damn, these titles are hard to think up.

guess what i'm making? helloooo creme brule. anthony got me a creme brule set (complete with butane torch) for my birthday, so i thought i'd give it a whirl. helloooo burnin' down the house...

so if the recipe turns out well, i'll post it up. hopefully at some point i'll have a recipe section on here... [ok, yes, it's really, really good.]

anthony, keoni and i went out to udipi cafe this evening. amazing, amazing indian food. i feel sorry for those who don't go out and try different foods, because it's all so damn tasty! and on the 20th, my friends amy & emily got married. congratulations! i was priviledged to be their photographer and i'll hopefully have images up in the next few days.


paper party!

another birthday come and gone, a quarter-century used and disgarded, but remembered with fondness and a plethora of photographs.

my paper party/sushi birthday dinner was incredible.

[rundown follows, skip if not interested in little details]

we females, as usual, completely outdid the guys. meaghan was amazing in her complete dress of black paper. i'll have to get some pictures up soon. erika was like ethereal pink cotton candy in her couture top. i had a black skirt with blue inner pleats. jenna had the cutest paper necklace and hair clips. anthony was the only male to really wear any paper product throughout the whole meal (polka dot bow tie). keoni came in a close second with his paper hospital mask cum hat. saad entered the restaurant with a dollar bill hanging out of his front pocket - until meaghan reminded him that our currency was actually more of a fabric. and brian... left his paper pin in his truck. the only one not wearing paper, as consolation - he's pretty skilled in tactical origami folding.

it was so nice to have fellow females around all weekend and there's that certain relaxation that comes with friends you're super comfortable with. you know, the friends that come visit you from 2 hours away and it's okay to just sit around and read together - to not have the need to entertain, entertain, ENTERTAIN.

meaghan has also apparnetly put money down that i can out-sushi-eat roy, her brother-in-law. i'm going to have to bone up on my tummy's rice packing skills.


small. very small.

listening to npr these past few mornings... i am continually astounded at the close mindedness of so many people concerning gay marriage. my favorite quotes are the ones that follow like this, "people are going to be marrying their dogs next!! and their cats!! their cars and homes!"um, ok.that's right folks, gays are no longer on the same level as human beings. it's good to hear that coming from christians too. good to see their judgements out in the open.


there is shit in the meat.

my camera is now officially fixed. in case you were wondering - i had totally and completely mangled the shutter leaves. they were practically wrapped around each other.

update: job going well. tentative plans for a family + anthony trip to china in the works. anthony got a new car! deep blue and super shiny - a toyota matrix. faith in humanity sinking to even deeper levels after reading fast food nation.

one would think that reading those types of emotionally incendiary books, one would become super-activist - handing out leaflets, giving speeches, protesting, throwing raw meat... i just seem to get depressed. i mean, deep down, somewhere, nestled in the comfy recesses of my grey matter brain i feel a twinge of action. maybe i should grab hold of it. shake it. shake it hard, real hard. sigh.


canonet reality

got the camera, tried a roll of film, not super happy with the results, but i think the problem are the practically rotting, sticky light seals. ugh. i took my (other) camera to the shop though. it was a little intimidating with the owner checking out my camera trying to hide his (overwhelming) disgust with what had happened to it... haha?