Still working on that hallway

Stupid blue tape gives me agita.

More notes: not sure the bed could work diagonal with the drawers - may try it out. Am planning on painting dresser if needed. Origami stars are fantastic! Have a few pins on pinterest with similar ideas. Should round them up!!



i started an email in response to S.G.'s comment on that last craptastic image post, but then decided to just reply here instead.  i didn't really get to write all i wanted to in that last post, which was from my phone.  i just can't type well on an itty bitty cell screen, my thoughts come out all wrong - tiny and truncated, just like the screen.
so yea. 
bedroom.  pretty impressive, eh?  WE'VE LIVED HERE TWO YEARS.  pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • i like a dark bedroom, though it will make the room seem even smaller than it is - also, i like a flat paint, which, if dark, might be HELL with 2 orange cats; their fur is already coating the edges of the curtains (also, why did i buy curtains with an insanely large weave?  can we say, "kitten claws", everybody?
  • we do really like the bedframe - it's low and simple AND it has storage drawers, 4 of them; we'll keep it, maybe paint it
  • because of the storage drawers, this means we need to have bedstands that are wall-mounted.  i'm liking those open box style ones - good place to set eye glasses, books, possible water glasses and iphone/clock; will need to be sturdy enough to withstand jumping cats
  • hate to say it, but i'm now a total tv-in-the-bedroom convert; i used to fall asleep in high school on the couch with the tv on and in my parents restaurant, listening to the low murmur of voices - sometimes the tv is the best thing to fall asleep to (but low, very low volume) - just need a way to possibly hide it  :p   or at least, make it less visible from the doorway
  • the paint is definitely not staying, it's like, watered down spring green AND it overlaps onto the ceiling, which is a gloss white - it drives me insane
  • are headboards really needed?  i used to think so, but now i'm not so sure - i really like those ones made from salvaged wood; but how sturdy would they really be if one were leaning against it?  it's been a while since i've had a headboard... if ever
  • layout is a bit of an issue - i like the bed where it is, facing the door, as it seems to open the room out much, much more (regardless of what it looks like, we have actually moved things around quite a bit in that room) - the two windows throw me off, i'm thinking about just ignoring them and designing around them

 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's our bedroom.  it's so, boring and utilitarian.  first step....  layout and then... nightstands?


Pretty terrible, no?



These shitty iPhone pics will have to suffice for now! Great, no? WE LOVE IT.

Way before

I know. I suck. I'm making it up to you now.


bedroom redo

so our bedroom is pretty horrendous.
1) we found mold growing on the undersides of our dresser drawers, on that porous material that cheap furniture comes packaged with.  i'll be working to replace those with something wooden and sealed from home depot this week.
2) it's like... the crappiest bare space ever.  super uncozy - only the bed is comfy.
3) as in, nothing on the walls, holes patched with spackle...
you get the idea.  it's very sad.
goal in the next few months is to post some before pics and then try and figure out what the heck to DO with it.  please, feel free to input with ideas or yea/nay opinions.


i feel as though i am fast reaching the point at which taking the bus is just not an option for me long-term.
going to try driving tomorrow to see if i can find a spot to park in the mornings and see how much it costs (originally started taking the bus because it was cheaper, my parking lot was closing, and it was more ecological).
this whole, feeling motion sick ALL THE TIME thing is such a serious bummer.  i realized the other night, while shopping with ant, that i've started to really change the way i move all the time, so as not to trigger a headache or motion sickness.  for instance, i can't move my head or turn quickly, i have to be a little slower, because there's always this undercurrent of nausea.
not cool, my friends, not cool.


Love. It.

bad asian

*may* have over estimated the amount of tape needed....