yammie is so beautiful. this is one of the only times i have been able to capture her, she's normally skittish and moves too fast for me to get a good photo. she looks so regal here. and you can't see that her teeth are missing.

i'm having an issue with my photos, though. in photoshop, they look great and then i save them as a jpeg from a raw file and poof. color-be-gone! and i am too lazy to fix it right now.


she's dreaming of big fat mice and fields of catnip.


here are two band photos that i took late at night (early in the morning?) for the boys. they are "ok." i would have liked to have had much better lighting, but you work with what you get! or have on hand...

red room cinema - giant dave

red room cinema



madge's b-day gift! it's this awesome little desk organizer that looks very much like a slinky. i want to use it for brushes possibly, or something sewing related. the packing material was that great biodegradable stuff made from corn - i made a little dog! AND free dali cards! madge totally rocks my pants.


lots of excitement this weekend:

went to see the appleseed cast show in ybor. watched karma-in-action as the obnoxious guy in the crowd ended up punching a huge window out while trying to attack a poster. the bouncers ran out and threw him back inside while the cops were called.

unfortunately, we missed jacques & lisa's stupendous blender/daquiri/margarita party.

saturday morning was a flurry of wedding femininity at rachel's bridal shower. tea, scones, floral motifs and gifts. so lovely.

unfortunately, meaghan and fetal-owen were unable to make it down for the shower. we were very saddened. the only good was that i didn't have to clean the house....

saturday evening was spent celebrating dug's birthday. drinks at fuma bella and then sink or swim at the orpheum (where the punched-out window was covered by plywood). it's probably the most i've had to drink in a while, including at my own b-day party and i had a blast. jen, amy, ryan, dug and i danced the night away. AND i ran into my friend ben from high school! all in all, a great evening. i am actually sore today from all the boogie-ing.

we ignore the last 10 minutes where jen created stigmata on her person by falling on the trolley tracks and bleeding semi-profusely. i cheered her up (i hope) today by dropping off smallvile season 5 for her viewing pleasure.

i are...

i are drunkey. i had good times tonit4e. my hands feel numb and it's taking a lot of concontration to ty[e right now.

madge sent me a gift which i totally love love love. it's going in my craft room tomorrow after i do my homework. if anyone owants to help em with my homewokr, let me know, i'm totally here for ou.

jen and i were dancing queens -we rocked the dance floor.


yea. i'm sleeping now, thank.s


good LORD...

... it's been a while since i've posted!

life has conspired to take me prisoner and ferret me away.

the bad:
  • spent $850 on my car
the good:
  • it seems to be running awesomely. like, i can drive and do 60 mph and i don't even realize it and it doesn't shudder-stall!
  • uhhh... i can't even begin to count all the awesome birthday gifts i got.
  • so far, i love love my job. i'm designing html email templates, web pages and am generally left to figure things out on my own.
  • PLUS, i'm around tons of fabulous books!
  • sushi tonight w/ rosie - i'm assuming at ichiban. i'm craving sushi in a hardcore way.

last night at 9.30, anthony calls me and asks if i want to take band photos. right then. so i say yes! and hop in the car. we finish at 1:30 and i crash into bed at 2 am. some of them came out really well - i'm soso happy with them! more posts to follow in short order.

saturday was my birthday party, in which much beer and irish car bombs flowed down many throats. it was good times. AND chocolate cake!

my mind is pretty much constantly vomiting up information at this point, so i'm going to stop here. the gist of it all is: life is pretty fucking great right now, i just need more sleep!


she's going to be such a beautiful bride

you simply cannot go wrong with the classic bridal pose.

as mentioned previously, michie's bridal shower (possibly 1 of 3) was thrown this weekend by myself -- a small and intimate gathering.

we also decided to use the time wisely to practice some important wedding day activities!


held at the tea rose cottage in ybor and absolutely adorable! shabby chic in the best possible way (and i truly hate that term). definitely more chic than shabby. for most of the morning, it was empty and private, which was so lovely.


hmm... this was after the food... happy smiles all around!


vermi(celli), whom i haven't seen in forever, was able to drive in. she got to spend 2 nights! and she got to experience the shopping frenzy that is Erika in Anthropologie.


alright ladies, pinkies out!


erika couldn't quite manage the graceful pinky.


the michie momala, whose trunk contains a veritable trove of scrapbooking supplies.


and heeerree weeee goooo!! michie was such a good sport. then again, how could she not with 2-ply quilted goodness?


a small train is really just perfect. the dress won't need to be bustled nor will it get dirty! as toilet paper is wont to do.


almost done....


ah, the finishing touches!


the beautiful blushing bride!


the flower toss had to be covered here, since it won't be done at the wedding. who needs to see a visual symbol of the deflowering? erika, being always on the ball, deftly caught the bouquet.


but, but.... where's the garter???!?!

and obviously, garter toss will be likewise striken from the wedding reception as well. mich is like, my wedding role model.


internets, where are you!!


lacking internets completely blows. i miss my internets!! plus, how am i supposed to work on homework?? silly online classes.

this past weekend was michie's bridal shower. it was so much fun! we dressed her up in a toilet paper gown and even made her parade outside for the benefit of a bouquet toss. plus, the lighting was much better.

we had tapas and champagne sangria and dessert at burns! i introduced many of my friends to the goodness that is the wii and got to catch up with a friend i haven't seen in far too long.

overall, things are going well.

my new job started on monday and today ended the orientation. finally settling into the new house and tonight i'll work on getting the craft room somewhat set-up (i.e. moving some boxes from one corner into the other).

my birthday is the 14th and i'm feeling so blah about it! not sure why. i just feel like i have so much going on right now. work, school, moving/cleaning, crafting.... it's a lot of change all at once, and i actually don't want to do anything for my birthday. maybe i should open that asti bottle right now and it'll make me feel better...

this saturday at least, i get to see explosions in the sky. hurray!