t-minus 5 days

well, i made a pie last night. a pumpkin pecan pie with homemade pumpkin puree. sounds delicious, no?

except the puree had too much water so my pie never baked fully. :( it looks like, pumpkin pudding. except chunkier.

just close your eyes, it'll taste better.


t-minus 8 days

firstly, hightail it here and name a whale!

the name that's in the lead? mr splashy pants! how awesome is that?

a while back, SMC (the smirking cat) tagged me!

  • Each blogger must post these rules.
  • Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
  • Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

i think i've actually done this tag before, but you can't have too much of a good thing.

big things come in small packages.

and you can kill two birds with one stone, but one in the hand is worth two in the bush. or something. how does that last one go? sounds kinky.

  • i was a (marching) band n3rd - played trumpet, french horn, mellophone and flugelhorn. i'm pretty sure you can still see the indent those silly feathered hats left on my forehead. ah, the days of hot sweaty hair plastered to one's forehead. the fragrant reek of damp polyester. burning arm muscles. and sometimes i still walk heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe. i love when i hear high school marching bands playing on a hot day, and especially the warm-up sounds of a drum line.
  • i've eaten dog.
  • i've eaten goose intestines (tastes like noodles!).
  • my older brother was in jail for a while in china for trying to cross illegally into hong kong (when it was british). luckily, he wasn't shot, but was in ankle deep sewage.
  • my vision is terrible! -7.5 and -5.5, right and left, respectively.
  • the flying spaghetti monster is my personal savior.
  • i can't count to 8.


t-minus 9 days

london? anyone? erotic art exhibits, julie taymor's 'lion king', super-sized ferris wheels, pints of beer?

italy? gelato? cobbled streets, hot chocolate, pastries, pasta, markets, discos, mosaics?

yes, please.

utterly inconceivable.

i cannot grasp why or how the deli next door makes the most disgusting veggie sandwiches i've ever had in my life.

veggie sandwich - easy, right?

they must use the most bland veggies along w/ cheese and bread that's cusping on mold. (*i literally just gagged*)

the first time i got it on wheat bread and thought maybe it was the bread that wasn't good.

after that i mainly stuck to BLTs on white - not too bad, but get this: they serve your sandwich with HALF a pickle spear. HALF!

so today i tried the veggie again, but on a sub roll. i half expected it to come out on a hotdog bun. but still, the urge to retch came on strongly. i even tried to put italian dressing on it to liven it up and hide the grossness, but to no avail.

note to self: do not frequent this deli again.


blog readability!

according to the blog readability test, you need to be a genius to understand my blog!

not sure how truthful this is, mostly because the code for the image had some sort of... "win a cash advance" blurb in the html. didn't seem very trustworthy.



how can i buy myself some more time? preferably 2 years of weekends paid holidays, please. i can easily add them on to my existing weekends. very easily.

the bad is that i'm starting to feel a little... how do you say, overwhelmed?

  • schoolwork is about to get messy. i need to buckle down and just do it. only 2 semesters left.
  • work is and has been messy. statistics programs are not fun. learning SQL is fun, but can be difficult for one who is not, as a general rule, logical.
  • i have so many projects i want to work on!!

these are my immediate projects:

  • actively tackle classwork.
  • actively plan living arrangements while in europe.
  • buy warm clothes and good, sturdy walking shoes.
  • not let work get me stressed.
  • start baby knitting projects for european trains

these are my long-term projects:

  • re-design portfolio website.
  • organize and work on organization system for photos.
  • get rachel her wedding photos, officially.
  • get meaghan her baby photos, officially.
  • set up etsy store.
  • work on some design projects.
  • sewing.
  • knitting.
  • learn crochet.
  • read a lot more.
  • use my gocco.


big grins

big grins, originally uploaded by gimchi.

this photo of keoni always made me chuckle.



i hereby proclaim my intense dislike of jerry seinfeld.

i never watched his show.

and i will never watch his movie.

thank you.


untitled #503

bleak items of note:

  • not getting enough sleep (who does?)
  • 15 page paper due on soviet archives in 1.5 weeks
  • clenching cramps as your (far too early) morning alarm

rousing items of note

  • took a relaxing and jasmine-heady bath last night
  • started making little white square felt snowmen ornaments
  • made a prototype fabric catch-all
  • have an art/craft show coming up on the 17th
  • umami espresso o' the morning
  • new, fancy schmancy rimless glasses
  • deliciously shivery cool weather in the FIFTIES! (even if just at night)

i'm a little iffy on these catch-alls. it's cute, but i want it to be washable. not sure if that's actually feasible, of course. i washed it and it's definitely way less sturdy. does that add to the charm? maybe i'll post pics tonight.

i'll include some silly photos from halloween night; nothing crazy, just some of us girls getting together to dress wacky, pass out candy, drink mulled wine, make crass jokes and play celebrity.



stately yam, originally uploaded by gimchi.

just a little hello.

i thought about doing the nablopomo thing, but i just knew i couldn't keep up. *le sigh*

tomorrow i get to finish another 5 page paper and then a 15 page one after that.

2 more semesters. i carry on.

i also saw the darjeeling limited tonight! so lovely. and a few previews for some other intriguing movies, notably the diving bell and the butterfly. the trailer featured explosions in the sky! i got teary just watching it.