after the insanity of the beginning of the year, the slow pace has been rather rejuvenating.  i've been puttering, cleaning, and purging.  still so much to do.  we moved into this house 3 (?) years ago and the bedroom?  still a boring and tedious affront to the eyes and senses.

i am hosting girlfriend sweatshop here in a few months - perhaps i can get together the motivation to put the house in order.  in a cozy fashion.  with paint and artwork and pillows.  and another kitten, natch.  kittens always round out a household.

we had gfss in gainesville this past weekend.  went tubing, sloshed in the mud, avoided drunken rednecks like champs.  also, as always, ate delicious food.  AND had a marathon drunken photo boudoir session that ended at 3 am.  pretty sure this is the only photo i can share.  the black and white effectively hides my bloodshot eyes.