better late than never


i put up some halloweenie decorations over my bed! rather festive, i like it.

things that irk me:

the person who is letting their dog pee in the enclosed foyer area of my apt. seriously...? wtf.

i left a note on the ground that says, "what *@$ moron is letting their dog pee in the @%# hallway?!?! #%^$!"

more explicit frustrations elaborated upon in the actual note. c'mon people - what's your damage? argh!

things that make me trill with happiness:

+ delicious sushi dinner @ toki w/ ant
+ the 2nd katamari game
+ cleaning my room
+ organizing the files on my computer
+ eating dried squid
+ finding out that my last job was raided by the FBI
+ reading
+ visiting my godchild and a yarn store and meaghan and craig and their gravel pile this weekend
+ completing 2 hardcore days of training on our library's database



i lied.

i'm going with goodreads.

that site rocks.

also, i can update my library thing VIA goodreads. nice.

and i believe diigo is winning out over del.icio.us.


golf? no sir, prefer prison flog!

triple date mini-golf action.

ryan won, of course, being the only actual "golfer" of the bunch. ant & i tied for second place. i was able to garner a ton (read: two) of holes in one, but also had a bunch of 5-6 stroke plays.

jen was kind enough to share her fries with us!

and i got to see womb photos of little pickles. seriously, can we say "excited"?


did you feel that? this morning?

when the weather dipped in the 60s and the humidity was non-existent?

incredible. it almost smelled like fall.

i ate my lunch (tasty anthony-prepared vermicelli with parmesan, basil and a little hot pepper) at the picnic benches, knitted a little and read 'canon: a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science' by angier. i think i'm in love. she apparently also wrote 'woman: an intimate geography,' which i am just swooning to read next.

life is just ambling along. and by "ambling" i mean "rushing by at a fast and productive pace without a plethora of stomach acid production."

jen and i represented girlfriend sweatshop at the stitch rock show in delray beach, florida. we were exhausted! it was fun, but with only a few hours of sleep for the both of us (less for jen), a heavy breakfast from dunkin donuts, 10-minute hot, breathless, humid, drizzling and sweaty naps in the car during the show and a total of 8 hours driving (poor jen), we weren't in a very good selling mood. still, we enjoyed ourselves and had a great time seeing yen and generally cooing about our trip to italy in december. after the show, the two of us sat at an outdoor table in downtown delray and ate delicious italian pasta cooked perfectly al dente, savored wonderfully sweet tiramisu dusted with bitter cocoa powder and drank house wine and hot coffee. the dinner definitely reinvigorated us for the drive home.

and the next day i wrote a 5 page paper. oof.

more papers are coming up in far too short an order, but i have only 2 semesters left of grad school! i must prevail.

last night's craft meet-up was so much fun. lots of food and wine and a tutorial by jen on making a folio journal! we're trying to do a tutorial at least once a month, something simple, but that will possibly be good for holiday gifts in the near future. man. we r smrt.

a show at kaleisia in mid-november and a possible knit-in one winter evening, replete with hot tea.

a viewing of elizabeth tonight with mulled wine, cookies and/or cupcakes and elizabeth: the golden age on saturday! speaking of needing an estrogen fix... :D

even more heroes and smallville and dexter.

ooOOOo - and seafood dinner on saturday evening with anthony! hello little crab, little hard shelled love of my life, you are so scrumptious!


italy bound!

ladies, ladies, ladies!, originally uploaded by gimchi.

so. it's official. yen has bought her tickets to italy and will be joining us on the Italian Tour of Gelato, Hot Chocolate and Wine.

here's part of our tentative schedule:

11th Arrive in Rome @ 2 pm
Eat gelato and drink wine at 4pm!
Spend day in Rome after checking into hostel (preferably located near Termini train station)
Possible tourist stops include: Piazza Barberini, Villa Borghese, Tivoli, Caracalla baths, nighttime Vatican walk

we definitely have our priorities straight. i can't even tell you how excited i am to be traveling w/ friends out of the country again! and to meet friends in italy, no less! (yen will be meeting us just for italy, no rainy london for her.)

another cute pic of my traveling companions:

crafting out loud

this one was from a long time ago, at one of our first shows at sacred grounds coffeeshop.

jen and yen! if only my name rhymed. or was a boy named "ken." and jen will be the minority!

other exciting news:

  • i got a bias tape maker and i swoon with happiness; no more rough edges, fretting with linings, or trying to cut 4 layers of fabric with my pinking shears
  • anthony and i have been watching dexter, heroes and *coughcough* smallville with much enjoyment
  • today i got to shelve at a library 5 mins from my house in the morning; this was perfect because i missed rush hour traffic (who spent 1.5 hours in traffic on tuesday? argh!)
  • however, i can now say, "vorrei bire del vino. ... adesso. non piu tardi."
  • this weekend is the stitch rock craft show in delray beach!
  • i'm about to go to sleep!