:: your passport stamps ::

you are very well traveled in the southern united states (69%) [yeehaw!]

you are somewhat well traveled in scandinavia (40%)

you are somewhat well traveled in southern europe (40%)

you are somewhat well traveled in western europe (29%)

you are somewhat well traveled in the northeastern united states (29%)

you are somewhat well traveled in australia (25%)

you are mostly untraveled in asia (8%) >_<

you are mostly untraveled in latin america (7%)

you are untraveled in africa (0%)

you are untraveled in canada (0%)

you are untraveled in eastern europe (0%)

you are untraveled in new zealand (0%)

you are untraveled in the middle east (0%)

you are untraveled in the midwestern united states (0%)

you are untraveled in the united kingdom (0%)

you are untraveled in the western united states (0%)

art fart

last night i got together with rachel & jen and we "made art." it was absolutely wonderful and liberating.

here's the deal: anthony's got a show coming up this weekend (on madge's birthday, no less!). they put on their website that there would be a slideshow done by me & jen & rachel. apprehension! despair! non-motivation! reluctance! & all that jazz. i was feeling scared, silly, i know, but threw myself into it last minute (of course). last night, in fact.

i was reluctanct mainly because slides cost a lot of money. and even more money to make prints into slides. like, $6 a slide. ugh. but then i realized that i had bought 4 flats of slides at a flea market near the beginning of the year.

they were inside these wonderful metallic boxes from a guy who had passed away. i couldn't bring myself to throw them out. it's incredible to me how much time and money he spent on them only to have them end up at a flea market. all his travels, all these images. that just might be where all my nicely organized negatives might end up one day.

sad, isn't it? everything changes. nothing stays the same. what's worth holding onto?

not one to waste, we're adding and subtracting to the images to make them spooky and quirky and beautiful to add a visual element to red room cinema's show. it's really interesting how different we all are in our artistic styles. i mainly add elements, lots of watercolor, funny quips on the scenes. rachel is more deconstructionist, outlining with an x-acto, scribbles with mascara brushes & flashes of color. jen flutters about, finally settling on a super detractive theme that leaves only small bits of the picture left.

i'm so. excited. once it's done, i'll scan them into my computer and share, but until then, we're in a mad frenzy of slides and paints and knives and really bad fumes from the old skool projector screen. seriously, it smells like a chemical lab in our living room. we'll make pacts to paint each other's iron lungs.


::POWER color::

sounds like power ballad. or power ranger.

Your Power Color Is Teal

at your highest:

you feel accomplished and optimistic about the future.

at your lowest:

you feel in a slump and lack creativity.

in love:

you tend to be many people's ideal partner.

how you're attractive:

you make people feel confident and accepted.

your eternal question:

"what impression am i giving?"


cathartic lists to clear the mind & soul *cue cheese music*

  • i am attempting to clean the house.
  • i am hoping beyond hope that work will be cancelled tomorrow due to little miss wilma. there's another update at 9. *crosses fingers*
  • i bought crystals cat litter. we're hoping it lasts longer than the regular scoopable stuff.
  • i just bought this ring from the moma store!
    • i'm not a big diamond person. diamonds are blood money. ... really, so much in this world is gained at the cost of someone else. and i'm not talking money. i'm talking blood and sweat and children and hunger. it makes me sad. i try to be strong and proactive in doing what i can to stop general world crappiness. there's just so much of it - it easily gets me down. gems can be beautiful, but i don't understand why they must cost so much.
    • we went through this huge jewelry mall in china last year - all i could say to anthony was, "these rocks are so pretty!" because really, that's all they are. rocks.
    • anyways, here's a neat site, too - recycled jewelry. a lot of it isn't my style at all. it makes me want to get into jewelry-making. (no more hobbies, kim!)
  • my head is hurting. maybe a glass of wine will help?
  • i got an email from my friend michie - i gave her a bag that i had made for her ordination and she took it with her to san francisco. apparently, people stopped her on the street asking where she had gotten it.
    • "I mean, seriously, strangers on the street stopped me to ask where I had bought it!! I've taken it to work and now to Richmond and Charlotte and everywhere I go people are asking about it!!! So, yeah, in all your free time, you make a whole bunch more of those and sell them on the internet and I'll get you some buyers.... that's what I'm sayin'.... My point, dear heart: Thanks for the effin' awesome bag."
    • makes me want to drop this pharmacy bit and do more craft! why, oh why, can't i make a decision? maybe once i research organic chem things'll become clearer.
  • went to ceviche with saad & rachel on friday. went through 3 pitchers of champagne sangria. can we say, yum?
    • anthony saw their advert in the weekly planet. it's a goya painting. maja
    • he said "goya? oBOYa!" i could not. stop. laughing. we are dorks.
    • the place has the most awesome tapas. it made anthony and me feel that maybe tampa wasn't so super crummy after all - there are little gems here that we don't even know about! of course, we're hermits and never leave the house - maybe that's the problem. ;)


++ halloweenie ++

let the picture regurgitation commence:

(sorry, i'm bad at narrowing photo choices when it comes to sharing)

i heart halloween. i heart decorating for halloween. i heart eating halloween candy & chocolate. i heart skulls. i heart anthony (who i discovered had a crush on me on halloween). i heart pumpkins. i heart knives.

more skullz. note the prince of darkness figure hidden in the background. i heart tim curry.

those goopy insides are so fun to scoop! (way better than kitty litter.) i heart roasted pumpkin seeds.

mmm... mulled wine... we got those champagne flutes from the thrift store. they say "2000 celebration urology/dermatology sales." hahaha!

move that hand!
damnit, mary jo! move your hand! (shown w/ new boy - brian.) : )

hey, cute boy, chomp!


tongue shot



grr, baby, very grr

lumberjack vamp!
lumberjack vamp!

chocolate vamp
lumberjack vamp hearts chocolate.



robot eyes!
domo arigato mister roboto... -pumpkin



terrence & philip/pac man
jen's brian's pumpkin. terrence & philip or pac man?
you decide!


she had stars in her eyes...

brian's pac man ghost!

this is a fetus. this is a fetus carved into a pumpkin. this is a fetus carved into a pumpkin with a wire hanger wrapped all up on it.
anthony wanted to write "pro-choice" on it and deposit it back on the church lawn.

my cute (unoriginal) pumpkin. i totally used a stencil.

and well, here's me taking a photo of myself. when you're holding the camera, you're never in any pictures!


much fun was had, much candy was ingested, many pumpkin seeds were strewn about the (thankfully covered) floor. huzzah!


and in other news:

i got a 97 on my chem test.

wtf? i am seriously good guesser. i am still in shock. (and i can already hear anthony saying, "i told you so.")

may potentially become a supervisor @ my job. actual title & pay raise to follow in what is sure to be 5 months.
: p


updates & news

this is an update to say i'll be mia for the next few days. i have a test monday, class till 9, test on tuesday, at school till 10.


good news:
going to bed before 1 am.
pumpkin carving bash went super well.
mulled wine was divine and there's even some left.
completely kicked a&p lab test's arse.
lots of pumpkin seeds to be toasted at a later date.

bad news:
i have a 6 page paper due on tuesday (as well as the test). i'm a slacker like that.
i think i'm going to do really poorly on this chem test coming up.
we're allowed to drop one test... i was hoping it would be the final.... but the way i've studied (or rather, not studied for this one.... i'm thinking this'll be the doozy.
i just need to get my head out of my little yellow butt and get over this chemistry block. get over it, kim! study, learn it, get the grade. simple, oui? oui.
but first, this test.
then paper.
then test again.
drink, sleep, toast seeds, sleep.
then get pictures up on flickr.

i just reread this post and found it to be rather un-flow-y. oh well.


what. the. eff.

sex. with. dolphins.

a few choice tidbids for your reading "pleasure:"

- Zoophilia is best described as a love of animals so intimate that the person (and the animal) involved have no objections to expressing their affection for each other in the sexual fashion. This is not to be confused with bestiality, where a person forcefully mates an animal, without their consent, and with no mutual feelings whatsoever. This is something that I would never do to a dolphin, since I love them dearly, and treat them with the same respect that an honest husband would have for his wife and children.

WARNING! In the considerations of safety, you should NEVER let a male dolphin attempt anal sex with you. The Bottle-nose dolphin member is around 12 inches, very muscular, and the thrusting and the force of ejaculation (A male can come as far as 14 feet) would cause serious internal injuries, resulting in peritonitus and possible death.


kimberly needs.........

i got this idea from fritz, who got this idea from monkey who got this idea from bobby who got this idea from lulu:

(4 degrees!)

go to google and type "(your name) needs" - make sure the quote marks are there! blog your results.

apparently, this is what i need:

1. Priestess Kimberly Needs Powerful Protection Spell

2. Kimberly needs a woman in her life

Kimberly needs to eat something and keep her ugly mouth shut (ouch!)

Kimberly needs all five of her riders around her at all times (hmm... kinky)

Kimberly needs expert care and stimulation (kinky again!)

oh, do try.

free association

  1. quirk :: i pluck my underarms
  2. crystal :: new age
  3. pet peeve :: co-worker
  4. cuban :: buick boat
  5. breasts :: small & modest
  6. whispers :: secrets & longings
  7. complicated :: career
  8. promise me :: to be kind
  9. murder :: -ous rage
  10. filament :: edison


mema's alaskan tacos!

so, anyone ever had an alaskan taco? they are truly divine. sent from heaven. manna in the form of a crispy golden shell and shrimp filling.



@ mema's

@ mema's

@ mema's

@ mema's

this place is incredible. AND they are open till 3 am wed-sat. you can't beat that! late night taco cravings satisfied! i was a little apprehensive the first time i had one, but these are simply dee-lish. we tried the burrito and the taco-rito (taco surrounded by beans & soft shell), but you can't beat the original. i think they also have grouper and veggie, in addition to the normal beef or chicken. and of course, taco salads and what not. : Q


crazy spider on anthony's side of work:




and, ending today with yet another cute pic of anthony:




i suck i suck i suck i suck i suck!!

i just missed a phone call from my mom in hong kong because i was scared it might be that annoying asian boy in my anatomy lab!!



ok, i feel better.

::backstory x1::

was late one day to anatomy lab, sat in the back next to asian boy. what is up with asian boys always thinking they can hang with you or that they might have a chance with you because you're asian, too?!?? maybe that's mean, but it's ANNOYING. no lie, he was staring at me the entire class, quite obviously. i was this ---><--- close to turning to him and saying flatly, "i have a boyfriend." it was that bad. i have since moved seats, but i still catch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye every single lab meeting.

::backstory x2::

during high school, went to dinner w/ friends at thai restaurant. asian server eyeing me up. we get round of free desserts. haha! ethnicity totally paid off. on the way out, he asks for my number. flustered and inexperienced, i give it to him, even though i really don't want to. he asks about my plans that night, i tell him i'm going to a movie with friends. when i get home, my parents tell me that some boy named "bird" (yes, that was his name) had called FIVE TIMES. yes, five effing times.

::back to backstory x1::

anyways, i gave my # to asian anatomy lab boy because he was going to miss the next lab and wanted to know if he would miss anything.
it was soo hard for me to give it to him. when he asked, i said, incredulously, "uh, what?" *eyebrow raised*

a myraid of feelings swarmed me at that point.
1. asian boys are often clingy and psycho (god, that is so mean, but true from every experience i have had with them). (note: all were asian boys that did not grow up in the usa.)
2. often, when asked for my #, i either give it or give a fake one.
3. strong desire to turn him down to be strong and just say no, for the first time in my life, than crapping out and giving faux digits.

*sigh* i caved. it was the school part of the situation that won out. anthony suggested later that i just give him my email, or better yet, the teacher's email. i wish i could think quicker.

meet kim's superficiality. why, hello!

++ macabre ++

Originally uploaded by gimchi.
here's the flier for anthony's show on the 29th. should be rather exciting!

there's a smallish site about it here.

i don't have much to post about at present. mainly stressing about tests and studying like mad. not to mention a horrific relapse of my cold (i had a fever of 100F the other night). *sigh* i'm making an appointment with a dr next week fo' sho.'

i'm about to meet anthony for some yummy yummy jimmy john's subs.

my cat yam slept with me under the covers again!

i vacuumed last night so my floors are cat litter free! (the little things in life are soso nice.)


:: currently reading/listening ::

da vinci

right. the "famed" da vinci code by mr dan brown, himself. i'm actually listening to this on my ipod.

comments? reviews?

mr brown has some interesting ideas and follows some very interesting trains of thought: the sacred feminine, the church and its many coverups and subterfuges of pagan religions.... hmm, well, ok, only 2 interesting lines of thought. hahaha!

i like that he's brought to light (i.e. freakishly-mass popularity) some of the crappiness of the church - its patriarchal-ness, how it has transformed itself into something special when all it is is another religion to follow, the bible is not the word of god, the idea of the sacred feminine in pagan religions & the gnostic and coptic gospels...

not to mention the freaking idea of thinking for oneself and not blindly following the church, for chrissakes!

but what i don't like is his exceedingly juvenile writing style. "the only light came from the glint of his eyes." are you effing serious? the dialogue is killing me and his characters vex my spleen. most of the dialogue is either expository on interesting themes (not too bad) or one line comments that come right after explaining how the character is feeling, like, "what is going on?" "i don't understand, robert." "what do you mean?" "i must get that gun."


perhaps some of the irritation regarding the characters comes from the fact that i'm listening to the audio book - the speaker's voices with french and english accents make me cringe most outwardly.

anyways, i give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

i may revise to 1 star when i visit europe again and i hear people talking about dan brown while viewing da vinci or boticelli.

*sigh* i need a good book to read.


free association & randomness

  1. quaint::old hurricane lamps
  2. rind::rend in two
  3. disease::bird flu, strep throat
  4. queer::the doors
  5. pork::pimples
  6. soaked::love the rain
  7. skeleton::something wicked this way comes! halloween!
  8. mold::bread... probably should check that...
  9. finished::with crappy jobs!
  10. buffalo::wings for which i often have strange cravings
over the weekend i visited parents before they left off for hong kong & china; they leave on monday. this trip i believe they are taking a jaunt to peking and shanghai. jealous much? though not of the 17 hr plane ride.

i'm feeling better - i think i might have/might have had strep throat. still feel kinda woozy. not very pleasant in the least. and classes + work is really rather draining. i keep thinking of getting a different job doing something less thought-involved. shelving books at borders was really rather mindless. but then again, it also paid less than half of what i make now. *SIGH*

here's a photo that'll lift my spirits:

: ) that's me and anthony when we were in china (last october-ish?). ah, good times and insanely good food. AND, no job. then again, fast running out of money, but pish! we had parents to take care of us. *laugh*

hopefully i'll feel better these next few days and my humor will improve. for now, i am just tired.