i tried to write about the funeral we attended in april, but i just can't. it was gorgeous and lovely and sad and exhausting.

regarding my mini-resolutions, everything was waylaid, of course, but they're still in the back of my mind.

  • drink less - check! at least, i don't feel like it's really an issue. i'm not sure why i felt like it was an issue. i think i was just using it as a way to say, "self, lay on the couch and watch television, because you just had a drink and you deserve this."  but now that i'm trying to do things - whatever. i don't drink every night, i don't drink into a stupor, i don't feel any need to hide my drinking. this resolution can suck it.
  • get better sleep - check-ish! i've been going to bed earlier, but the drug i'm on that shuts down my ovaries apparently can cause sleep issues. i went to bed at 10 last night and woke up at 5 am. going to try and get into a good schedule, maybe slow it on the coffee. because my left eye that started twitching in vegas? it's still going. by next week, it will have been twitching for a month. 
  • read more - whoops! but i did read a few more sandman comics. getting through them, slowly. my goodreads goal is not looking good this year...
  • facebook (and tv) less - epic fail. i became a part of this film photography group, and i'm checking FB like 20 bajillion times a day. it's a problem. may need to remove it from my phone again.
  • take film photos (at least 1 roll/month) - EPIC WIN. just sent off 5 rolls from april/may. goodbye, money. note to self: consider developing b/w film on your own again.
  • eat better food - did good at the beginning of april, then fell off the wagon. readying ourselves for jumping back on. 
  • move more - i did yoga last night! 15 mins of a beginner class and it was hard in parts. i feel very pathetic, but it's a practice. i just have to practice at it. going to schedule another class for tonight.