it's been... a while.

to say the very least.

i'm one of those people who waffles back and forth between choices for far too long. "do i keep blogger? do i switch to wordpress? tumblr? let's try them all out and then never use any of them."

have you tried that tumble interface? it's lovely. it's a beautiful way to browse and reminds me (in a small small way) of google reader. a way to follow/subscribe to other tumblr accounts, to repost with comments, to "like" a post, but no way to group them into folders (at least, not w/ the tumblr app).

in any case, i'll be around. here, there, catch me when you can. one day i'll make up my mind.

one thing that's been keeping me intrigued is the app 'sleep cycle'. you place it on the bed while you sleep, and it monitors your sleep cycles, waking you at your most opti-magical time so that you're more refreshed and can pop out of bed quickly in the morning. this worked exactly once for me, sadly - though it may also have to do with me going to bed at ungodly hours.
i'm thinking of using it to try and see when i get the best sleep, and how i can continue to get good sleep. the filter on the far right says "drank a LOT of coffee", which is anything over my 1 large 14-20 oz coffee each morning. whoops.
this information must be taken with a grain of salt, of course, since anthony will sometimes come to bed later than me, and the movement of our cats could also interfere with the phone's data (if not always my sleep).   let's hope that i can get a better schedule set in the coming year.