oh my.

uh oh

my first. two. grey. hairs.

found in the bathroom after a relaxing shower, glinting merrily in the sunlight.


yammie was snoring last night while we relaxed on the couch. you *might* be able to hear it in the video. she's such a lazy little girl!

at the very end, we laugh uproariously because i drooled all over the floor. the entire time i was recording with my iphone, i had my mouth open.


oh my jesus

so... close... to being... done....

4 days and counting

my body is less sore, but more tense. the house is an absolute hell hole. ant started laundry last night and seems to have exploded all over the living room. i simply closed my eyes and walked out, thankfully missing the completed IKEA varde cabinet just in front of the door.

if you look closely, there's a strange reflection in the stove (wrong time) that looks like a person leaning over. it's probably my inner soul, bent in exhaustion.

last night i was painting painting painting and happened to check my phone for the time. 11:00!?! when did that happen?

actual chain of events:

*checks phone*
*eyes widen in horror*
"holy shit, it's eleven!"
*drop everything, shower, brush teeth, get in bed*

five minutes later

"hey kim, um... did we need to wash these brushes?"

it was like i crashed, i didn't even put the paint away. so i got back up and cleaned the brushes and put the extra paint back in the can.

and then i crashed. for real this time.




help!, originally uploaded by gimchi.

yammie is saddened by the mess...



my co-worker and i share a small area near the wall; her desk is just underneath the windows.

if i turn my head to the right, this is, sadly, my view of the outside for just about 7.5 hours of my day.



fuzzy. so fuzzy.

the good/bad/good thing about buying a giant bottle of cheap red wine when friends come over (who really only drink beer) is that you then have to drink at least 1 glass a night until it's gone.

mustn't let it go to waste!

head so fuzzy today. could definitely go for 4 more hours of sleep.


try and guess


guess which ones were from when i stopped watering my pepper plant?

thankfully, she's looking LOADS better after i started watering her on a daily basis. i also gave her a ton of worm castings - she's loving life. lots of those bigger peppers on her; can't wait to have them ripen.

our super easy soy dipping sauce:

soy sauce
chopped thai hot chili peppers

optional and in almost any mixture:

red chili oil
sesame oil
minced garlic (fresh)
minced/grated ginger
rice wine vinegar (kim's staple ingredient)


wood! yay!

i am totally in love with this site, knock-off wood. (sounds dirty, no? our library firewall originally had this blocked for 'potentially damaging content'.)

when we first started looking at tables, the costs utterly astounded me.

correction: all the tables that i actually liked were insanely cost prohibitive (i.e. every table, say, from crate & barrel with a price tag over $2,000). it seemed that i either wanted a really awesomely retro (but probably shitty) under-$100 table (which anthony would hate) from a thrift or re-store... or a $2,000 table. there was nothing that caught my eye that was in between. nothing.

naturally, i thought, 'hey, why don't we make a table! i've made a big 'ol cedar chest before...' and then proceeded to check out a plethora of table-making books and dvds from the library. anthony was not convinced. he must always be convinced.

finally, by showing him this site, i have convinced him. he likes well made plans, whereas i am totally fly by the seat of my well-worn pants. i suppose this makes us a good match. we are planning on making this table sometime in the near future. it's based off of a table from restoration hardware that cost $2750. who the hell has that kind of money to spend on a dining room table?!

so many of these projects are doable and can look absolutely rad. not to mention pretty inexpensive. check it: outdoor tables!!


more disappointment


.... and this is why i will refuse to read any more of the buffy comic books.



C. On a cloudless Saturday morning, Madeline wakes up and sees Jonathan lying beside her, then decides that she's probably going to end up loving him forever.

D. It might be as easy as all of that. ... maybe it's as simple as loving the way some other person looks when they're sleeping.

- Joe Meno, The Great Perhaps


will it fan me while i sip my umbrella drink?



i think i need me one of these.


this summer is going to be awesome.


last wednesday (?) we had 1.5 cubic yards of compost delivered from mother's organics. the picture shows what is left after filling our raised garden and every single empty pot we owned, including our lawn clippings garbage can. a friend came by and picked some up as well, but then we realized we could use what was left to fill in the holes behind the band room (left from when we dug out the crappy shrubs). not to mention the other random holes in the backyard. if i recall, the previous owners had a dog that liked to dig.


awww, there it is, my little 4' x 8' raised garden. so far, i've put up a slightly rickety pea trellis and found some wayward cat poop. when we woke up the morning after we filled it, i thought a squirrel had been digging about. WRONG. ...as i later discovered when i found little cat poop logs. :(

anyways, this picture is already out of date, since we just put up one of those awesome 10' sack pools in our yard! it's currently to the right of where the raised garden is in the photo above. it's big and blue and is slightly leaky since we installed a valve incorrectly. whoops! we figure we'll let it slowly drain until we can fix it. while it filled up, we sat in it like forlorn children, fully clothed. anthony pretended to swim laps on his stomach. it was fun! can't wait to get an umbrella out there and it'll be complete! maybe a little side table as well.


this summer is going to be awesome.


fringe > bones

after having blown through the entire bones oeuvre and then catching up on this season of fringe (yes, we are losers. the best kind of losers.), i can honestly say that fringe is way better than bones.

please note, this post may contain spoilers.

i think i realize that ant and i really like a story. we want a narrative. the only narrative that bones had going for it was "romance". whether with bones & booth or with angela & hodgins. this last season is sucking so hardcore. don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying it. the witty banter is great and yes, sweets is the possibly the best addition to the show. but COME THE FUCK ON. i did not enjoy the story of their first case together and also, what happened to booth's face? i can't put my finger on it, but anthony is convinced that he's had plastic surgery or botox.

i was also highly irritated when cam's adoptive daughter might be having sex and booth says, "good girls don't have sex." WTF. i've always appreciated this show for having super smart, strong and sexy females. good girl's don't have sex? normally they'd at least retort, but... nothing! no retort! and bones needs to start kicking way more ass. physically. what happened?! i get it. her relationship with booth is "changing" her. but really? not for the better.

i also felt that the angela/hodgins resolution in the jail cell was just terrible. very anti-climatic. *sigh* it's just been a disappointment. (not that it means i'll stop watching, of course.)

anyways, fringe has just been mind blowing this season (even though we started correctly calling the plot in the last few episodes).

... ok, i'm starting to get tired of my stream-of-consciousness soapbox rant.

ant put it best - bones is about the characters and has no story. fringe is more about the story, but he feels that there's far less about the characters (though i slightly disagree).

back on the soapbox about bones - what the hell is up with issues being resolved in one god damned episode? booth gets amnesia at the end of season 4?! we predict that it's fixed within 3 minutes of the season 5 premiere. yep! utterly resolved. so damn lame.


hello little babies


here are my little baby veggie plants! i brought them outside the other day toughen them up.

i'll be honest - i have no clue what i am doing. i'm also growing plants that i probably shouldn't be starting in may. OH WELL! this being the first year of attempting to grow things other than thai hot peppers and basil, i'm giving myself a break. i'm willing to risk it all! or, at least, some seeds.

the garden is completed, the pea trellis is up. we got a little water timer yesterday on sale at the store so i'll hopefully be setting that up tomorrow. i'm also thinking that the pea plants may be heading into the ground sometime soon - they're getting long and grabby already.