course choices for the (LAST) summer of my graduate career

*collection development & maintenance
cultural heritage institutions
history of libraries
adult services in libraries
materials for children
books/rel materials young adults
business/legal info sources
organization of knowledge I

*i am taking 2 courses, this one is required

any suggestions? what should i take next/last?



my requests list at the library (the perfect way to indulge your guilty pleasures):

1. Billie Standish was here /
2. The evil dead. Disc 1, Widescreen
3. Plans
7. Three sovereigns for Sarah
8. Does my head look big in this? /
9. Golden door
10. You can play these songs with chords
11. The kite runner
12. At war with the mystics
13. A war of gifts : an Ender story /
15. JUNO
16. 27 DRESSES
18. Rick Steves' Europe. Travel skills & "the making of"
19. The platinum collection
20. Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions /
21. Children of the mind /
22. My kid could paint that
25. The supermassive collection
26. Sputnik declassified
30. Superbad
31. The X-files. Season 2. Disc 5
32. Slipstream
33. The company
34. Meerkat manor. Season one
35. Across the universe
36. 30 days of night
37. Margot at the wedding

of chocolate cakes

weekend spent:
1. bowling (rain cancelled the shuffleboard)
2. moving
3. eating out with my mom and dad (who visited from ft myers!!!)

lying on the floor of my room with anthony after an arduous day of moving and a blissful bath (and note, we are still very not done):

“i really wish we were done moving. just wave my magic wand. *ting* and everything would be magically moved. and in the middle of this empty room, a chocolate cake.”
“ha, you wish.”
“and to every magical action, there is an equal-in-size chocolate cake created.”
“it’s the little debbie law.”




  • ches kaiser
  • PengCheng Prince
  • Sherri Self
  • Damion Brady
  • fatmire Dohman
  • Starla Richards


  • Nominate for Ph.d award
  • I was bored.
  • Rooster-challenged guys are welcome
  • More meat is what you need
  • R lxc ep onp li akf ca W ic at wec ch
  • Pics of Scarlett Johansson



getting rid of:
  • forlorn, dusty library books half-read for 3 months
  • calligraphy ink more than 10 years old
  • super crappy wal-mart dinner plates
  • out-of-date adobe photoshop/illustrator books

do the (papal) shuffle(board)!

papal shuffleboard, originally uploaded by gimchi.

ahhhh, shuffleboard. time to RULE THE COURTS!!


lazy mondays

on a monday morning, i am:
  • sore from painting the bedroom deep green
  • tired from springing forward
  • excited for my massage on tuesday
  • guilted into buying more girl scout cookies
  • thinking about making hot chocolate
  • running a big report
  • wishing i were at home, packing
  • wearing way too much orange/burnt sienna

words, from 'speaker of the dead'

  • peripatetic - one who walks from place to place; an itinerant; a follower of the philosophy of aristotle; an aristotelian
  • lacrimose - also, lachrymose; having the nature of tears; liable to exude in drops
  • pogrom - an organized, often officially encouraged massacre or persecution of a minority group, especially one conducted against jews


so far a most wonderful day of:
  • shelving and moving masses of dvds and cds
  • panera hazelnut coffee candied-up with sugar and lots of cream
  • half of a too-sweet chocolate chip cookie
  • 15 lazy minutes of cooling coffee and the magical life of long tack sam
  • walking a few storefronts down to moe's and 3 hard-shelled tacos (tofu tacos!)
  • reading back issues of bust magazine with soggy beans and guac covered hands



i am exceedingly bad at explaining my thoughts. at least, verbally. and even in written form i stumble often.

my understanding is great, but my ability to render feelings into definitive statements is inadequate.

to come to a point, if you ask me the definition of a word, even though i know what it means, i can't give you an answer less than 5 minutes long of hemming and hawing with the acrid smell of thought-smoke while i try to explain how the word makes me feel.

so i'm going to try to learn actual definitions of words. and i'll throw in some words i don't know in the mix as well.

natalie angier uses some of the most beautiful words in her writing; here, i'll share!
  • captious - marked by a disposition to find and point out trivial faults; intended to entrap or confuse, as in an argument
  • imprecation - "the act of imprecating"; a curse
  • perambulations - to walk through; to inspect (an area) on foot
  • outre' - highly unconventional; eccentric or bizzare
  • accreting - to make larger or greater, as by increased growth
  • parthenogenic - of, characterized by, or produced by parthenogensis; development of an egg w/o fertilization
  • cosseted - to pamper; a pet, especially a pet lamb
  • peregrinations - to journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot; to travel through or over, traverse
  • capacious - capable of containing a large quantity; spacious or roomy
  • pertussive - relating to pertussis (whooping cough)
  • hoary - gray or white with or as if with age; covered with grayish hair or pubescence; so old as to inspire veneration, ancient
  • antediluvian - extremely old and antiquated; bible, occurring or belonging to the era before the Flood
  • tsuris - trouble, aggravation
  • cavil - to find fault unnecessarily; raise trivial objections; to quibble about, detect petty flaws in

most of these words i've seen and know. some i just liked the sound of. some i had forgotten (parthenogenesis? 6th grade?).



happy anniversary to me!

as a co-worker noted, i have officially partaken of the kool-aid; today is my 1 yr anniversary at my job.

tonight i plan on:

  1. baking 2 strawberry cheesecakes
  2. painting a large bookshelf
  3. running gleefully thru lowe's
  4. taking a much needed shower

i am surprised that:

  1. 1 yr has passed so quickly
  2. i never read ender's game
  3. i am totally obsessed w/ reading the ender's game series
  4. i read ender's game in 1.5 days
  5. my breath could be this rank (toothbrush, please!)


things to do before i die

things to do before i die

  1. learn chinese
  2. rebuild portfolio
  3. get my etsy/craft business up and running
  4. grow vegetables
  5. see the pyramids at sunset
  6. ride a camel
  7. ride an elephant
  8. experience the alaskan glaciers, preferably from my cruise ship balcony room while drinking coffee/tea/mimosa/asti
  9. get some of my photos printed BIG
  10. see cherry blossoms in japan
  11. visit korea with my mother
  12. drink veuve
  13. visit machu picchu
  14. finish this damned master's degree
  15. get a tattoo
  16. experience a concert in the sydney opera house
  17. snorkel in the great barrier reef
  18. visit the great wall of china


2nd attempt

so i shall try again, this posting of mine.

per madge, i had wanted to try the nablopomo for march - lists! i heartily and verily love lists, but knew i could not post every single day. note: it is already march 3rd and i am only just beginning.

i shall perservere.

  1. anthony moved this weekend
  2. i will be moving in in a few weeks
  3. excited!
  4. my dad is doing much better; i was able to visit 2 weeks ago and had a really great time
  5. finished listening to 'to kill a mockingbird' this morning; i am so in love w/ the nickname 'scout'

to do:

  1. ren festival at MOSI
  2. strawberry festival in plant city
  3. paint bookshelves
  4. plan shuffleboard birthday party
  5. buy a bottle of veuve and finally experience the apparently delicious fuss madge makes about it


on having blogger delete my entry:

  1. anger
  2. frustration
  3. palpitations
  4. irritation
  5. umbrage
  6. conniptions
  7. seething vexations


huh. found this in my drafts. guess i'll post it!


i haven't posted in quite a while. this must be remedied.

after reading madge's blog, i really had a desire to try the nablopomo for march; the topic is lists! i heart lists, they keep me mostly organized and on track.

BUT, i knew i couldn't keep it up each and every day for a whole month. and, as you can see, it is already the 3rd and i am only just beginning.

catch-up list

  1. anthony moved this past weekend

  2. i move in in 2 weeks

  3. excited!

  4. visited my family 2 weekends ago and had a lovely time

  5. my dad is doing so much better and is refraining from fried foods (finally)

  6. i'm on the last disc of 'to kill a mockingbird' and it's just sooooooo good, i adore the nickname 'scout'

things to do list

  1. ren fest at MOSI!

  2. strawberry festival!

  3. paint bookshelves!

  4. shooting range!

  5. plan shuffleboard b-day party!

  6. buy veuve and find out what all this delicious fuss is about!

random thought of the weekend: though i love my ipod, some sort of tangible choice/choosing is lost. as anthony noted, it really homogenizes your music.