*faint* (insert chaise lounge here)

currently: listening to anthony play the simpsons game, reformatting computer, finishing baby maya's knitted bear

emailed forwards

What time did you get up this morning?
7.05 am

Diamonds or Pearls?
Neither, really.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
i can't remember! but thursday i'm going to see this american life, live, beeyotch.

What is your favorite TV show?

screw this, i give up. sometimes i can buckle down and answer questions, but perhaps i've answered these one time too many. silly memes, YOU DRIVE ME INSANE.


Bush Extended Family Photo

i browsed defective yeti's flickr photostream tonight and had quite a good laugh at a number of little photoshop creations.

current mood: greasy from making veggie cutlets.

i work with a 12 year old

i have a 12 year old co-worker masquerading as a 50+ year old boy. we’ll call him “conan”.

in my department, i’m one of 2 females. this doesn’t really mean a whole lot, since the department is small and there’s only 8 of us, total. still, there’s the usual silly boy, puffed-chest bravado, talk of being The Rooster and wearing The Pants in The Family. and there are the quickly corrected stereotypical comments of staff or patrons acting like “whiney little girls”. and while i haven’t gotten the boys to stop calling all female employees “girls”, i’ve at least opened their eyes to the idea that a girl is, by definition, a child.

(this is just a small pet peeve of mine. it’s why i like to use the term “boy” when referring to boys or men. if they’re going to use “girl” to refer to all females, i’ll do, conversely, the same.)

when i first started working in this department, conan found out that i liked coffee. i had my own little one-cup french press! and the group of us would head out to the branches and do a quick stop for a caffeinated boost. i’d always get a café con leche, since we’d stop at the local cuban breakfast joint. and then, once the branch field trips were over… i kept finding cups of café con leche at my desk. at least three times a week. sometimes in the mini fridge, only needing and silently awaiting a little microwave radiation to bring it back to glorious life.

it was weird.

don’t get me wrong, i love coffee. but
1) drinking that much café con leche makes your pee start to smell wrong and
2) ummm… it’s just weird to have your married co-worker buy you coffee without one’s consent and not want monetary compensation.

eventually he stopped, though most likely at the request of supervisors who (would hopefully) tend to notice such obvious favoritism.

naturally, conan then buys a $30 espresso machine for the department to make café con leche in situ.

he also finds it necessary to bestow upon me his 12 year old wisdom. he’ll pry into my personal life and when, at the time, i had decided to get back together with anthony, he informed me that i was making a bad decision, blah blah blah. i couldn’t believe it. who did this guy think he was? he doesn't know me, much less my middle name, the names of my cats, my favorite wine, books, pens, nicknames, movies, charcoal. he later told me that i needed a Man who liked Football and tried to set me up with his son. no thanks, buddy.

conan is also a fan of talk radio. i loathe talk radio. my blood pressure shoots up when i listen to talk radio, which is difficult to do since my blood pressure is naturally uber low. a few fridays ago, 6 of us gathered and trundled into a van to help one of our branches shelve their plethora of books. 5 of the 6 hated talk radio. only one person, the driver, conan, wanted to listen to it. frustration and pouting ensued by said talk radio fan when, after much cajoling and pleases and reasoning, i simply turned the radio off if conan attempted to listen.

i cannot convey the amount of uncaring i have for conan when he’s being a petulant 12 yr old. he listened to country instead, which wasn’t so great either, but is leaps and bounds better than talk radio. the death rattle of my only child would be preferable over talk radio.

and at the oddest time, when we’re all proclaiming how much we hate talk radio and how it hurts more than helps, he asks, “are you engaged?” out of the blue. he’s just so WEIRD.

at the end of our shelving duties, we head to the nearest chinese buffet for greasy sustenance. instead of letting us know what he’s doing, conan does not follow us into the restaurant, choosing instead to sit at a bench for the entirety of our lunch hour. childish. he attemps to blast country music on the way to home base.

really, it's quite amazing.

still digesting cake goodness

weekends pass altogether too quickly, though much was accomplished.

saturday we went to the green thumb festival in st. pete and bought more succulents and 2 pepper plants. i was also learned in ‘sun blight’. if a pepper plant is getting too much sun, the leaves will suddenly all die, wither and drop off. newer leaves will thankfully be a hairsbreadth hardier. i thought this was normal, on account of the plant giving all its nutrients and leaf life-force to the growing peppers. i am a plant idiot. leaf life-force?! don’t worry, i didn’t use this term on the nice man in the stall. i might as well have talked of plant midi-chlorians wielding their cellular powers to forge delicious peppers.

mmm, peppers…

saturday night, rachel celebrated her birthday with a divinely dense wright’s gourmet cake and platters full of food. embarrassment came later in the form of 4 empty honey moon beer bottles, pomme lambic, ‘american idol’ karaoke game on the wii, a microphone, and a mini-dvd recorder.

and on the way to bed, i brutally took down the wasp nest outside our front door with a broom handle, a girly bellow and a quick door slam. sorry little insects, you creep me out. *shiver*

last friday, though, the library was all abuzz with the news of the high school girl who was raped and beaten outside of the bloomingdale branch library. it was 10:30 at night (or thereabouts) and she left her car to drop off books in the bookdrop. why she got out of her car, no one knows – there’s a drive-by bookdrop there for convenience and ideally, safety. she was on her phone and mentioned to her friend that there was a weird guy on a bench. next thing the friend hears is screaming and then nothing. currently, the girl is in stable, but critical condition.

faith in humanity: -50 points

seriously, wtf. like i need more reasons to be freaked out when going out someplace by myself at night. like the grocery store. or the post office. sometimes i really hate the world in which i feel, as a female, unsafe. it’s just all so fucked up.


inside out and right side up

the week has been overlong. it’s only thursday?! what happened?

this morning, anthony informed me that the milk i bought went bad on the 22nd. i bought it on the 22nd. i’m real good in grocery stores, folks. real good. (and of course it was expensive t.g. lee brand, since i’m trying to buy my dairy “local”. meh.)

thankfully, on the propitious side, i did not
1) drool on myself while brushing my teeth, causing a changing of the clothes (monday), nor
2) put my underwear on inside out (tuesday)


oh jeez.

oozing remarks from a bleary and indefinite morning mind:

1) foil wrapped vietnamese coffee is my savior this morning
2) homework, mustn't forget homework due today
3) presentation, mustn't forget presentation due today
4) how the hell should i streamline these reports?

seriously, these are the actual titles of the reports.

i have to run each one to attempt to figure out what they each *do* exactly. my brain drips out of my ears just thinking about it right now. MORE COFFEE!

Programs by location, category and date. User selects category of program
Programs by location, category and fiscal year. User selects category of program
Total # of programs, total # of participants by type of program
Total # of programs, total # of sessions by location(s) and level for FY to date
Total # of programs, total # of sessions by type of program and by location
Total # of programs, total # participants by location(s) and level.

let the report running begin.


maya margueritte owens

maya entered this world this morning at about 8:20, weighing in at a mere 6 lbs ? oz. her mother, michelle, was in practiced labor whilst i slept.

currently, they are napping after the exhausting ordeal, which began at 2:00 pm, yesterday. oof! dios mio! ai yaa!

heartfelt congratulations and wishes to the newest member of the owens family. i love you all! kisses and gentle head rubs all around.


of goats and gore

golden eagle successfully attacks mountain goat.

thoughts while watching:

- whoa, eagles are cool. and big. some eagles are SO BIG. cool.
- here we go! woohoo! wingspan! rock on, i dig it. wingspans are sexy.
- .... awww. poor little goa...

- ooooooohhhhhhhhhh shhiiiiiiitttt.....

that is the extent of my post-massage mental capacity. sarah came over, i wooed her with homemade pizza and then she gave me a massage. it. was. awesome. then i took a bath, which, also, was awesome.

immediate goals: stop using this word - "awesome". i sound like an idiot. also, stop using the phrase, "that's funny". learn new wurds. or utilize old wurds, such as "rad" or "groovy".

in any case, i used this german herbal lavender bath goop additive, which smelled divine and has left my skin all sorts of baby-butt-smooth, but looked like i was bathing in 2000 flushes. strangely blue. i'm trying not to think too much about it.

i am feeling amazingly relaxed and limber and am looking forward to clean sheets on the bed. small non-kitty-litter happinesses. *le sigh*

musing last night and jotted this morning:

creepy, preternaturally, precocious children really get under my skin.

i'm not talking about "normal" better-than-average children. like my god FSM-son, owen. children who end up going to gifted classes, magnet schools, centres for the artes, or winning nobel prizes. and loving their auntie chairwoman yau immensely.

i suppose i'm really talking about fictional children. fictional babies.

1. what the hell was up with that kid in the movie 'perfume'? besides the painful narration, anthony and i couldn't get past the first 20 minutes. naked, snot-shiny, highly dextrous pre-born in the fish market? multiple close ups of flaring nostrils and deep breaths? even with the boy as a tween/teen, they couldn't get enough of his schnoz. i get it. he's got good olfactory senses. thanks. *click*

2. bean, in 'ender's shadow' - apparently, at 7 months old and in dire danger, is climbing out of his crib and hiding in a toilet tank to save his life. he remembers that the toilet lid was very heavy, the water level rising and falling, his diaper disintegrating.

it's all just a little hard to believe. i only have two examples, though. are there more? i'm sure there are. strangely, these came to me in the shower (i'm currently reading 'ender's shadow').



there is just too much wetness in the sour cream and i don't know why.


don't you just hate it when you make a recipe and it's the most blindingly delicious thing you've ever made, only to discover that you are unable to re-create its magnificence?

the first time i made this potato salad, it just melted my face. now it's all watery and bland. wtf?


a craft room with a view


mmmmmm, why yes, this weekend was lovely, thanks for asking! i'm going to attempt to start posting photos now that i have 1) internet access, 2) my computer, crammed amongst my desk and 3) a pantone hueypro monitor calibration birthday tool from anthony.

photos to come:
of new mexico
of ramon & alexis
of a japanese spa
of washington, d.c.
of michelle's pregnant belly
of nawaal
of gainesville, again


this looks to be owen's homer simpson impression. "braaaap!"

you lookin' at me?

"whatchoo lookin' at? eh? *muttermutter*"


after gasping in amazement at the sheer size of this dinner roll foot, please to note the delicious glass of "mommy's time out" on the table.

as you can see, we spent some time outside, relaxing, knitting, gardening, drinking. anthony studied furiously for a bit on some riveting physics 2. we walked to starbucks and ate cheesy grits and watched 'volver'. we celebrated the return of meaghan's ability to discern plotlines and remarked on how heavy owen has gotten and were dismayed that urban threads was closed on sundays. we went to wade's market and bought 6 basil plants and some rosemary and exclaimed over the cuteness of corsican mint.




well, my photo goals for march were simply not met. i’d say i’m about 90% done. the move threw me off. i shall clean and start again.

april, may, june goals

- clean & organize sweatshop
- buy stuff to store plethora of negatives
- finish organizing photos
- rework portfolio
- get etsy site started with:
o leftover stock from holidays
o photographs
o items to sell later in the year
 moon day
 mulling spices (food selling issues?)

this weekend is a gainesville weekend!! anthony will be joining me for a weekend of good food and relaxing times. i plan on coddling owen and catching up with meaghan, possibly appalling craig with my painting skills.

biggest news: i turned in my paperwork for graduation in august! w00t!



mulled wine?

mulled wine? , originally uploaded by gimchi.

yes, please!

(that's my titslist cup! thanks, honey!)

it totally blows since i can't easily browse her website at work, at little NSFW, if you know what i mean. *sigh* and then i get home, do homework, clean, cook and then it's light's out! lame. soon i shall replace "clean" with "craft" - clean is high on the agenda since we just moved. the kitchen is getting there, but my sweatshop is still a hellhole. at least i have one wall painted.

like that ikea wall-hanging? i love it. thankfully the cats have left it alone these past 2 days. it took way too long and a minor kim freak-out to hang this baby. ok, i lie. it took a major kim freak-out. i'm almost proud of it; it was like this definitive moment. i oft bottle up my feelings of frustration and anger, but in this case, it was like i couldn't even control myself. i was shrieking at the top of my lungs, ear-popping levels and i had collapse on the couch before i could regain control. honestly, it was probably pretty scary, but we had a damn good laugh about it later. has this ever happened to you? i had no control over my voice box. seriously. *snap*

anyways, this is me, at 11:30 at night. i'm drinking some delicious mulled wine and hiding my chin pimples. not only tipsy, but classy!! that's me. :) *sly wink*

good LORD my arm looks big, doesn't it? wanna kiss my guns? they're huge. and fully automatic.

speaking of fully automatic, laura and i are planning a jaunt to the local gun range. mondays are ladies night. c'mon, you KNOW you want to come. the closest i've come to a gun is a cap gun. wait, maybe a bb gun. and definitely a water gun.

ok, bedtime. i'm supposed to get up tomorrow at 6. HAHAHAHA. yea, right.

the storms of (a very early) summer

what is UP with these insane florida storms? it's only april and it already feels like the heart of summer.

last tuesday, i was positively waterlogged on the way in to class. and sunday it poured all day.

today is lovely and foggy, perfect for coffee at home, movies and creating and drawing and soft charcoal. and spending time with lazy cats. not so perfect for going to work and drinking crappy coffee with oil-based creamer that thickly coats the tongue.

right now i have just this insane amount of photographs to get in order and post online. it's really pathetic how bad i am at this whole internet/technology thing, sometimes. i get so overwhelmed.

part of the reason is that we don't have internet yet at the new apartment and only anthony's computer can freeload off a neighbor's loose and slutty connection.

and, to crow about my birthday gift, anthony got me a calibration tool for my monitor! very exciting to have calibrated colors on my monitor for my photographs.