i've been rather blase as of late -- nothing of note to really write about. just lots of random things rushing through the mind:

1 - going shuffleboarding w/ ant tonight and hopefully having a seafood dinner + vegetarian stuffing.
2 - dad's in the hospital again. he'd had his bypass surgery 9 yrs ago; apparently, they last for about 10 yrs. he's got a blockage in his bypass, so next month they'll go in and put in a stent.
3 - the downstairs is clean!
4 - the upstairs is not!
5 - need to redesign the girlfriend sweatshop website
6 - and my portfolio
7 - fo' sho'
8 - i'm really excited about girlfriend sweathop and hope that it takes me wonderful places in 2007



things that really suck:

powdered creamer


happy boxing day!

screw you, megatron

christmas holidays are over and 6 hours of travelling complete! two excellent meals at the yau and maltese residences. lobster & lasagna!

i got some cute gifts, ant got some cute gifts, the cats got catnip.

i'm feeling pretty relaxed right now after a day of work, a shower, a nice dinner out, chianti and a face mask -- not in that order.

like madge, 2007 is perhaps when you'll see me next. of course, i could be lying and i'll be around in the next few days, but i am still attempting to clean the house. it may be a lost cause, but we'll see how it goes.

and this is for you, job!
and screw you, too!


weekend cavorting!

holy cow - i love not having classes and homework! love love love love LOVE!

i have an A so far, but lack a grade in my second class. i think today is the last day to turn in grades, so hopefully it will come through alright.... looks like i have a 10/90. which is what i've had since 10/25/06. this professor really knows how to stretch out the tension....

so friday i dropped anthony off at the airport. he went to chicago for the weekend to finish up the mixing for red room cinema. {it sounds awesome, btw}

and then, shuffleboarding w/ jen! i am now a true floridian. nevermind that i was born here, pfft. jen learned me and even let me win! apparently i have good form. free shuffleboarding at the world's largest shuffleboard court, beer, twinkling lights... it was a ton of fun. not to mention a possible wedding location. cheap + fun + quaintly florida = highly likely.

saturday night was the crafting out loud craft show! skip the mall, buy handmade!! yeaa!! *beeeewww* let's just say that everyone was not thinking about shopping, but instead partying since it was the university's graduation day. oops!

anticipating a lackluster show, jen and i brought mulled wine to the show. brian rescused us along w/ miss lila mae and we got tipsy in the car for hours. it probably looked like we were getting high, what with each of us taking turns going outside and sitting in the car w/ the lights out and the glass turning foggy. eventually, the lack of actual customers forced the 3 of us (me, jen & miss lila mae - brian had high-tailed it out of there some time prior) to just leave our tables and drink our way to satisfaction. a highly enjoyable night!

after the show, which packed up early, jen & i headed to dave & dug's holiday party, in which a creepy co-worker of a friend said to jen about me, "i want to 'eff' her hard." i just couldn't type it. ugh!! AND he was married, which just adds to my lack of faith in humanity. otherwise, it was enjoyable watching the newly free'd dave cavort with 16 yr old girls. hmm...

sunday was spent relaxing and cleaning. i actually hung photos in my craft room, made it all presentable-like. and jen came over later and we watched romeo & juliet and ate ben & jerry's after having a romantic dinner together at jasmine thai. delicious, delicious, fattyfatty duckling. we ate outside and it was beautiful. except for the mosquito i killed that had a belly full of blood. ... that was gross.

eating outside reminds me of italy. if only more places had shaded areas to eat in florida... even though jasmine thai is in a strip mall, they do an excellent job of hiding the parking lot with a little wall, mosaics and various fake plants - it's really quite cozy.

again, i say, i love love love not having classes. *le sigh* and i love love love having anthony back in town. :) he just got in last night - huzzah!

today, yes, the 19th, we shop. shop shop shop for gifties.


$3 wine

so hey howdy. ant & i bought cheap-o $3 wine for mulling. i faked a recipe just now and it's... ok. could use some sugar, methinks. wine, cloves and cinnamon, so far.

jen is about to head over and then OFF to sacred grounds for coffee and a craft show until 12 am. hope it goes well! if not, well.... there's the mulled wine.

it's weird and lonely, since anthony's in chicago w/ andy recording mixing the rest of red room cinema's cd. i don't think i've ever been left before! i mean, I do the leaving! visiting parents, michie in birmingham.... *le sigh*

i went to sleep watching pride & prejudice last night. you know, to keep the spirits up.

goals until the new year
- finish christmas shopping/gift making
- clean the house and get rid of extraneous fodder
- upload photographs, art slides, etc.


girlfriend sweatshop beach/craft weekend extravaganza super heavy image post!

we meant to leave at 12.

we instead left at 3 (or was it 4?). me, jen, rachel & bekah met up with erika at the hotel. it was lovely. we were greeted with:


and we were soso relaxed and relieved to be there.




this didn't last long of course, once the asti was opened.


out we went to whole foods for some delicious snacky snacks and for me, ibuprofen. 5 girls, 4 of them bleeding, 2 of them sick. i conveniently got the flu and my period on friday - lovely, no? the car was filled with crafts, estrogen and a veritable treasure trove of herbal medicines. and ibuprofen.

so we ate and went to the tavern on the main to meet some other vendors and hang out w/ yen & mike. hurrah! then back to the hotel to craft some more and to PLAY ON THE BEACH AT MIDNIGHT.

check out rachel's awesome pajamas. she needs a smoking jacket. and don't ask what jen's doing to my butt, i have no idea.


must... craft.... cannot..... stop!!


on the way to beach - this is jen & erika's american apparel shot:


the beach was cold and quiet and dark. the sand was freezing! like soft soft sugar. so different from ft myers beaches, which are full of shells. i was able to run about without fear of sharp cuts and stick-a-burrs.


much frolicking ensued:



and then the fun photos began. the cold makes us delirious, not the free beer at the tavern.

so many stars...


and unexplained objects



the dangers came from all sides


fear is the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering


and yet, we were able to relax enough for some interpretive dance. there is always time for interpretive dance. we are the ocean.




erika really wanted to go skinny dipping until we realized creepy people were watching. go to bed, man! it's midnight!





anyways, the next day was full of coffee and crafts.

here's the auditorium:


us, pre-show


jen & rachel had this awesome idea for a logo sign!


and, our booth. lovely, no? :)


hopefully you were able to stay with me the duration of my trip down memory lane. i now love the beach and want to go back. so soft!! though, probably imported.

i should.... probably get back to work now. mayhaps i'll have time to write more later.


room with a (beach) view

officially, yesterday was the last day of classes! a milestone, of sorts. a semesterstone.

::commences territorial marking of semesterstone::

unfortunately, still a last few assignments to go. which i am thoroughly not thinking about until sunday night. it's due at 5 pm on wednesday, but i hope to have it completed by 2 pm at least. maybe even by tuesday! ::gasp:: amazement!

in an email to daniel today:

kim needs -
worn book
time bubble creating an extra 30 hours of free time
cabana boy
65 degree weather

today is already thursday.

tonight we have a truncated girlfriend sweatshop mtg. then home. then sending scanned images to be printed by saturday. then sewing until the wee hours.

friday - work. then more sewing and crafting into wee hours.

saturday - head to sarasota for mimosas and craft show on sunday.

this is where we are staying! http://www.helmsleysandcastle.com/
coffee machine? check.
mini fridge? check.
iron? check.
blow dryer? check.
heated swimming pools? check.
shuffleboard? check.
ocean view? check!

i must craft!! because seriously? the holiday fest wiped. me. out. inventory-wise. i am horrified to think that i shall have little to show at the atomic holiday bazaar, which was the show for which we were more excited about! plus, they have a nifty article about AHB in creative loafing. kickin'.

my life is a big to-do list as of late. i can't wait until the holidays when at least classes are over and craft show stuff is out of the way.


[x] asian/italian/australian

so i stole this from my classmate who happens to be in both of my classes and with whom i am partnering for my final assignment. i'll link to him if he wants to be in the know.

let's see the truth of the internets:

[ ] you wear flip flops all year
[ ] you call flipflops thongs not flip flops
[x] you love a backyard barbie
[x] you know a barbie is not a doll
[x] you love the beach (when it's not sweltering)
[xxx] sometimes you swear without realizing
[ ] you're a sports fanatic
[x]you are tan (does a natural yellow tan count?)
[ ] you're a bit of a bogan
[x] you have an australian something (thongs, shirt, phone sock, etc.) (photographs! and once, i had a digeridoo)
Total 6

[ ] the Sopranos is a great show
[x] your last name ends in a vowel
[ ] your grandmother makes her own sauce
[x] you know how a real meatball tastes
[ ] you know a lot of italian songs
[x]you have dark hair and dark eye color
[x] you speak some italian
[x] you are under 5'10''
[ ] pizza/spaghetti is the best food in the world
[x] you talk with your hands
Total 6

[ ] you say member instead of Remember
[x] you speak spanish or some
[x] you like tacos (mema's! come back, mema's!! ::sob::)
[ ] you got in more than 5 fights
[ ] you are dark skinned
[x] you know what a Puta is
[x] you talk fast occasionally
[x] you have had highlights or dyed your hair
Total 5

[ ] you say villian as: Vee-lon
[x] you get short tempered
[x] you know of sombody named natasha
[x] you get cold easily
[x] rain is fun for you
[ ] you get into contests all the time
[ ] you can easily make do with the cold weather
Total 4

[ ] you think beer is the best
[ ] you have a bad temper
[ ] your last name starts with a Mc OR Murph or O' or Fitz or ends with a ly,on,un,an,in,ry
[ ] you have blue or green eyes
[x] you like the color green
[x] you have been to a st. pattys day party
[ ] you have a family member from Ireland
Total = 2

[ ] you say nigga/nukka casually
[ ] you have nappy hair
[ ] you LOVE rap
[ ] you know how to shoot a gun
[ ] you think President George Walker Bush is racist
[x] you like chicken
[x] you like watermelon
[x] you can dance (ballet, right? i took ballet when i was 3.)
[ ] you can 'sing' gospel
Total= 3

[x] you have slanty/small eyes
[x] you like rice a lot
[x] you are smart
[ ] you have played the piano
[x] you have family from asia
[x] you laugh sometimes covering your mouth
[x] most people think your chinese
[ ] you call hurricanes typhoons
[ ] you go to Baulko
Total = 6

[x] you like bread
[ ] you think American Chocolate is good.
[x] you Speak German
[ ] you know what Schnitzel is and you love it
[ ] you hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi
[x] you went to Kindergarten/Pre-school
[x] you're over 5'2"
Total = 4

[ ] you like/play/played hockey
[ ] you love beer
[x] You say eh
[ ] you know what poutine is
[ ] you speak some french
[ ] you love Tim Horton's
[ ] at one point you lived in a farm house
[ ] you watch degrassi
Total= 1