man, i'm down to 2 posts a year!

things that have not happened:

  • any serious follow up to using film
  • journaling

things that have happened:

  • i no longer actively hate my job with every fiber of my being
  • yoga (i.e. i did yoga twice in 3 days!)
  • time continues to rush by far too swiftly

i've also decided (this morning) to stick to a plan.  like resolutions, i guess.

  • drink less
  • get better sleep
  • read more
  • facebook (and tv) less
  • take film photos (at least 1 roll/month)
  • eat better food
  • move more

at some point in the last year (years?) i stopped doing yoga.  i felt that perhaps i was pushing my body too hard, and since we were trying to get pregnant, maybe i should let my body relax a bit more.  i mean, i'm moving towards 40, which is so freaking WEIRD, and maybe i wasn't supposed to be working my body quite so hard.

welp, turns out there's a high probability i can't even have kids biologically because of endometriosis and fallopian tubes that resemble rock giants. granted, i did have a laparoscopy which required doing nothing for 2 weeks, so that set me back physically for a while.  and then i was dealing with being bummed about having defective reproductive bits (YOU HAD ONE JOB).  so i'm only now feeling ready to get back on the exercise and moving-like-a-real-human bandwagon.

i'm ready to stop holding down the couch, to actually DO things and to stop feeling as though i'm just waiting to have kids. to travel again now that ant's done with school.  this year, vegas and st louis (so far).  next year, japan, for realz.