union of mort



gina & eddie's wedding in orlando was SO MUCH FUN! the wedding was small and intimate and held at disney. the ceremony was at the wedding pavilion while the reception was at the grand floridian, in a section of the conference center that had both an outdoor patio and indoor room. did i mention that the food was divine?!

both families are from new york and it showed - these people knew how to throw down, dance, and party. there was even karaoke!


no idea what they were singing here. i was busy taking photos and getting drunk.

i've always loved oldies and they played a lot of them. and for me, weddings are SO much more fun when people actually get out on the dance floor. :)


this is me, dancing, for 3 hours straight. 1 hour = 1 day. i was sore for 3 days. the day after we thought it would be smart to head to ikea for efficient, quirky and cheap swedish home furnishings, but the soreness + hung overness did not make for a good visit for either of us. we sadly bought the lamest of items and made our sleepy way home, where we recovered over the weekend.


anthony, blissed out on delicious appetizers. we still dream of those scallops... *le sigh*


on pointe

last wednesday, anthony accompanied me to see giselle, performed by the russian national ballet! it was beautiful and graceful and anthony (says he) enjoyed it more than he thought he would.

M told me she had trouble watching ballet, since all she could do was stare, transfixed, at the male dancer's packages, wondering what kinds of support garments they must have to wear. this was admittedly an issue during the first five minutes, thankfully, however, tightly encased netherbits lost their confounding appeal and i was able to enjoy the show.

the only disappointing part was that there was no orchestra! the lights dimmed and someone pressed a 'play' button for the cd. acoustics in the theater weren't made to handle a cd and speakers, so the disparity between the lows and the (slightly cringe worthy) highs was distracting. alas! and now i know: only go to the ballet if there's an orchestra. and knowing is half the battle. (the other half is saving up the cash for tickets).

anthony joked that they shoved a little shoebox diorama labeled "flea orchestra" out from behind the curtain just before the music started.


dulce de leche

girl scout cookie time! the cookies that my boss pressured me into buying finally arrived this week. i have yet to pony up the cash, but was hungry and couldn't resist trying them.

i tried the dulce de leche naturally and artificially flavored caramel cookies this afternoon (for the first time) and the verdict.... C-.

seriously, these cookies suck. they taste more artificial than natural and are dry and flour-y. additionally, there are strange hard and crunchy inclusions that are like grinding seashell hunks in your mouth. my cats cough up better tasting "cookies". (actually, i don't know that for a fact, but i'd be willing to bet money on it if you're willing to test this theory.)

the cookie dust has now settled into the crevasses of my mouth and molars and i'm spending too much time now trying to get the taste out. out, damn subpar tasting cookie flour, out!



by the by, tonight anthony and i did 45 push ups each.

we're a little wobbly now, and i was dizzy after the last set, but wooo! week 3 and going strong!

though i fear the lactic acid buildup in our limbs on the morrow....

wheezy bat

when she sleeps, she snores. little high pitched wheezy snores - she's an old man in disguise. anthony had the great idea to make a spare basket and an ikea throw into a little bed for her and SHE LOVES IT. she curls up and fits perfectly. 10 minutes later, she's snoring.

the video above doesn't quite capture the full sound and i end up waking her up right at the end. poor sleepy girl, we love her so.



so i'm totally doing the 100 push up challenge. anthony is doing it with me and we just finished week 1 (out of 6).

reasons why it's great for me:

1 - i have super low arm strength. sometimes i have dreams that i'm being attached and my punches are way too weak to fend the attacker off. pathetic! it started in middle school when i was taking tae kwon do; we'd practice different self-defense moves, but i never felt they were very effective. i don't have these dreams quite as much now, thankfully.

2 - a schedule! you only do push ups mondays, wednesdays and fridays. i'm down with that. although i was INSANE CRAZY-MAKING sore on tuesday and wednesday. the first few push ups i did on wednesday were absolutely killer. but thursday? i felt great! and today after doing 22 push ups (staggered, not all at once), i can say that i already feel strong. i keep feeling up my biceps. pretty soon i'll be able to make diamonds by crushing coal in my fists. hello fiji! ah yes, and italy. perhaps paris, in the park, with a sandwich and a bottle of fizzy water.

3 - i do the push ups on my knees, not "real" pushups. i was telling rachel & lawrence about my push up style last night while watching the office and 30 rock (and basking in dura flame warmth and eating stove-top roasted marshmallows).

me: i don't do full push ups. i do them on my knees.
lawrence: oh, so girly push ups, then.
me: c'mon! they're not "girly". they're... "on your knees" push ups.
at the same time: guess that could be the same thing.

and i guess that's it. nothing more to say. i'm going to lounge in bed w/ my teen reads and cs3 manual and massage these guns.


*le sigh*

at the GA aquarium, with anthony (2007)

so i've been doing better, actually, artistically. trying to be less stunted. even if it involves attempting to draw daily and working on digital photos in the evening. i'm learning me some histograms! and i painted a box brown this afternoon. baby steps!


it kind of struck me that i'm going to need a day job for a long ass time since my student loans have kicked (me) in (my face). and i'm ok with that! took me a few weeks, but i'm ok with that.

today i called out of work due to awful continuing sinus/allergy headaches and general workplace malaise. some coffee and lunch helped and jesse came by too! he's a family friend that i've known... well, his whole life. incredible, really, to think that the little happy and crying, helpless young thing i knew, now has a car (better than mine) and can visit me after he attempted the pararescue and combat control PAST test for the air force. umm... wait, can we rewind? we used to make forts out of the couch pillows and go trick or treating together. it makes me immeasurably happy that we can enjoy sushi and tacos together (not at the same time). it inspires a small measure of pride and i like that.

heading to nod. see you in the morning, yes?