i hate when you get to the point where you don't want to listen to any of your music! it just all annoys you and grates on your nerves.

but then i started re-listening to sensefield and my musicality is restored. i've listened to 'love song' now 3 times in a row. the song is simply not long enough. this is my downfall and probably what contributes to my music overload... i keep listening until i get sick of it. (i do this with foods as well - for instance, veggie ribs and chik patties w/ mayo & relish.)

don't get me wrong, this is a love song....


bueller......... bueller............

chemistry - professor is really nice, but boring as hell. it's fine if you want to lecture from an outline. fine if you want to have the outline up on the board as you lecture........... but please, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not lecture and also write the entire outline on the dry-erase board at the same time! it's called power point. it's called a transparency. use them! either of them!

chemistry lab - professor insists on having at least 10 seconds of silence between sentences. we watched a really long safety video, but then got 3 more handouts that went over the same safety concerns we just watched. i was dying.

a & p - excellent class! professor reminds me of mr. garrison from south park because he says "m'kay" incessantly!

a & p lab - hmm... can't remember too much from this class. except that it's going to be a LOT of memorization. the professor sounds a bit like ben stein (not from ferris bueller's day off - more 'win ben stein's money'). plus, we get to dissect a sheep's brain and a cow's eyeball. a big step from my high school days of dissecting a flower. yes, you heard me, a flower. pretty lame.

funny, the class that's probably going to be easier is going to be HARDER to just BE there (chemistry). also, chapter 2 in my anatomy book seems to cover everything we're going to be learning in chemistry. :D either that's (a) good, because chemistry will be easier or (b) bad, because this chapter is going to kill me.


carbonated goodness!

check out this awesome carbonated lychee drink anthony and i got at the md oriental market on fowler!

not sure what that condom thingie is on the right hand side... maybe it's a funny hat?
it's pretty good, actually. also, it opens like a champagne bottle, in a way.

this little ball was in the top - in the blue part. one took off the plastic seal (not shown) and this little pink top came off with a washer. the washer was to keep the pink top from pressing on the marble that sat in the blue lid... thingie. (i should become a technical writer, i know! thanks! :) anyways, once unwrapped, one used the pink top to press on the marble, thusly opening the... opening in order for one to quench one's thirst! mah-vah-lous! open it above a sink, not above your lap whilst in a moving vehicle; you might end up looking like you've soiled yourself. not that i would know, of course, just a handy suggestion.

anyways, this was our first trip to the md market - normally we frequent the din ho market on armenia and waters (plus, there's a super chinese bakery in the same strip mall). we were quite impressed with their selection of asian beverages! why can't our packaging be as inventive??

ok - bedtime. it's after 12, a big no-no in kim's new school regime. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz..z.zz*


homo sapiens jerkey

jerkie. jerkee. did i spell that right? jerkey. hm. looks funny.

anyways: recap of recent events to follow:

friday: monthly chumming. super cramps. my uterus felt like so much tenderized meat - tenderized with many pronged forks. (many tined forks? my brain is fritzing - more on this later.) birthday dinner w/ rosie @ maggiano's. incredibly yummy mussels & salmon.

saturday: still cramping, so i had to crap out on star's running group social. : ( none too pleased about that. it was a martini run! you got to wear cocktail dresses or smoking jackets and running shoes and well, run with martinis. *laugh* anthony's show @ new world later in the evening. a totally awesome show put on by new granada. (mmm... granada - isn't that a type of italian ice dessert? or at least the company that makes them? mm... granada ices...) i got to try a new beer - delirium nocturnum, the label of which features a super cute pink elephant.

sunday: hmm... sunday, sunday... oh yes, woke up too late to help sea turtles with sarah in clearwater (will pursue this as soon as possible), watched a crapload of angel with anthony and went to the bodies exhibit @ mosi! very, very cool. confession: i was kinda queasy about going. these are real bodies we're talking about. real bodies whose fats & fluids have been replaced by plastics & epoxies. i think i could have handled it better had i not just taken a 2 oz. shot of wheat grass juice right before going to the exhibit. i swear i burped up 2 acres of lawn in an hour and half. the queasiness of the exhibit combined with the super gross grass burps, the extreme lack of air conditioning and the claustrophobia from the crowd made me really rather sick. like, lightheaded-almost-about-to-faint kind-of-sick. : ( i ended up going through the rooms too quickly and i'd like to go back - with far less people and no weird burpies.

the brain fritzing mentioned earlier was caused by my nefarious cat yam. she has always harbored an intense hatred (dare i say loathing?) for our vacuum cleaner (even though it sucks up the dust that causes her to sneeze quite repeatedly) & has somehow managed to sabotage its inner workings with her little claws. anthony was cleaning the bathroom tonight with the vacuum and suddenly, in a HUGE odiferous cloud of burning... entrails(?), it broke. we've got the fan going and a candle burning, but mother mary it smells so. so. SO. bad. o_o i can hardly think straight. i'll probably wake up with a lump on my lung (and now i know what they look like! thanks mosi!).


chn love?

it all started innocently enough. we found a kickass tea lounge. and a new chinese restaurant opened up next to it proclaiming, "grand opening - dim sum!" all we wanted to know was if the chinese restaurants we liked in the tampa area (known to us as just 'ho ho's') was the same as this new restaurant - 'ho ho choy's."

hello google! turns out they are all the same local chain. and we find this nice review. ok.... good, but what's that weird... "passion.com" link to the side? further investigation of the site reveals: "find an asian date," "find an asian bride" and "what asian women want!" no lie, i thought this was a joke.

apparently, because i am an asian woman, these are the things i look for:
  • Financial Security - Security with your career and future goals makes you more attractive to Asian women. They love to be spoiled and expect to be taken care of. This takes money.
  • Intelligence - Asian women loves a man with intelligence and ambition. Show her yours.
  • A well-rounded person - Beautiful Asian women are looking for the whole package. Someone with interests and hobbies outside his career and is interesting to her and others.
  • Family oriented - Family is very important. Show her you care about the ones you love.
  • Good Listener - Get to know her. Make her the center of your attention. Ask questions about her, her family, her interests.
  • Sense of humor - Never underestimate the importance of a good sense of humor.
  • Attractiveness - Take care of yourself. Good grooming and manners go a long way.
  • Positive attitude - Have a postive outlook on things along with these other traits and you'll be on your way.
jesus effing h christ. not to mention the HUGE image of a naked asian woman. (not work-safe to browse this site.) this poor schmuck has an asian wife. yea yea, i'm sure he loves her, but seriously. i love my wife not for WHO she is, but for WHAT she is! go asians! and if you check out the decor of their house?? *shudder*

"If you are sincere single male looking for a Chinese soulmate, this is the site for you. Since 1996, this site has provided an online service that is utilized as a powerful tool for the local dating and marriage agencies in China. They strive to help western gentlemen who appreciate oriental culture and long for Chinese laidies to be their lifelong partner and to find what they have always dreamed of - a beautiful, petite, feminine, sexy, Asian woman who has a happy and pleasant personality."

hm... definitely showing your "intelligence," mister. it's spelled "ladies." oh, and you forgot to mention that we're nymphomaniacs, too! eh?! forget about that!? or was the supposed to be a given? a "beautiful, petite, sexy, Asian woman who has a happy and pleasant personality?" i'll show you a pleasant personality, freakin' idiot!



animal kingdom

here are some images from disney's animal kingdom (from reeko's visit). we decided on this park since:
a. none of us had ever been here
b. reeko's not big on huge rollercoasters
c. erika begged us on her hands and knees to go to a disney park
d. becaues it's the happiest celebration on earth! *ralph*

here's us trying to figure out the fastpass system - note: none of us are very good at making decisions, (michie would have gone crazy! *laugh* anthony almost did!) so probably too much time was spent figuring out where to go first.

anthony in line at the dinosaur ride

i can only wish this was erika leaning over to tell me i look like i have a comb-over. friends are "supposed" to tell you when you look like you have a comb-over, erika!!!

sometimes hard discipline is the only way to go.

dino-rama, here we come!

little collage of us on the dino ride. oh, hello brushes! never used those before. anywho, i thought i was going to throw up after the indoor dinosaur roller coaster (*urp*) ... and i definitely thought i was going to lose it once i saw this baby twirly coaster, but it turned out nowhere near as bad as my stomach thought. it was more sharp turns, conveniently alternating between hard right and hard left turns so it wasn't like i was spinning in one direction. whew!


that very exciting date, coming up far too quickly. the date that begins my new career! or, at least, the laying of the stones so that i may walk the path. ok, i'm sounding irritating. i'm also feeling rather out-of-it at work. one more hour to go!

right, so 8.24 is when my classes start. i'm taking modern chemistry and human anatomy & physiology. both with labs. i was hoping to take only M-Th classes, but i'll be going to class monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. jumping right in! every day, after work. hopefully i'll not be frizzling out. this will do either one of two things:
1. i will strive and succeed in the pharmacy career
2. i will burn out and hate it and strive instead in an artistic career

i'm basically giving myself this ultimatum at present.



this past monday was ant's birthday - the big two six. i was going to have a surprise get-together for him on sunday, but on saturday night, severe coughing and throat spasms and overall yuckiness prompted a little trip to the good 'ol er. the party has been postponed, but i did make him a chocolate hazelnut cake (complete with little star candles) from nigella lawson's cookbook, 'how to be a domestic goddess.' super rich. that's cake #1 - he's got another one coming sometime next week. hehe. i love baking.

and yay for friends! today i got to talk to erika, star and meaghan! and perhaps i've shaken the moody blues i've had the last week or so. what a crummy period to have a little weenie depression time - right near anthony's birthday! and while he's sick to boot.

talked to ka on the phone - we vowed to spend 10 minutes doing something we've been putting off. so she has to read 'a portrait of the artist as a young man' so she can teach her young pupils and i had to paint something.

so here's my end of bargain:

i just slapped some paint on painted hardboard. i had no idea what i was going for. no image in mind. pretty morbid and creepy. i'll try and paint some more these next few days, so the image may end up totally different. i just needed to get out there and put paint on a surface. mess it up a little. also, my paints smell funny... i wonder if they ever go bad...

meaghan's conversation was also via phone (why do so many of my friends live far away??). she was busy sewing while i painted. she also has a little heart in her stomach! beat, beat, beating away. her bun will be ready sometime mid-march. : ) she's starting her own company, which is a rather exciting prospect.

and star! called while i was reading in bed, telling me she was just down the street at this tea lounge called kaleisia. so i promptly left the house (which probably is looking its absolute worst, ever) and joined her. she was supposed to be doing a paper and i was supposed to be reading 'only begotten daughter,' but we ended up chatting instead. we made plans to do this more often and also to begin knitting for the "winter" weather coming up here in florida.

can i say that this influx of female estrogen-ness was exactly what i needed? maybe it was just getting out of the house, but still, i feel so much better and calm seas and less jangly, sharp edges.

prompt for advertisement: kaleisia is amazing! if you live in tampa, definitely frequent this joint. they have boba (little tapioca balls - like round gummi bear balls in your drink) and seriously divine oolong tea. at least 4 different kinds that weren't fruity. their tea selection was almost overwhelming. teapots and cups are a super thin glass - i was almost afraid of breaking them. and it's just... very soothing. nice music, good colors. come support the independent tea house! minority female run and all! plus, free wireless. rock it.