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this logo cracks me up every time i look at it:

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- i have blue highlights in my hair (and subsequently, all over my towels). once these few semi-permanent highlights fade, i'm going to bleach some more hair - ends, mainly - and then dye it red. dark red? bright red? still not sure. i'm 26 and just now reaching my rebellious hair phase.

- i paid off my smallest credit card - whoopee!

- anthony and i are feverishly watching buffy season 5 (shhh...i've created a monster).

- this past weekend we overhauled the house and squeaky cleaned it. we even bought that stuff you sprinkle on the carpets and then vacuum up. it was actually this allergen reducer stuff, but i think it's making me sneeze all the time...

- i really should start doing overtime at my job... it's just so easy to sleep in on saturdays!


name analysis

although the name kimberly creates an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas, we emphasize that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation. this name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the solar plexus. [oof]

the name kimberly gives you a strongly independent and highly creative nature, with drive and ambition to have experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary. you can work intently at whatever is new and holds your interest at the moment, but your interest wanes quickly when drudgery and monotony set in. obstacles to your progress or restrictions on your freedom to act create a sense of frustration which may cause you to feel resentful and even rebellious. you can then become intolerant of others, and caustic and belittling in your expression, thereby imposing stress on your personal relationships.

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from 'kafka on the shore'

i've always been a great fan of the chunichi dragons, he thought, but what are the dragons to me, anyways? say they beat the giants - how's that going to make me a better person? how could it? so why the heck have i spent all this time getting worked up like the team was some extension of myself?
listening to fournier's flowing, dignified cello, hoshino was drawn back to his childhood. he used to go to the river every day to catch fish. nothing to worry about back then, he reminisced. just live each day as it came. as long as i was alive, i was something. that was just how it was. but somewhere along the line it all changed. living turned me into nothing. weird... people are born in order to live, right? but the longer i've lived, the more i've lost what's inside me - and ended up empty. and i bet the longer i live, the emptier, the more worthless, i'll become. something's wrong with this picture. life isn't supposed to turn out like this! isn't it possible to shift direction, to change where i'm headed?

'kafka on the shore'
haruki murakami


postcards from china

here's a picture of my dad while we were in china - he's standing in front of the village/family shrine. i'm going to try and post pictures up every once in a while - at least, until the storage on my yahoo page lasts...


trying to stay motivated is hard, for me at least. i find it exceedingly difficult to achieve some sort of passion about my work (and no, i don't mean my job, i mean my creative artistic side). i am constantly struggling with my obsessive compulsive perfectionistic self and i am always trying to "feel right" about my pieces - whether i feel in the right mood creating it or whether i sense the right mood while looking back on it. my work feels very immature to me.

probably the best thing would be for me to create non-stop. to churn out work without thinking on it too much. the rub lies in my "money-to-make-a-living-and-eat-job." who wants to work in a cubicle? who wants to train other employees and be asked questions all day and get stressed over that "can do" attitude? who really honestly cares about "taking that jet plane straight to the top?" planes make me motion sick.

one of my supervisors likes me. not in that creepy harrassment kind of way. more of a "you're-a-team-player!" kind of way. he cornered me in front of the coffee machines a few days ago, spouting from his lips every concievable management/team player cliché i had heard in my life (and trust me, i've heard a lot of them). the thing is, he's really a nice guy. most people who are in higher-up positions in corporate jobs give me the heebie-jeebies with their drive to achieve and do more, more, more. acquire more, more, more. more resources, more production, more movement (upwards, of course).

wow. ranting makes me feel better. my friend meaghan gave me a book a while ago, "the artist's way." the first exercise was to start what was called 'the morning pages.' a little cheesy, but the idea was to get up early (that was the part i failed at) and write 3 pages (long hand) of whatever came to mind. irritations, thoughts, ramblings, stream of consciousness. the idea was to get out all those extra thoughts molding in your mind, thoughts that were possibly and probably gagging your creativity spigot.

right, so i guess my point it: it works. : )

ok, going to play some katamari damacy.



twenty six!

happy birthday to me!
happy birthday to me!
happy birthday to meeeee!
happy birthday to me!

a most excellent birthday to finish off a mostly good - kinda crummy birthday weekend! AND i had yummy sushi, compliments of anthony - and the third season of buffy! what can i say, but admit that i'm an addict. i think deep down, anthony may be enjoying it himself, though you'd never hear him say it.

weekend good: got to see family and friends.
weekend bad: dad being a stubborn mule.

ah, family. gotta love 'em.


unexpected surprises

don't you love it when you're going through something, anything, and you find an item you had thought was lost/ruined/gone forever?

i have a picture of me, anthony, my brother and my niece from a photo booth in hong kong. i keep it in my wallet, and imagine my horror when i tried to take it out and the image stuck to the plastic - ripping the image.

just this morning i decided to get out my journal so i could resume my doodling and writing and ranting in a more tangible form and lo! and behold! a copy of the picture resting in the middle!

from left to right: steph - vince - me - anthony

the colors may be wacky - my monitor isn't calibrated - and it's a picture of a picture - but it's one of my favorites.



the following pictures also showcase how shitty the colors are on my new LCD monitor.

must ... calibrate... colors...

much frustration, much frustration.

colors are so wonky! what's with that weird blue tint?


southern fried strawberry festival

this past weekend anthony and i went to the strawberry festival in plant city. can we say "deep fried heart attack," boys and girls? the following pictures showcase just a few of the fatty-goodness foods that southern hospitality has wrought upon our arteries.

they also had cheese on a stick.
kim: ew, sounds gross.
ant: like a pap smear.

we met up with rosie, sarah, sarah's mom and marcus while there. marcus was brave enough to actually try three of these heavy delicacies - the twinkie, the candy bar (milky way) and the oreos - without blowing chunks or going into cardiac arrest! i am amazed.

here's anthony breaking his funnel cake virginity (rated G):

here're the little kiddies learning how to milk bessie:

and here're a few of the neat roosters from the poultry and rabbit tent:


hare-ray pott-er

currently, i am rereading year 5: order of the phoenix and have already placed my "hold" at borders. book 5 is definitely more lively than any of the others - more dialogue and witty barbs; though in the rereading i find myself getting more and more irritated at harry's adolescent mood swings.

the next book on the list is 'the time traveler's wife.' meaghan lent it to me - she read it for her book club and... i'm pretty sure she liked it. hm, i think she did. maybe she was purposely vague so as to keep my perceptions unfettered by her impressions. hmm.

if anyone's looking for a good novel, one of my favorites is 'geek love' by katherine dunn. it was absolutely incredible. note: if you're easily nauseated by disfigurements of the human form, maybe you should steer clear.

anyways. anthony's thumb is definitely looking better, even after playing his guitar for an hour or so last night. oh, and smashing it into my car door. my birthday seems to be rushing up and i have no idea what i want to do to celebrate. last year's paper party will be hard to top... i'm considering a group jaunt to the local q-zar. i rock at laser tag. then again, i hear that rosie is a pretty good shot at the gun range.


cramping... fingers...

tonight i sat down at the computer. four hours later my hands are gnarled and stiff.

the fruit of my labor:

{3/3/05} the picture wasn't up for a while due to nose issues. damn, but noses are hard to render! if anyone has any other suggestions... oh do let me know.


i like sharp knives. i really do. i can't stand having to cut onions with bendy-shakey, dull knives. so, in china, we bought a really sharp, really awesome butcher knife. you know, the big square kind.

and this morning, anthony unfortunately sliced off a bit of his thumb with it.

we were getting ready for work and he was chop-chop-chopping some salad fixings for lunch. i'm heading upstairs and i hear a few loud choice words and think, "oh crap." he's holding his hand, applying pressure near the sink. not pretty.

it was hard to decide what to do - emergency room? walk-in clinic? was it *really* that deep? where the heck would they put the stiches? we even called ramon, our paramedic-in-training friend/ex-roommate. after 40 minutes or so, it stopped bleeding and just oozed. it's covered with band-aids and we'll check on it in a few hours. if all goes well, we'll leave it like that and put some liquid adhesive on it.

oi vey.