postcards from hong kong

how do people write in blogs every day?? though maybe now that i have internet access at work, i may start writing more.

the trip to china and hong kong was amazing. every time i go i learn more things about life over there - no matter how many times i've been there, something new strikes me.

** i got to explore hong kong without parents and was able to see into the city itself - not just the family living of dinners and restaurants and homes.
** having anthony there with me... it was strange and wonderful. showing him a part of my life that no one else has ever been able to see. i loved sitting at the huge round table dinners, eating amazing vegetables, duck and shrimp (with the heads still attached) and seeing him next to me with all the chinese voices rushing about.
** i got to sing karaoke in peng san (where my dad grew up) with anthony, vincent and my cousin. ant & i sang "every breath you take." we rocked the house.
** we were called cheapos while bargaining at the lo wu commercial shopping center.
** i ate the WEIRDEST shrimp things i have ever seen in my LIFE. they were positively prehistoric. i will try and post a picture up at some point.
** we went to the cat store and cafe - where we ate meow-face toast w/ chocolate and fed cats from my salmon dish.
** i ate some sort of big roe sushi with my niece kiki and her boyfriend terri - dribbling the roe contents down my chin and onto the table.