catching up.

today is stressful for some reason. 

pretty sure i need to eat something substantial before i go batshit.

also pretty sure i need another vacation.

things on my mind:
  • why did i agree to do this damn tampa zinefest?  FUCK.
  • need to catch up on photography and finish
  • and then take a hiatus
  • yammie sadly has many more tumors growing, and the biggest one ulcerated the other week - basically there's nothing to be done, but take care of her and make sure her quality of life doesn't drop
  • ulcerated means she's got this never-heal volcano of a wound on her belly - it's pretty awful
  • and it'll eventually happen to her other tumors
  • and if i take a vacation, who can we get to feed our two cats, who stupidly need to be fed different kinds of food? *headdesk*
  • cannot wait to have a garage sale to get rid of all my crap, so tempted to take it all to the thrift store now
  • trying to figure out if it's worth it to redo our kitchen, and if so, how much to do?
  • basically - blerg and #firstworldproblems

ok.  do this now:

1) wash your face
2) brush your teeth again
3) make some food
4) get to work
5) make something with gin