feeling a little low at present.

have had crazy bad back pain recently and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  say what?  it's the term for "normal" wear and tear, but it still sounds terrible, no?

the space between my last vertebrae and my sacrum is very tiny.  i'll be spending the next 6 weeks doing some physical therapy to try and widen the gap and lessen the disc pressure that's giving me muscle spasms.  *le sigh*

just... feeling old.

but getting photo session contacts and feeling excited about photography again, which is a good thing.


Things I don't know:

What the hell I'm doing.


straight up

back from a lovely vacation in new york and on my second to last day at work.

yesterday, bleary-eyed and befuddled from getting into tampa at 11:30 pm (1:30 am bedtime), i opened my car door to head to work.  late, naturally - it's a wonder i was able to get up after going to bed at an ungodly hour.

what should greet me, but the retreating end of a scrabbling 1.5 inch roach headed under the driver's seat.

i took anthony's car.

last night i bought a roach hotel and set it under the seat.  this morning, i gingerly got in after inspecting the car (mostly) thoroughly and drove to work, stiff and clenched.

almost there, i see the dry winged thing.  marching, trundling, all straight legged and slowly on the floor of the passenger seat, headed to the darkness underneath.  i move all my items from the passenger seat to my lap, loudly humming strains of the 1812 overture over and over and over.

i park in the sun ("i'll fry the sucker if i don't kill it now") and jump out.  i settle my belongings on my person and work up the courage to open the passenger door to see if i can kill it.  hmm...  how far do i want to lean in?  not that far....




today can only go up, my friends.