The people you work with are people you were just thrown together with. You know, you don't know them, it wasn't your choice, and yet you spend more time with them then you do your friends or your family. But probably all you've got in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for 8 hours a day.
- Tim Canterbury


stupidly, i stayed up until 1 am last night.
amazingly, i am at work.
i'm working, but the bare minimum.  my poor body is very unhappy with me today.  (in fact, i just zoned out for 10 seconds there, just staring and listening to a co-worker's short phone conversation.)
i was baking another 3 layer cake for a work party and watching season 2 of the office (uk) - and when i was done, of COURSE i just had to finish that last christmas special episode.  i mean, you can't just stop in the middle like that.  *le sigh* 
and you know what totally wakes you up, widens your eyes, and stops you from getting back into bed for a snooze-a-thon?  charging your phone in the kitchen, trudging out to turn off the alarm....  and stepping in cold hairball mixture.  truly, that shit will wake you straight up.  i suppose i can thank wash for my being at work today.  physically, at least.
at work at present, i'm just waiting.  waiting to start a big project in a bit that will have me training people and working on something totally different from databases and numbers.  that's what i'm hoping, at least.  in the meantime, to keep my spirits up, i think i'll work on my resume, just in case.  just in case i snap.


things i'm ridiculously excited about:

my wireless keyboard!

wireless AND has the 10-key number pad AND is solar powered. take that, battery conglomerates! IN YOUR FACE!

combined with the might of my touchpad, i'm golden. or will be. once it's shipped and all set up.

little things, my friends. little things.


bedroom, as shown by roomle
Just made some hard lotion, supposedly good for eczema and dry skin. Also, naturallymagiallyantibiotic, or something.

Organic beeswax (Have you SMELLED this shit?! Amazing.), shea butter and virgin coconut oil - combine equal parts and melt in double boiler, pour into empty containers, because you're cheap and thrifty (a winning combination, if I do say so myself) (also, because shea butter and virgin coconut oil are more expensive than one would think).


i've started to get really bitchy at people (i.e. coworkers) who make really stupid comments.

about the taco bus: i'm over that place. i mean, who knows what kind of meat you could be eating?

what? because taco fucking bell is amazing and you're sure to be served grade A beef?

about the tv show, buffy: yea, i never watched that show. it seemed too much of a "lady show" if you know what i mean.

what? because the central character was female? FUCK YOU.


On Friday, I went to the beach with my friend, and it was super fantastic! Not to mention, I took a vacation day to go there.

My birthday was Wednesday, I went to work, it was totally fine. Thursday rolled around, and I wanted to kill somebody. Downtown was filled to the brim with teenage thespians singing and cavorting in thundering herds. Rude old women asked me for directions. The cobbler still didn't have my shoes ready, after two fucking months. Also, I had to, well, be at work. Did I mention that it was a Thursday?

Anyways, I got my vacation day and spent a bit of time in the sun, recharging. I hated the beach when I was younger. It was hot, I hated getting sandy, I hated being sticky and sweaty, I disliked sunburns. That part still holds true. I will put on SPF 50 and bake. Seems counterintuitive, possibly, but tanning is't truly my objective. I think I just need the sunshine to recharge my inner zen batteries that keep me on an even keel.

Just thinking about out day makes me sigh in relaxation. This summer? More beach.

About the outfit pic - the morning we headed out, I realized I don't have a swimsuit coverup! I attempted to cut up a tank top to make one, but uhhhh, ended up looking like so much linty white trash. Then I remembered that I DID have one, I just didn't have a shelf to keep it up. Voila! Length of ribbon plus 2 safety pins.


Step 1 - Complete!

closet, now set up for 2 people's use!

i'm the kind of person who likes to do things in a certain order, so i couldn't even think about beginning to concentrate on the rest of the bedroom until the basics had been taken care of. now, it means i really have to buckle down and focus on the room - urgh. kim? let's DO THIS.


The good

At least this part of the house looks good!