what what?

oh?  why hello there!

did i have a blog?  i'd almost forgotten.

i've been circling and circling the drain of life, non-stop as we all are.  the new year came and went and it's almost march.  almost march and a kitten to have a lump removed.  you know.  "kitten".  yam is maybe 11 or 12 years old.

did you know that having your female cat spayed within 6 months of birth reduces the probability of mammary cancer by 91%?


yea.  that.

sadly, yam was most likely spayed when she came to live at the st francis society when she was about 3.

so we got the diagnosis, an estimate, and spent a week giving her lots of love and wet food snacks, mulling things over.  we weren't going to go through w/ the lumpectomy, due to cost, but you know what?

screw. it.

we both just got raises, promotion increases, i just got an awesome bonus (what what?!) and march is a 3 paycheck month.

at this stage, it came down to money, which always sucks when it comes to your pets.  if she were more sickly, that'd be another issue.  and they'll be doing x-rays first, to determine the extent of any possible spreading to the lungs.  If it's already spread too far, then they'll stop at that point.

so she's going to hate us for a little bit.  thankfully, only 3 days of pain meds afterwards.