giant squid! (!!artwork alert!!)

npr is the best. i say this despite their visual radio pleas for help. on the way back from work, anthony and i noticed that our radio dial now reads:





WUSF radio...


pretty awesome, eh? soon they'll have a little tv for your radio where you can watch them sign their requests for memberships in american sign language! no lie, it's in the works.

exciting npr story of the day:


a team of japanese researchers have taken the first photos of a live giant squid. the only other time we've ever seen them is when they are dead and washed up or floating somewhere. their eyes are the size of volleyballs. insane. it often astounds me how much we don't know about the world we live in. and that we're killing it off little by little, day by day, hour by hour.

even though this is a great find for scientific community, we all know what they were really thinking:


i love dried squid! also, cuttlefish (which are rather cute, really). cats love it. mmm.... anthony says that it gives me dead rat breath, alas. (funions also do this, the "food" i hate to love.)


stream of consciousness

  1. Crave::sushi & oolong/chrysanthemum tea
  2. Whole package::ramen
  3. Roommates::eat my food
  4. 5:30::am is when i woke up this morning, then fell back asleep
  5. Lesbian::beautiful
  6. Poignant::china/hong kong/travel
  7. Hurtful::overtime
  8. You and I::I got you, babe
  9. Grateful::soft socks
  10. Giggle::kill the teletubbies

fun randomness. nice to just type.

i feel so exhausted and it's only monday - that can't be good, eh? classes are going well. no big tests coming up. going to try and work overtime this week... must get rid of debt. debt is not your friend. debt is the enemy, it is the DEVIL.

.... i feel like saying or typing something entertaining, but am at a loss.



Pure Nerd
78 % Nerd, 26% Geek, 30% Dork
For The Record:

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A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Nerd, earning you the title of: Pure Nerd.

The times, they are a-changing. It used to be that being exceptionally
smart led to being unpopular, which would ultimately lead to picking up
all of the traits and tendences associated with the "dork." No-longer.
Being smart isn't as socially crippling as it once was, and even more
so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be
replaced with the following label: Purely Successful.


Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST

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Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on Ok Cupid


2 in the hole

rock on. 2 tests, 2 a's. let's see if 3rd time's the charm. or... erm... still the charm. or something.

also, ant's band is playing at an art opening/rocky horror picture show on october 29th. hahahaha! how awesome is that? helloooOOOoo tim curry! it'll be at the gulf coast museum of art. i'm so thrilled!

and then another show on november 4th w/ the timeout drawer, another really super instrumental group. i believe aesthetized.com describes them as a "seriously wicked instru-metal/post-rock trio (might be a quartet for the tour?) that kinda sound like what might happen if PELICAN & THE MERCURY PROGRAM were to collaborate." hm. pretty close description. check them out, because they are really quite superb.


fishy face

well, finally got the pictures uploaded onto flickr from the moon day festival slash anthony's belated birthday party. ta da!

living space
the view from the "living room" towards the "dining room" and the "kitchen."

playing with bush
brian made beautiful art on our fridge.

keroni/amberlin bitch
mr keroni, currently on tour as amberlin's tech bitch.

oo la la!
rachel is HOTT!

mooncakey goodness
mini mooncakes! each mooncake was 4 servings at 100 calories each. mini! the pineapple mooncake was super yum.

!!  crazy eyes  !!
anthony is tsing tao man! 1 case = $24.00

living room to kitchen view
this photo showcases how crafty we bitches are. :) OH yea.

boys in the kitchen!
check it. boys. in. the. kitchen. can you believe it? i thought the kitchen was the chick realm at parties. WRONG!

keoni's tattoos
these are keoni's cool tattoos. really cool b/c the leaves get bigger as they travel down the arm.

devil horns!
rock on, rachel. rock on.

rico suave (a-rab style)
this is saad, rico suave ("a-rab style").

mr excitement. (i think of 'they might be giants.')

guess which one is anthony's...



rachel is so cute!

following photographs are the UGLI series:
"make an ugli face!" *click*

this is keoni cum hitler.



marcus doesn't do ugli face. he does 'come hither' face. (note the borg-like appendage attached to his ear.)




jen! *oinkoink*





holy. crap.
brian! the winner, hands down.

holy crap!

your daddy is darth vader

what you call him: Pops

why you love him: he knows best

effing rock on.

if madge & spinning girl jumped off a bridge, would you?

free association, first thing that comes to mind.

Less filling::tastes great
Glue::peeling hands
Surprise me::cake
Fee::add on
To the bone::bitten


weekend binging

so. hello there. yea, it's been a while. the whole weekend (plus). good to be back. 2 tests down this week and one yet to go. one hellish crappy chemistry test and one awesome kickin' a&p test.

friday - really good sushi and lobster at kobe for sarah's birthday. quite the bash, ramon & alexis were in town - so much fun! nothing like flames and an onion volcano to make the meal. (i was even able to overcome my reservations about such places.) (if you're curious, it's because of the crappy fake accents that the chefs will often assume.) (if you're not curious, TOO BAD.)

saturday - party @ jen's, italian theme. lots of yummy italian wine and spumanti and lots of "good" german beer brought by david that tasted rather strangely of soy sauce. dinkel acker?? wtf? i have kikkoman's at home that's much cheaper. jen is highly charitable and we will be donating to the humane society for her gift. :)

sunday - anthony's belated birthday bash & moon festival! i have sooo many photos to put up, i'll try to limit them, but beware - one may soon see 40+ photos being uploaded in the near future. so sorry, brian! i don't have them up yet! *grovel* forgive me? seriously, we had craploads of fun.

star brought construction paper and dowels and we kindergarden'ed it up by making nifty paper lanterns! anthony's... has 2 large phalli (pl. of phallus?!) hanging off of it. in case you were wondering, it is NOT traditional to have large dildos springing forth from a paper lantern. in case you weren't wondering, TOO BAD.

i was planning on playing some board games, but the internet took care of entertainment for the evening: we took turns taking tests (jesus, we are such nerds).
the famous leader test (jen was hitler! ha! charitable, my ass.)
the chimera analogy test (i got 40 questions out of 50 right! woohoo!)

food & drink: grilled tofu, tofu & veggie egg rolls, moon cake, chocolate torte, tsing tao, delirium, fruit salad, white rabbit candies, various "asian" snacks...
ok, enough talk of food, i'm so hungry right now.

.......... i have 2 more hours to kill before anthony gets out of class. *sigh*


5ives: five things to ask a supreme court nominee

five things i’d ask every supreme court nominee if I sat on the senate judiciary committee:

1. if you knew to an absolute moral certainty that you could capture and consume a live infant without being caught, how many do you suppose you could eat in a weekend?
2. have you ever been spanked erotically by someone who was not your current legal spouse? just yes or no, please.
3. nominee, do you regard these slacks as accentuating my basket in an un-senatorial fashion?
4. describe in single words, only the good things that come into your mind about…your mother.
5. kindly rise, and sing the 1979 hit, the piƱa colada song, also known as escape.

via boingboing.

tired, so tired

these classes are slowly sucking the life out of me. the only high point out of any of my 4 classes (plus a full-time job that may soon have mandatory overtime) is my anatomy & physiology class.

every other class is practically a living hell: going from best to worst - a&p lab, chemistry class, chemistry lab.

the teacher is super - informative and thorough and well, cute. not in that OMG he's so hott kind of way (there's only one boy for me who fulfills that requirement)- more in a bashful teacher kind of way. for instance, when someone commented that they liked his teaching style, he kinda blushed and said something along the lines of, "thank you. ... well, i do the best i can." haha! so cute!

i'm a nerd. plus, i retyped all my anatomy notes.


darth sprinkler of death (i'm on a blogging roll!)

the other day, i believe at target, anthony and i came across this strange contraption of marketing genius(?).

yes, it is a darth vader sprinkler. i have (surreptitiously) altered the photo to make it appear more as it did in true physical form. check out that flaccid-ity. definitely not good for the ego.

in any case, this little emissary of the emperor spins and shakes its little ass while spraying your lawn with life-giving water. at least, 1 sq ft of your lawn. maybe 1/2.

here's an action shot:

(were i more nerdly (or had more time) i would make an animated gif!)

pretty lame, eh? he appears to be stricken with some sort of epilepsy while stuck in a bidet. it would have been so awesome if mr vader were on some sort of track whereupon his legs would move so it would appear that he were striding across your lawn and then spurting forth the water. also, if his little lightsabre weren't so sad and viagra endearing.

oh, who am i kidding? just get your 3 yr old kid (or hire one for cheap) to wear a little darth vader costume and walk around your lawn with a hose.


so, i would like to bloggerly (as opposed to 'formally') congratulate miss michelle freeman on her engagement to mr scott... mr.. scott.....

mother of!!!

well, anyways, i'd also like to post a picture of them, but i don't have any good ones. (i happen to know his first name, which he doesn't like to use, but his last name?? *sigh*

what it comes down to is: i am insanely happy for michelle. most truly truly. she is a wonderful person and my faith in humanity is reignited when there are people who can see her beauty and know that she's amazing! she's open and caring and intelligent - traits that are hard to come by in one single package.

and if he ever forgets it, michelle, just let me know and either i or my chinese mafia will break his toes, his shins and then his thighs before pouring molten bronze down his throat to obtain a mold of his insides.

i'm here for you, babe.

PLUS, i get to be the maid of honor! *insane maid of honor dance* (you can just imagine what that's like, eh?)

ramdom musings to a long lost friend

your photos are awesome mrs married lauren!! i had heard via michie that you had married a dude, which is super cool (not that marrying a chick would have been un-super cool). i love that you're into pottery. i took a wheel throwing class at fsu and would love, LOVE to have one at my home. you know, assuming i had the excess cash and all. ; ) and you might study in japan!! will you buy and send me many cases of melty kisses?! those are the best japanese candies ever. much better than pocky, in my most (not-so) humble opinion.

also, please excuse my rambles, as i have had a glass of wine.

also x2 - i need a better pic of you and your dude. : ) it looks like you had a ton of fun setting up your kiln. are you into raku? um, once i made a chip & dip bowl/plate. it was super crap. i find it difficult to throw without a sponge, but then it leaves the clay all... unsmooth and what have you.

ugh, also, i try not to think about what's going on with our age and inevitability of time. thankfully, i apparently still look like i'm 17. *sigh*

things w/ me: i am dating a super sweet boy named anthony (there are probably pics at flickr.com/photos/gimchi or at my blog! i have become even more nerdly than you can believe or remember. oh yea, baby, that's me.) we have 2 babies (read: felines). um, i work for a health insurance company as a "data research specialist SENIOR." i am going to school for a pharmacy degree. (fun, eh? school may just kill me, which will hopefully cause my artistic side to blow up and reignite my soul, which may or may not have shrivelled to a small mung bean husk. we'll see how it goes.)

anyways, enough ramble for now! so glad you're doing well!



jellies jellies everywhere

so anyways

well, i just wrote a long post. blogger deleted it. *sigh* i'll just ramble and see if anything makes sense or comes back to me.

this weekend was rather relaxing except for kim going a little insane at the messiness of the house.

saturday we drove out to brandon to old time pottery to look for a rug. unfortunately, the rugs were subpar in quality of design. since we've been looking for a rug for what feels like 6 months, we finally just bought the nicest one we could find at target. had we the ability (and monetary savings) - we'd probably have ended up with an $800 floor covering. we have champagne tastes.

sunday we did massive food shopping at publix, the fresh market and md oriental mart. finally we have good jasmine rice! we've been suffering for far too long on the crappy store-brand long grain rice from publix or kash & karry. oh yes, far too long.

and then later in the evening we had a veggie taco dinner w/ jen, brian and keoni. afterwards we made fun of 'i want that' on hgtv. sometimes it all makes perfect sense why we don't pay for cable. you want me to pay for that crap?? right....

jen & i also conversed on what horrible activists we'd make. we both get super emotional and angry when confronted by small minded, intolerant people - especially those who wish to foist their painful beliefs upon us. and then we feel exceedingly violent and that's not a good thing. we may be small, but we're mighty!

- after my class on thursdays, i go to anthony's philosophy class to hang out and pass the time (it's kinda scary sitting outside on the benches by myself at 9 pm). some of the people in that class... drive me insane. talking about aristotle, the teacher elaborates on how aristotle believed that god was the ultimate potential, god was what humans strive to be. god is the end result, not the beginning. someone pipes up, "but god is the alpha and the omega." riiight. in christian thought. not everyone is a christian and not everyone's beliefs conform to the christian way. not to mention that aristotle happened to have been born way before christ. please, people, get around your religion. at least by the 3rd class - can you understand that christian beliefs aren't the only beliefs? argh! (this, by the way, happens a lot in this class - where christians keep piping up with their inappropriate comments.)
- one of his classmates said, "in the bible it says 'there's a time for peace and there's a time for war' - that means that war is ok."
- a coworker sent me a painful article from the fox news website that basically said that people who own big trucks shouldn't have to pay more for gas. "reasoning?" big trucks bring us our food. big fire trucks save people's homes. big ambulances save lives. could this possibly be the most ridiculously stupid line of "thought," ever? wtf?!

so anyways. here are some things that make me happy (to combat all the stupid people in the world):
- my cat yam now sleeps on my pillow. she's super soft.
- anthony made an amazing minestrone soup, which i inhaled for lunch.
- i have a birthday sushi dinner to attend on friday (happy birthday sarah!)
- i have a birthday party to attend on saturday (happy birthday jen!)
- i have a moon party festival/belated anthony birthday party to plan for sunday! (it's going to be a busy, busy week)
- i got to bed at a decent hour last night.
- my car is hopefully fixed for under $100! (replaced the highly crudded-up fuel filter)
- with the money saved from the car, we might buy a real bed and move the futon to the living room.


formal apology

this is a formal apology to my boyfriend, anthony maltese, for being such a hackled uber-bitch this weekend.


::kim illustrated::anthony designed::

red room cinema sticker
Originally uploaded by gimchi.

moon day festival

moon day festival
Originally uploaded by gimchi.
hm... first time using flickr to blog an image. anyways, we never got to celebrate anthony's birthday (since he had to be taken to the emergency room and all) so we'll be celebrating on the moon day festival!
activities involve: the imbibing of copious quantities of "beverages," the playing of board games (we're nerds like that) and the eating of many high cholesterol moon cakes!



sometimes i forget that art is just enjoying yourself.

while browsing blogs i came across this website. her sketchbook is wonderfully charming and spartan and beautiful and whimsical. i used to have a sketchbook. what happened? i'll have to get one and start carrying it around a little more.

general areas of interest that i'd like to explore in my artwork:
asian themes - chinese & korean culture
underwater - the unknown and mysterious; octopus, jellyfish, mantis shrimp, half-hidden crustaceans


despite gas prices being at an all time high ( i remember when it cost $10 to fill up my tank!) i went down 2 hours to visit my family on pine island. also, i missed "getting drinks" with star, david, rachel and anthony AND an aloha show. damnit! i really like aloha!

on the plus side, i did get amazingly good and fattening food - duck and crispy pork and dumplings and tofu and okinawa spinich. holy crap, duck is so yummy. sometimes i wonder if the ducks in my townhome complex are edible... (kidding! sortof.) i eat like a herd of hungry hippos when i go down to my parents. one day i'll remember to take photos of the tableau, but this time i got images of some of the fruit my dad grows.

these are longon - similar to lychee, but not as syrupy sweet. also known as "dragon eyes." hmm... it occurs to me that i should show one cracked open, but we'll save that for a later, more lucid, date.

my dad is all about presentation. just not enough to let me iron the background fabric.

these babies are quite large - some were even 1 1/2 inches! quite large, really. he sells them in the tampa, miami and orlando area, sometimes shipping as far as new york, california and mississippi.


reviews: 'the brother's grimm,' directed by mr terry gilliam was quite good! quite entertaining and the cgi wasn't as bad as the trailers made it look. ok, ok, the scene with the scarf was pretty bad. but he's so good with period pieces and i'd love to see what he could do with 'lost in la mancha.'

matt damon was really irritating, though. anthony was telling me that his fanzine website told that gilliam wanted matt damon to wear a prosthetic nose for the movie and miramax said they'd cut funding if that happened. wtf?! he'd lose 'marketability?' matt damon is really not that cute. he's far too arrogant and... typical to be attractive in any sense of the word. he seemed so out of place. heath ledger was so good and quirky!! i think matt damon looked so odd because he appeared so... normal. most gilliam films do not have normal people in them, they all have some sort of "flaw" or grittiness to them - a reality. he's not all about the perfect and i'm sure it must have been frustrating to have to compromise like that.

and i believe, in an interview on the same website, gilliam said that there was a scene when they were fleeing the burning woods that was so incredible it made the end of the movie total crap. so they had to cut it. *laugh* it'll be on the dvd, but it's intriguing to wonder what was so kickass about it. we'll buy, we're hooked. also, anthony must keep his gilliam compendium complete.


on a more sobering note, the whole katrina incident is absolutely horrifying. i read these stories and am so appalled at the state of things. i read them or hear them on npr and get so choked up... i'll want to say something to anthony, but can't because i'll probably start crying.


the satsukos

last night anthony & i hung out at usf's marshall center basement with star & david and listened to the satsukos. : ) it was weird and strange to be hanging out in a college student center! so different than hcc's dale mabry campus. there's such a different feeling that comes with a larger university. i miss it.

we also played scrabble wherein anthony soundly trounced the 3 of us. his highest single score was 42 (caravan). david's highest was also 42 (sonic - frozen). star didn't need any single huge score because she just rocked the board in general.

my score passed the 100 mark - 101! turn off the fire, kim! where did that come from?! my highest single score was 38 (froze - off - or). maybe one day i'll beat anthony. one day. but never his mother - she's scrabble queen.

another tampa band i rather enjoy: the candybars.


this blogging thing has taken a bit of a backseat as of late. i'm going to try and remedy this, but school takes so much out of me so that there's nothing left but an empty shell that repeats and regurgitates chemistry and anatomy information. alas.