my brother, sommelier in training

dr. loosen....my new best friend, originally uploaded by {cwp}.

disclaimer - i did not take this photo (i only wish i had.)

for the reception, my brother, vince, assisted me in selecting a number of insanely delicious wines. ... ok, i lie, he chose them all. i simply guzzled them. i am still guzzling them 3 months later.

should you wish, i'll include them here so you may partake:

dr. loosen riesling (germany)
carmel road chardonnay (california)
laetitia pinot noir (california - arroyo grande valley)
marchese antinori chianti classico (italia, of course)

please do try them! most especially the riesling and the pinor noir. they'll melt your face, i promise.


kung hei fat choi!

this was the first year (of many) red-envelope-free chinese new years. it's like the end of an era. somehow, i still thought that with being married, i might still get a sympathy red envelope. you know, with like, $2 tucked away inside. NEGATORY. the good of course, being, that i'm blissfully taken.

ah, the young carefree days of smoke-filled parties with illicit gambling in the back rooms and the loud crash of mah-jong tiles. frilly, lacey dresses and ruffled socks. and yet still running around outside in the parking lot screaming my head off playing chinese freeze tag and setting off fireworks. and pockets and fistfuls of red envelopes, brimming over and thickly smooth with cold hard cash. mine and my brother's main source of income! those nintendo games didn't pay for themselves. hellooOOOo track & field!

in any case, naynayfazz did a little post on how depressing her chinese horse horoscope was for the year of the ox. i don't expect mine to be that great since, well, ox people aren't my strong suit. an ox year for a sheep/goat? oy. but here are some of my "highlights":

Goat Overview

This may not be as favorable as a year that you desire. (yay?)
The Goat is artistic in nature and you may have difficulties finding a way to express your creative passions. (i am so feeling this. *sigh*)

Goat Rating

32% (5 neutral and 7 unfavorable months) (w.t.f.)

Goat Career

Projects and goals may not mature until the early part of next year and this could create a sense of frustration and pessimism if you allow it. (eerily true! but probably ubiquitous.)

Goat Wealth

Finances could be an issue this year. You may find that even with your conservative efforts, you are coming up short on your budget. If you manage your spending and plan your finances, you will make it through the year. You may have to wait until next year to see the fruits of your labor, as it promises to be more profitable than this year. (ughughugh! why was i so fast and loose with my student loans?!?! *cry*)

continuing onwards, i have cleaned out the house and am relaxing for these few days post-new years. don't clean for 3 days lest you sweep out any good fortune! showering doesn't count. and february 9th is the lantern festival. that same week we get to attend a wedding in orlando and take some days off work! i am counting down the days to freedom.

i've been really random the last few weeks. blips of thought from here and there. it may be the high pollen count. fuzziness. or the increase in tuna mercury from all the sushi i've been ingesting. and my newfound oral allergies have been flaring like no one's business. i ate some frozen jackfruit at my parent's house and my tender mouth insides were screaming at me in itchy pain.

... lots of stuff still coursing through my synapses, but i can barely make heads or tails of them. just flashes of light and feeling. i'll settle myself in my clean-sheeted bed and read a little, methinks.


we're like THIS

we're like THIS, originally uploaded by gimchi.

congratulations, president obama!

as you can see, we're such good friends. he's a good listener, you know? it was so nice of him to drop by my inaugural ball last night. it was small, but relaxing. we got dressy and had some friends over for cupcakes and fizzy lifting drinks.

and so this morning... not feeling so clear. fizzy lifting drinks make for fuzzy brains. sql query writing not coming so hard and fast. slow and steady wins the race (my morning mantra).

random bits of brain activity:

- i'm considering removing this damn jade bracelet. it's driving me INSANE and this morning i dreamt that i was able to take it off easily and without protest.

- chinese new year is january 26th! year of the ox.

- brain still fuzzy.

- when a recipe says to whisk vigorously, do it. otherwise you end up with snot runny icing. thanks to anthony for saving the cupcakes!


the sloughing

mon.thly.info, originally uploaded by gimchi.

this site rocks my uterus.

i never used to keep track of this kind of stuff, but IT'S AMAZING. i only wish i could somehow friend my fellow vajayjays a la facebook.



how to make the best fish ever.

a long time ago, my dad showed me how he makes his incredible pan-fried fish. tender, juicy, flaky, perfectly salted with ginger and scallions. it's amazing, a sublime work of art.

and i totally made it 2 nights ago.

:: directions ::

1) (amateur) chef required

la chef

yes, i'm wearing clothes, not just an apron and a cardigan. and yes, that's an apron from home depot. thanks, brian!

2) fish, preferably pre-gutted. this one is a pompano and was given to me, frozen, by my dad. i was a little distressed at the blood, which is why i didn't show this part to anthony. he was sleeping off a headache and probably would have kind of freaked out.


3) rice is optional, but highly recommended. go ahead and start it cooking. i love my 3 cup rice cooker. i've had this baby for nigh 10 years and she's steered me straight and true. except for the one time i opened her up to find a soggy moldy mess. that was not a good time in our relationship.

cooking... cooking....

4) liberally sprinkle salt on one side of the fish. a pretty good amount. flip it over. salt the other side and sprinkle some white pepper on it. let it sit for about 10 minutes.

5) during this time, cut up some ginger and scallion. peel and matchstick slice the ginger.

counter space

don't mind the red onion and broccoli. that was the side dish. i ended up cutting up more ginger mid-way through cooking the fish, though. and seriously? the more scallion, the better. MORE SCALLION!

6) heat a large pan that has a lid on high. put in a "medium amount of oil." let the pan get hot and then drop the fish in. realize that the fish is too big and cut the tail off clumsily with a pair of kitchen shears.

too big ums

7) cover the fish, turn the heat to medium. oh yea, put the ginger sticks on top of the fish. cook for approximately 15 minutes (my fish was approximately 10 inches long, sans tail) on one side. tilt the pan to move the oil around the fish. it's gonna sizzle and start to smell good. real good.

8) so now it's going to be all nice & brown and crispy (if it's not kind of crispy, cook it a little longer; soggy fish skin is good, but it isn't melt-your-face incredible). turn it over, pour a tidge more oil on the fish and drop the scallions on top. cook for 15 minutes and tilt the pan occasionally. allow the mouth to salivate openly.


9) enjoy consuming the fish, eating as much of the head as you feel comfortable eating. for me and anthony, this is none at all. however, fish cheeks are delicious. the best way to eat a whole fish is to eat one side, exposing the length of prickly spine and then flip it over, eating the rest.

... i think there might be leftovers in the fridge. hmmm..............


moustachio'd bunnies

moustachio'd bunnies, originally uploaded by gimchi.

at meaghan's behest:

this is one of the little bunnies i'm making (courtesy of wee wonderfuls) for a few of my friends who are all sorts of knocked up!

i embroidered the eyes and found it lacking somehow. anthony suggested the mustache and voila! instant french.


quite possibly, the shit

my friends, that's what this is.

the shit.

after many years of coveting and admiring and adoring this little tin package, i finally realized my dream and purchased this little beauty.

if you wish to spend $25 on expensive (and beautifully packaged) hot chocolate, then this is the one to pick. what's nice is that you can choose between a thicker european style and a lighter, creamier american style. because all it appears to be are a bunch of choco-shavings. or you can just mix it up and make a thigh-fattening creamy mix of the two styles. a little taste of.... heaven. and if you put it in the fridge... instant chocolate pudding!

last night i actually made it correctly and it was sooo good. ignore the directions regarding heating the liquid, for the most part. if you do as they say and pour nearly boilt water/milk on top of the shavings, it's not going to melt correctly. even if you heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, as they recommend. you NEED to heat the milk on the stove (not boiling) then add the shavings. and mix it for a while. because nothing sucks more than drinking badly-made, watery & expensive hot chocolate. with little soggy chocolate shaving inclusions. very distressing.

i feel kind of lame writing this post, because it's basically a product review, but whatever. skim it and be done with it! it makes me feel productive.


the year in which i turn 30

upon awakening this morning:

me: *groaning* i feel like i drank last night.
anthony: *barely awake* me too. ... oh wait, i did drink.
me: oh. yea, me too.

2009 - welcome!

btw - if you're bored and have time to waste viewing 1,000+ photos, here are our wedding photos!

sadly, we must be getting old if 1 beer and 1 glass of wine will aid in incapacitating us the next day. i'm sure it also has to do with going to bed at 1 am. i'll console myself with that. don't worry, that piddling amount of alcohol wasn't for the new year.

the new year saw us at our friend's house surrounded by children and fireworks and festivities. it was very relaxed and quite a bit of fun. that night was 3 beers and a little champagne. (i know, slow it down, right?)

it just didn't feel like a new year. perhaps it's the unseasonably warm weather. perhaps it's that i had to work during the day. time is such a strange and relative... "thing". amorphous blob. entity. just an arbitrary date to stop and reflect and consider one's yearly "accomplishments."

[current favorite song: the lawless days of drinking whiskey in the 10th grade; volta do mar - strange and quiet and then fast and picky and jangly. it gets good around 2:50 and 4:10. mmm.]

accomplishments during 2008: got hitched! did some stuff. did some more stuff. got a raise. graduated! spent time in gainesville!

honestly, that's all i can remember (AND i cheated by browsing my archives). and while i can appreciate and understand the need for self-reflection, this is what it all boils down to: right now, though my fingers are cold and i have to work the friday after new year's day, i'm really happy and my life is blissful.

2009 hankerings

> eat out a maximum of once a week
> drink more water
> save lots o' money
> think about learning chinese
> be more creative
> spent at least 1 hr/week in my factory (aka atelier, aka sweatshop, aka practically unused room which i pay for)
> watch less tv
- i.e. no more weekly marathons of the entire full metal alchemist canon
> buy 1 pair of camper shoes
> purge what i do not use
> take and print more photos
> try to have a camera on my person at all times

and speaking of cameras... anthony and i both got new cameras!

he got the canon g10, which i am kind of swooning over. it's actually making me want a canon (sorry, little nikon!) it's got these wonderful hard button knobs, just like my manual nikon. heart! and the display is just fantastic. very intuitive and it shows all the information you need in a very pleasing way.

and for christmas, anthony got me a holga. 120 film! i'm so excited to see how it'll turn out. the mental thought process is exceedingly striking when going from a digital camera (with practically unlimited image capture ability) to a film camera which can only take 12 images, 16 at most. i loaded the film, took one picture and thought, "one down, 11 left to go." and then i set it down. it's like i have to savor them! it's strange, but not unpleasant. like cross-dressing, mayhaps.

and, some pics from the holidays - got to practice using that canon!

thanksgiving at the park
thanksgiving at the park! we played lots of boggle and read in the sun on a yellow blanket.

new camera!