chrysanthemum tea addictions

now becoming addicted to chrysanthemum tea. i've always gotten it at chinese restaurants for dim sum, so i finally looked for it at the local asian market. i love the fact that it's steeped from real dried chrysanthemums.


and the horror ends

quick updates:

*** quit my job! it was actually a few weeks ago. i called out and quit on a tuesday, went in to kelly services on thursday. got another job and a $1.50 pay raise that started on monday! i'm liking my new job a lot. less stress, less ridiclous responsibility (as a temp) and more cash! i'm definitely not complaining.
*** last weekend anthony and i spent some relaxing time in orlando - his sister has a timeshare and we were able to use it for an evening. we ended up staying at the disney boardwalk resort in one of their villas. the woman at the front desk was incredulous that we were staying only one night and that we weren't buying any tickets for any theme parks. ha! and get this, since our room came with a washer/dryer set, we're so ghetto we actually brought a hamper of laundry to do! our plan was to see the jealous sound show going down at the social, but we ended up scrapping that idea; we didn't want to be held down by any set times. we've become super-hermits these past few weeks and didn't want that to change, so all we did was walk around downtown disney, look into a few shops, attempted to go to the now-closed fao schwartz, had sushi, bought dirty pretty things, watched it back at the room and later played cherry pit shooting games in the huge bathtub. it was so much fun! (fyi - dirty pretty things does not involve cherry pit bathing porn. i realize that if you've never heard of this movie, that last statement could have sounded a little dubious..)
*** 4th of july weekend we went out to the beach near the airport on davis island and watched the fireworks happening at channelside. we actually met up with a few friends and later went to bennigans. note: bennigans is gross. we are never to frequent this chain ever again.
*** tonight the cold season has a second show at yeoman's (also on davis island). should be quite enjoyable now that i've napped to handle the late night entertainment.