $3.00, not to mention that black goes with everything.

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this past week i worked myself up into a frenzy and decided that i NEEDED to get my hair cut. so i called many places, all of which were booked far into february and ended up going to a salon where a friend of a friend works. i went in, we talked about what i wanted, my hair was duly washed and conditioned and she set to work.

*snipsnipsnip* for about 1 minute, and then:

*razor.razor.razor* for the next 15 minutes.

seriously, i went in at exactly 12:00 and got out at 12:35. i have never had a faster haircut. i liked it at first. she'd razored the hell out of it - it looked very punk rock.

but as the day went on and i walked about a shopping plaza with my friend jen... i couldn't help but stop in front of every mirror and ask, "does it look like a mullet?! does this part look weird?" after about the 15th mirror, she took a good look at the cut and realized - it was horribly, horribly done. like, really badly uneven chunky. the disaster of razor cutting when you don't actually measure the ends. avant garde. weed wacker.

i was unhappy (and going to an expensive birthday dinner that night to boot). so...... what else is a girl to do? (you might say go back and get it fixed, but you'd be wrong.) i took the scissors into my own hands. with much help from jen, who was on back-of-the-head detail, i cut off the offending mullet and turned a really, really bad haircut into a somewhat bad haircut. it is now more bob-like. for the next week until i see my mom (who is a hair stylist) - i am going to have to get up a little earlier to curl my hair ends up - to hide any uneven bits. sure, it's missed sleep.

but now i like my hair again.


latest dirt

- though i am a temp, i am training other employees - not only other temps, but permanent people. we're talking group training. so things are looking up, even though i need, no, crave a creative career. i feel as though this job will suck the very marrow from my bones. i am looking forward to the time when i have health insurance and also direct deposit. such little things keep me happy.

- mm... chrysanthemum tea.... if you've never had it, hightail it to an oriental market and find some! not some weird powder (that's such a cop out) - get the real dried flowers. you'll love it forever.

- i have learned how to make a spicy green bean dish in some kind of stir fry style. (even though i am asian, do not ask me what schezuan-style is, or even how to spell it. and no, i don't know how to make egg drop soup.)

- they have hot chocolate w/ marshmallows at my job. i have requisitioned a small stash at my desk in case they run out.

- my skin is still really dry.

- mmm... ice cream sandwiches... although - what the hell happened to pudding pops?!

- i'm kinda liking those earlier aloha albums better! more jazzy, more drifty-experimental. less pop, more flavor.

- green earth dry cleaning is expensive as hell! eight items of clothing = $42.42! the number at least seems auspicious; it wasn't $66.66.

- i am attempting to paint, but i seem to lack depth colorwise. two color theory classes and i have yet to grasp its complexities. color index, help!

- on my first day of work, a woman asked me, "do you......" *quickly raises arms and moves them about in what i assume to be martial-arts-type moves* question: am i offended? should i be?

- 2 more years until my 10 yr reunion.

- i am getting my hair cut and possibly dyed this weekend. it is looking like the worst kind of dry black straw imaginable.

apple? pc? ... pc!? apple?! arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

i am sitting here, and have been for the past hour, attempting in vain to try and research and figure out which computer i want. apple or pc??

pros - noted for being super good w/ graphics. amazing, really cool design. no mac viruses. takes up very little space. the "cool" factor.
cons - expensive. also, haven't used a mac in a while. can i use and install my, uh, adobe "software" on my mac?!

pros - cheaper. could probably get the same "punch" for a lesser price. majority of people know how to use them. i understand pcs.
cons - big & ugly. takes up space. scant few people will be able to use my computer. potential viruses up the yin yang.

the practical mom inside me is yelling, nay, screaming for the pc.

but my inner artist is pleads, "but ... it's an apple!"

i feel like this shouldn't be an issue.

i heart boingboing

the blog i read practically every day is boingboing. i am addicted. mainly becaues they have some of the most kickass stuff.

for example!

----> This company is manufacturing and selling Hiƫronymus Bosch action figures! Link

------> A Japanese toy company is selling sprouts that has words lasered onto the leaves that show as they grow! Link to BBC story, and link to more product info in Japanese on the Tomy toy corporation's website.


rethinking the haiku

ok, so that first haiku didn't do my feelings justice. i need to research tankas. i need more lines!

it was basically just me, listening to anthony and saad play resident evil 4 downstairs whilst i painted upstairs. it was rather nice. hearing the low sounds of gunfire and exploding bodies and their crazy creeped out voices (anthony & saad's - not the characters in the game).

that game is pretty whack.


so now, instead of being in a cubicle, i am in a lounge area. i guess my job is going through a period of renovating or something, so we temps get the crap area in the middle. it's not that bad, we're kinda hidden by these large hanging sheets of frosted plexi, but our desks are just tables and the wires exploding out of thin air, wrapping around the tables and snaking into our chair legs are driving me into a claustrophobic frenzy.

sounds of life

happy and relaxing :: haiku (inspired by this evening and mr. james lee)

anthony and saad
guns and knives - exploding heads
all of a twitter

smell of acrylic
stiff bristles on wet paper
my cat is snoring


hurray for weekends!

this weekend has been most satisfying.

friday i got to spend time with mary jo, a friend i hadn't seen in a while. we browsed the mall looking for valentine's day gifts and ended up looking at items for ourselves. : ) quite satisfying. not to mention our really good conversations and the good sushi i ate at rice & co. we were, however, saddened that fredrick's of hollywood didn't have a larger selection of decadent men's apparel.

saturday was a super big cleaning day and the house is looking presentable! huzzah! also, i took the clothes thomas peed on to the green friendly cleaners. if the smell of cat urine on clothing doesn't make me retch, i don't know what will. (oh wait, quail egg sushi.)

later that night i had another sushi dinner w/ anthony and another couple - stephanie and brad - people we actually had never met, but are super glad we did. i'm hoping we'll be able to get together again, and perhaps a less expensive outing as well. *laugh* they, in fact, were the ones to get us to try the quail egg sushi. it wasn't the taste so much as the goopy texture. and THEN even later we met up with my high school friend ben who just turned 25 (for the second time, or so he says). ben is awesome - we'll have to hang out more @ the orpheum on saturday nights (strange mix of indie and pop/hip hop - i don't get it).

sunday equalled more cleaning. watching an old stephen chow movie we got from the library. watching aloha @ the orpheum. can i say that it was so kickass to actually go to a show for a band i truly enjoy??!? in atlanta, a friend took me to some huge concert b/c he had a free ticket. it was fun, except for the part where i almost passed out from the heat and dehydration, but pop bands just don't appeal to me that much. i've never been a huge music person, but aloha is awesome. anthony introduced me to them and watching them in person was incredible. they were quite adept at moving from one instrument to another and the marimbas have such a warm sound. check them out!


(via boingboing)

Child appears unhappy after parents slain in Iraq

This little Iraqi girl seems upset that her parents were shot to death by US soldiers when the car she and her family were in failed to stop at a checkpoint. (I'm sure she'll get over it once they tell her it was a mistake.) Meanwhile the LA Times reports that "the percentage of Americans who believed the situation in Iraq was "worth going to war over" has sunk to a new low of 39%." Link


cortizone-10 warning

** do not put directly in rectum by using finger or any mechanical device.



... ... i don't even want to know.

she is a genius.


via wee wonderfuls

in love

while browsing the internet @ work (our network is down, and has been down for over an hour) i took a gander through the anthropologie website. holy crap, i am in love. their clothes are so beautiful and unique.

also, really crazy fucking expensive.

i'm all about the sale and attempting to recreate their look w/ my own sewing machine. you can add that to my list of "things to do."



it is 12:30 am. i am finally pulling myself away from the computer. check out the new website, yo!

it is intriguing/frustrating how i always feel to be in a state of remodelling. remodelling myself, my actions, my possessions.

myself: MUST cut hair soon, stop ripping lips to dry discolored shreds

actions: stay flexible (mentally & physically), be creative

possessions: organize craft room (hahaha), put all loose photos in albums (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), scan in & de-dust photographs to put on web page, burn pictures to cd, organize digital photos w/ adobe album, redesign webpage, create portfolio, use print gocco, sew bags...... and remember to breathe. just lots of little things that drive my obsessive compulsive mind batty.

ok, off to shower now. and sleep, blissful sleep. i hope tomorrow isn't too mind-numbing.



ok, so the last unicorn isn't going to be a remake. it's a completely new adaptation of the book, with the screenplay penned by mr. beagle himself.


holy crap.

apparently, as i heard from my friend virginia (currently calling new zealand her home), they are making a remake of peter s. beagle's the last unicorn! this is my favorite movie of all time - no lie, hands down. (one of those childhood movie kind of things.) and the book is super as well.

anyways, it's looking pretty impressive from character sketches and what not, but i'm a little hesitant about the actual unicorn. it seems that this will be a live action film, not an animation, and i seriously hope to f-ing god that they don't make the unicorn's mouth move while speaking. i DO NOT want to see a white mr. ed unicorn ruining my childhood memories.



big sigh.

*sitting in the company canteen, tired, feeling displaced, looking about at scurrying worker bees*

anthony: "maybe you could go career."

me: *slitting-wrist motion with spoon*

ships in the dark

so my film scanner, as of 8:10 am, is "out for delivery" thru ups.


even though i figured that i would miss its coming, the reality of it makes me sad. i am here at work and my little film scanner is happily making it's way towards my home in the back of a truck, happily bouncing along, happy to meet me - and i am not there to greet it.

... mayhaps i can still pick it up later tonight... yes, yes... *putting fingertips together* maybe so... maybe so...


tree of death

absolutely beautiful.

capsula mundi is a design for a biodegradable coffin made from starch plastic that holds the deceased in a fetal position. the stunning artwork was created by italian designers anna citelli and raoul bretzel:

"capsula mundi is planted in the earth like a seed. above it, to signal the presence of occupied space, is a shallow concave circle dug out of the ground. in the center of which, a tree is planted, the essence of it chosen in life by the dead one, the care of this tree is the responsibility of everyone. the aim is ecological burial, literally a more natural way to decay. the cemetery will, then, acquire a new look. no longer the overpopulated urban environment with congested architecture, it will be a natural one in contact with the earth, enveloping expansive areas, entire hills consecrated to the cult of the dead. summarizing, it is a different landscape devoted to the worship of our ancestry: a sacred forest."

link (via aeiou) (via boingboing)


another year, another life - 2005

new year's eve has come and gone - spent with anthony on the couch watching movies. the sword in the stone (disney) and resident evil 2.

lame? yes. thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing? yes. we just had no desire to party it up, get drunk, or be around drunk people. we are becoming "old."

the next day we ushered in the new year by having a picnic on our friends' front lawn. saffron noodle cake, brie & crackers, fresh squeezed oj, spinach strawberry salad, deli sandwiches and a game of scrabble. the weather was wonderful.

later we went to target and then watched a very long engagement (jeunet). i love watching good movies. there are so few of them out!

as for resolutions - um.... they are unfortunately the same as last year. with a few more added! *le sigh*

**work on getting rid of debt
**continue mastermind scheming (by myself and with others) for indie type jobs; want to strike it out on my own
**complete overhaul of craft room to create more wall space and to rid self of pack-rat tendencies
**read more books (diaries of paul klee, america (the book); nutshell studies of unexplained death)
**relearn italian
**learn cantonese
**bake a non-soggy lemon meringue pie