here we go again

visiting home-19

lee knows exactly how i feel about mondays...

best of luck to you all!



i am seriously enjoying book club. and the taco bus makes a fucking amazing butternut squash taco. WAY better than their tofu taco. WAY.

anyways, it's friday, and unfortunately i have to work tomorrow. off sunday! so a nice and short weekend. but october will be here soon and with it, less humidity. i hope. semi-soon. ish. end of hurricane season.


anyways, i broke out my red french press again and LOVE. i used it with some oolong tea leaves and i'm feeling pleasantly awake. surprise! i'm going to have to splurge on good oolong tea now, i think. and another bar of world's famous chocolate.

the living room is 95% done, however, i'm considering forging ahead and painting the ceiling. i know, i'm a monster. a glutton for serious punishment. it's just that... the previous owners obviously used different types of paint on the ceiling and it's driving me insane. might as well paint it while most everything is out of the room! plus, i got brown paint on the ceiling near the edges. *sigh* might as well get that crap fixed, too. especially because i keep glancing about and then freaking out that it's a giant roach on the ceiling. but i definitely need a better step stool with multiple steps. midgie little ikea one-step isn't going to cut it.

i have some before photos, i'll definitely share them all when done.



frisbee golf!

visiting home-7

i knew that there were such things as frisbee golf, but i didn't realize that there were actually different weights and styles of discs when playing.

visiting home-10

visiting my family this past saturday, vince broke out his set and we played frisbee with them. they're not actually... made for catching (hence our nephew's "broken" leg), but they got the job done. as well as making me insanely sweaty and sore the next few days (i REALLY need to get in shape).

visiting home-1
as you can see, not made for catching.

visiting home-5
isn't my brother adorable? i mean, handsome.

i think vince was hoping that frisbee would tire our nephew out. FAIL. instead, it only tired our the adults, who caved and went inside looking for water and air conditioning. playing frisbee was only an appetizer of excitement and energy for lee, who spend the rest of the evening in this excited state:

visiting home-2


another 3 day weekend!

i tend to take more and more long weekends as i get antsier at work. today is my saturday! blissfully lovely.

the days are getting ever-so-slightly less humid, so i've been having more picnics in the park. the new museum of art is just next door to the library and i like to sit under the baby trees with my lunch. it's been divine. the walk back is always a smidgen sweaty, but it's worth it to get out and breathe the fresh air and not feel like i need to get through my unread items in google reader.

this morning i painted over the spots over the front door where the old house numbers used to be - looks fantastic! and then i spent a few hours in the backyard pulling weeds out from between the pavers. is there anything more satisfying? ... um, yes. but it was nice to be in the shade with the wind. i made friends with some squirrels and lizards and even repotted the mint plant that amy gave me! i'm keeping it near the kitchen door - the better to remember to water it. i hope.

my plan, which i did not share with anthony (ever my downfall), was that we'd take a long out-of-state honeymoon/vacation at the new year. however... that's going to be scuttled in favor of waiting until he has more time in bulk. since he's taking classes at 2 schools, his academic schedule at the end of fall is eff'd up, meaning less time to actually relax before classes start again in the spring.

argh! definitely frustrating, but i'm crossing my fingers that i'm able to go to a conference in october to california again. sure, it's for work. but it's travel! and i'd go up at least an extra day and rent a car. i know that my need to vacation will be a little quelled then by the new year and i'll be set for a holiday in the summer. for realz.


i want to work on my website and photos soooooooooooo badly, but we have only 1 computer and well, anthony's been glued to it doing schoolwork. argh!

this simply means i will have to really refine what i want on paper and then work to get it online when he's at band practice or taking his very occasional breaks.

all i wanted was a simple clean website. but now i realize, IT'S FUCKING BORING.


*wheezy cough*


yammie, curling around my ankles in the morning whilst mewling plaintively for food bits.

all that's left now of my holiday weekend cold is this irritating & lingering cough - hopefully it'll be gone in a few days. it felt like such a bust to sleep like a log for most of a 4 day weekend, but i think my body needed it. first we were supposed to visit st. augustine and stay in a bed & breakfast, but that fell through. then we were supposed to visit my family, but my cold stopped that plan; i didn't want to get my family sick, especially at the beginning of the school year. c'est la vie.

however, if i don't go on a vacation, a real fucking vacation, by the new year, i swear to god heads are going to fucking roll.


and that's where i stand on that. *girly curtsy*

we did buy a shit-ton of paint on sale this weekend, so i'll be looking forward to sore arms and back in the near future. as with the kitchen, i will most likely be a painting party of one. the good is that i will be blasting music that i enjoy, while ant does classwork in the office, most likely with his headphones on to drown out my "sophomoric" music. good times!

i actually like to paint, so i really am looking forward to it. i'm weird like that.

today feels like SUCH a monday. let's hope it ends quickly. the suck is that yoga was canceled (AGAIN) at work.