it's not good when you realize instant nescafe coffee is yummier than brewed coffee at work. perhaps this is a given. work coffee is notoriously horrific.

nescafe is big in hong kong and china, where the coffee can often be surprisingly worse than work coffee.

morale is low in your workplace when people complain loudly in the elevators about their jobs and how they're going to jump on the next opportunity that comes their way.

shoe inserts to control foot odor really do work.

chocolate cake is delicious for breakfast. especially with instant nescafe.

anthony's birthday party was awesome. stella artois is superb. amy makes incredible baked brie. staying up till 4 is still fantastic.

sleeping in is even more fantastic.

crepes and greek frappes while slightly hung over makes any day sunnier.

damn, this chocolate cake is awesome.


i am overwhelmed.

i have issues.

organization issues.

issues that i hope that library science will help me with.

i have incredible packrat tendencies. i find interesting things and write them down on bits of paper. these bits of paper can be anything from a normal page in my actual "journal" to post-it notes, torn off pages from scrap paper at work or even the backs of receipts.

i am awash in bits of paper. drowning. lists of websites that might be interesting one day. books i want to read. adorable craft suggestions. organizational ideas i cannot live without.

this packrat tendency has now overflown into my email inbox. i read a ton of blogs from many places. to keep track of them, i read them through bloglines.com. this website is amazing in that i can tell when a blog has a new item i haven't read yet. and i can easily read and manage them. until i find an interesting or noteworthy bit of information.

i quickly email myself the blog post and voila! more digital bits of paper crowding out the real emails i want to read. i label them "neat" or "craft."

i plan on writing about them in my blog. but the truth is, i just get overwhelmed even more. too many cute things on the internet. too many emails. then i don't reply to people i want to reply to and i get frantic.

and then there's all my photos. the bane of digital photography is that you can take ba-zillions of photographs and only 10% will be of any use. which is rather normal, i think, with photography.

except.......... i can't get rid of them. and i don't know how to organize them. and i'm feeling frantic at the thought of never finding a certain photo when i need it, or never being able to organize them.

in any case, i just downloaded picasa in the hopes that it'll help w/ the photos. with the email thing... i'm just going to have to cut back.

with the scraps of paper... i'm going to have to face it and just throw them all away.

i just had a heart palpitation at the thought.

why am i so frantic right now??

and why do i feel the need to organize when i need to work on the gfss website....

- quick organization of digital photos
- archive all that CRAP in my inbox
- finish working on website all next week.


sir-rull. i need sir-rull fo mah god-n.

hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

summer semester? check!
overtime this weekend + bonus monies? check!
- i am working 12 8-hour days straight. shoot me?
interview for gfss in the tbt? check!
- very excited about this one. we're going to be in the local paper!
drank glass of asti last night? check!
dropped library books off at library? check!
aquatic soil obtained for garden? unchecked!

so far, so good.

and check out these awesome images from this neat wallpaper!
it scratches off like a lotto ticket.






alcohol is my panacea for all problems uterine and scholarly.

blood orange italian soda + mango rum = (mostly) divine (and cramp-free) relaxation
good lord.

just five more days until the end of my first library science class. ::a weak hurrah::

just one more paper and then it's over. for a small bit of time, at least. : )

then i can commence:

  1. crafting
    1. girlfriend sweatshop has been selling things at the crafting out loud shows at sacred grounds coffee shop and soon shall be down in ybor as well on sundays
  2. finish watching season 4 of smallville
    1. yes, since july 4th, anthony and i have blown through seasons 1 thru 3 and part of 4
    2. 12 days, 74 episodes
    3. i'm on hiatus until friday or until my paper is done)
  3. sleeping?
  4. uploading photos?
  5. mastermind scheming to buy a digital camera?


near impossibility

i cannot hum the star wars theme songs and then immediately hum the superman theme song.

they are mutally exclusive because of their freakish similarity.

i'll start out wanting to hum one, and end up with the other!





a message from jen


Recently I began volunteering with Lost Angels Animal Rescue here in Tampa. This past Saturday I was able to transport a dog for them from the doctor's office where he had surgery to his foster's home. His name is "Justice" and he is a three month old 2 pound chihuahua found at Animal Services on his last breath.

Currently his medical bills are topping 4 thousand. Below is a link to one of the many news stories done about Justice last night. This one in particular has a video link and shows just how small, weak, and precious Justice is. Lost Angels is accepting donations for Justice's care as he is still in critical condition.

Lost Angels can take donations from anyone anywhere in the country via PayPal (at bottom of the news story page). Please consider giving, even $1 or $5 helps. So far, Lost Angels has raised 1 thousand. Additionally, please pass this link along to anyone you think may be willing to help.

Thank so much,



fire! fire! hehehehehehehe. fire! fire!

ah, and the nights become still again, though the smell of fire and gasoline linger on.

some weekend thoughts:

  • still need to post about rotary cutters for bethie
  • ant and i were off all wonderful weekend +2 days, we barely left the house at all
  • became seriously addicted to smallville, finished season 1, started season 2. i don't think we'd do well with cable - we are very instant gratification and would be so irritated at having to wait a week to see the next episode. let's just say we watched 10 hours in one day.
  • discovered huge whitefly infestation in my garden. argh! i feel my skills as a gardener abating and it makes me sad. i really want to keep my garden as organic as possible and neem oil will supposedly do the trick. the crummy thing is that it smells *horrible* and apparently shouldn't touch the skin. oops! if this doesn't work, i may switch to the more skin- and smell-friendly castille soap and as a last last resort, i will actually buy bugs. online.
  • 4th of july get together at star & david's new house. so big and lovely! 2 deliciously strong cosmos, made by star herself. expensive fireworks being set off by her neighbors. on our side: firecrackers being thrown onto lit gasoline on the sidewalk - huge flaming excitement! though not when too close to star's new car.
  • tree climbing w/ jen & dave. anthony caught me on the way down. jen found tree bits in her underpants for the next 2 hours.