the emptiness of our cubes

our department takes up, roughly, 1/6th of the 3rd floor of the west library building. we even have a wall, with locked doors, that separate our plethora of expensive computer equipment from... well, everyone and anyone else. the administration has departed to the east building ivory tower wonderland and it's often eerily quiet (you know, when the boss isn't bellowing [not an exaggeration]).

and so i finally 1) brought my camera to work and 2) actually used it. i went outside for a bit near the performing arts center and even went out w/ the camera when checking the mail! i got these amazing pictures of this adorable little toad - really great light, but couldn't get my camera to focus right! argh. very frustrating. *sigh*

(what the fuck is on this chair?! the grime looks old, like the chair was obviously ruined and used for years afterwards. that's not just a spill that was left on its own.)





meet & greet


anthony's parents recently got a new puppy! her name is missy and she's incredibly cute and fast. this picture belies her size - she's about 7 lbs and smaller then our cats. every time i saw her, i couldn't stop the girly exclamations from pouring out of my mouth, it was utterly reflex.


look at those bat ears! and the whiskers! her tail is longer than usual and kinked, like a pig's. i'll have to see if i can get a non-obscene picture.

anyone have a 4 day work week? don't they feel longer somehow? mentally, i know the weekend will soon be here, but it still feels like tomorrow should be friday.

i'm excited to:
- rework my website
- potentially look into a photography business
- (you know, to add to my totally rockin' and highly lucrative crafts/arts business)
- try out my old lens on my new camera
- bring my camera to work in my new camera bag (count 'em, three)
- find new music to listen to! (suggestions?)


bad drivers

sticker guns - my ticket to multi-millionaire status!

i tried to explain my money-making and genius idea to anthony once, but i don't think he got it. blank stares and the sound of crickets. come with me, children, and envision it thusly:

a gun, but one that doesn't kill.

a gun, which instead, cleverly, fires stickers at cars, so one may brand its occupant as a BAD DRIVER. or one that DOESN'T USE TURN SIGNALS. or CUTS PEOPLE OFF. or one that DOESN'T FOLLOW THE 2 SECOND RULE.

i bring this up, because i've found something else that might be just as perfect:

(via tokyomango)

so it's a little small, but c'mon! it would be great to have this mounted to one's car in such a way that when a button were depressed and a dial rotated, this little beaut would pop up, point at the offending driver and do its little wanky dance.


dear co-workers,

this is just to inform you that my patience is at an all-time low. it is fraying and bleeding and really can't take much more of your hijinx. maybe the cause is my lack of sleep or the burgeoning sinus headaches i've had for the past 4 rainy days. ah, but i really don't want to be forced to attack you with my scissors. the paperwork and the mess wouldn't be worth it, even with a wet/dry shop-vac easily accessible in the department.

on monday, conan, when our conversation elicited a final, "i need to walk away from you right now" statement and then follow through - that was not good. i do not need to explain a situation five times to you only to have you, each time, have me explain it a different way. please, just do your job.

and M? it's again, not good, when i say things like, "ok, i want to help you here, but i have no idea what you're talking about or what you want" after 10 minutes of pulling teeth and explanation and clarification and pens tossed across the desk or jabbed into my wrist and/or chest.

try and cut me some slack, even though i called out on tuesday. i'm subsisting on good food, coffee and the silver lining knowledge that a 3 day weekend is coming up.



practically free indulgences!

4.Threet-Teten.068, originally uploaded by gimchi.

jen (pictured on the left) is currently raising money for the american cancer society's relay for life!

$10 (or even a minimum of $5) helps her in her fund raising efforts! click HERE to see her personal site and donate.

AND, in a one-time internet-only special, i'll throw in four free indulgences with your $10 donation.

how can you refuse?


in the summertime...

Full blown anger!, originally uploaded by yen yen yen.

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post. i simply love it. the ninja twins are not pleased.

just a little update missive. because i feel like it.

summer has begun. it's may, and summer is here in florida. the humidity wraps around your skin at 7 am and only leaves down the shower drain. love bugs have popped into existence and our windshields have been christened by their little buggy insides. i'm sure the paint on anthony's car is already disintegrating as i type. perhaps the daily afternoon thunderstorm will wash away some of the whitely smeared innards.

i just arrived in ft myers and am awaiting my dad's return from the farm on pine island and my mom's return from work. i haven't had a haircut since october, the wedding. the house is dark with curtained light and the gardenias smell so lovely. the coffee is still kicking and i'm considering munching on some of those chinese baked goods i brought; they're waiting on the table downstairs.

... yep, they're calling my name. my stomach can hear them, they sing so sweetly, to be eaten completely.



double feature sunday!

i was unable to visit family for mother's day since i was on call for the library. however, i will be visiting twice in the next 3 weeks, so i'm sure that will make up for it. (my niece and nephew are coming back from hong kong to live in the states!)

to while away the time and stick it to The Man, ant and i pulled a double feature at the theater! star trek and wolverine. ant thinks it's cute how nervous i get when we do this (official count: twice). my hands get all clammy and it's all i can do to stop my wide eyes from tracking down every theater employee in a 300 ft radius. i would not make a good criminal.

some mathematical reviews:

star trek > wolverine
x-men 3 > wolverine
wolverine = daredevil

wolverine was really not that great. bad wire work makes me feel dirty and i wasn't engrossed at all. suspension of disbelief was utterly missing.

star trek, however, was awesome. i'm not a trekkie, but i was still able to appreciate the movie and its iconic nature. and sylar made a really great spock! it was nice to watch him and not be irritated at his character (as with this season of heroes). rather clever to use time travel as a means to completely change the background story. (j.j. abrams loves his time travel.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

the preview for 'night at the museum 2' ends with an uproarious scene (read: sarcasm) of 2 monkeys bitch slapping ben stiller:

me (deadpanned): monkeys make everything funnier. (counting off on fingers) night at the museum. night at the museum 2. that last indiana jones movie.
ant: (counting off on his fingers) gorillas* in the mist.

*yes, yes, we know. monkeys <> gorillas.




i absolutely love our bedroom. well, one wall of it, at least. the dresser is stacked with books, completely at random. i find it slightly ironic that i work in a library full of organization and yet have books in 4 different places in the house, barely organized at all. craft-y books in the craft room. everything else... scattered. i kind of love it. it feels secretly pleasing. perhaps though, as rachel mentioned, it's not so ironic after all. a simple act of rebellion against work standards and lists and tasks.

holders of pots

here's a semi-close up of the potholders i made for mine and ant's mom! they're about... 8 inches square. and slightly disfigured. however, they are COMPLETE and i am content. please ignore the yellow cast. i am too tired to attempt color correction. must mail these out for the morning!


*raises a glass*

to a-mo, to jean, who passed away on sunday morning.


these are from 3/29/09, when my family got to see her last.


we played cards (go fish) and talked, watched chinese television and picked and ate too-tangy kumquats.


her kitchen table had at least four kinds of crackers or cookies on it, without fail, and she'd never stop asking you if you wanted something to eat.

heart! you will be missed.


creepifying email from a co-worker:

Dear [gimchi],

You may be pleased or at least amused to learn that:

Yesterday, when I went to [the] Outlook Training, I did not recognize you. My excuse, I haven't seen you for some time. I was greatly put out believing that the Library had laid you off and hired a younger prettier girl, that ironically, looked like you. I thought to my self "I don't want younger and prettier I want [gimchi]." You can imagine how embarrassed I was when you introduced yourself to the group. Anyway, I'm glad you're still with us, and thank you for the training.


A Crazy


crafty "resolve"

attack at the crow collection of asian art, dallas

my 500th post! i thought it would be more exciting than this, perhaps including a video of a song and dance number fully choreographed and performed by myself, but it does not appear to have happened. maybe 1000 is the lucky number? don't hold your breath!

the title of this post refers to my feelings about using my studio space (aka the second bedroom, the atelier, the sweatshop, the craft room, the storage space). this weekend i painted a little, thought about redesigning my website, sewed 3/4ths of 2 potholders (for mother's day) and ironed a ton of skirts. all done in the craft room!!

i also browsed etsy's resources for crafters and people who have been able to quit their day jobs. inspiring, uplifting, vaguely depressing. yet again, i find that i need to hone my motivation. i'm a cat on the 'nip - running about here and there with nary an 'expertise' in one area or another.

the good is that i've lowered my expectations. ... wait, IS that a good thing? basically, i know i'm not an overnight success in the crafting world, what with my lackluster output. and i am ok with that! i am keeping the craft fires going, but when they aren't burning flames ("flames, flames, FLAMES, on the SIDE of my FACE" - please tell me you know this quote), but warm glowing coals, i am perfectly content with a firefly marathon + a rum and coke with anthony or having some super delicious trader joe's wine with rachel. bliss!

begin stream of consciousness:

also, have i mentioned that i'm gaining weight? this isn't really that big of a deal, however, the irksome part is that i have to buy new clothes!! we're trying to save our moolah like crazy-cakes, which is hard enough, but i also really hate shopping. especially for bottoms, which is what i desperately need. hopefully i can make a passable skirt (sans pattern, that's how i roll) sometime this week. skirts are just easier. plus, the weather is just starting to get unbearable. summer always surprises me with its heat and humidity.

off to make some more biscotti!

emo-myspace overhead shot, dallas aquarium