yammie says suck it

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faux lush

faux lush, originally uploaded by gimchi.

we had to move everything from our back porch to our front porch for
apartment repairs; now our front porch looks super lush! and of
course, it's only now, towards the end of our stay at our apartment
that they decide to fix the summertime lake that comes with the rains
on our porch. typical, no?


hot diggity!!

hot diggity!!, originally uploaded by gimchi.

serious excitement over this awesome score at vinyl fever.



pleasant surprises


today was gorgeously beautiful!! i was afraid it was going to be hot and muggy, but it was warm and serene. the breeze actually felt a little like spring.

hmm... just checked out weather.com. looks like it's 92 degrees with a heat index of 102. humidity 55% with winds from 11-17 mph. seems kinda high, but humidity below 85% rocks my world. either way, it was beautiful in the shade.

i got a sandwich, a large iced coffee and sat at a table on the sidewalk and utterly zoned out for almost an hour. sometimes i need downtime and that was exactly what i needed. i people watched, felt the breeze, watched and played with the condensation trickling down my glass, tracked the clouds and sighed. it. was. awesome.

and now i go back to work to this:

our office is moving from the 3rd floor west building to the 3rd floor east building. it's been a while since anyone had vacuumed under the desks, as you can see.



dammit!, originally uploaded by gimchi.

the new pass was in my car, too!!!




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this is my attempt at trying to get a pattern and an overly large
men's shirt to magically meld. good thing i didn't start cutting yet.
see that curve? it's supposed to be the armhole. it's on my freaking

thai temple time!

say that three times fast?

this morning i met up with yen, her old roommate and her two adorable little girls at the thai temple for some delicious foodstuffs! thankfully the weather wasn't too hot and the skies never opened upon us. we sat in the shade and ate beef noodle soup, spicy pumpkin curry, green papaya salad, coconut custards (with scallions! so delicious!!), spring rolls and these... sweet peanut-filled translucent ... ball things. i have no idea what they were, but again, delicious. i'm craving those custards something fierce. i really should have bought some more for later...







these are the coconut custards!



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so busy with my new camera phone! most of these were taken with the
shakeit photo app for the iPhone. I am crazy snap happy, as you may
have noticed. :)

today, ant and i drove about looking for cute bungalow style homes. it
was fun! and exhausting. we have a long way to go. we also ran through
the rain in a hard sun shower and bought air fresheners for our smelly
and wet-car smelling vehicles. long overdue! my creaky saturn was

bedtime calls. zzz. i hope sleep finds you all well!




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it's official. i'm addicted.


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the moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful
of the twenty-four hours. no matter how weary or dreary you may feel,
you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you,
absolutely anything may happen. and the fact that it practically
always doesn't, matters not a jot. the possibility is always there.
-monica baldwin

don't you hate liars?


i am so web 2.0

i am so web 2.0, originally uploaded by gimchi.

i just took this photo on my iPhone and am emailing it to flickr to
post automatically to my blog. how rockin' is that??

thomas sends you all his love.

albergo miramare

ahh... such fond memories.


this was my private balcony at albergo miramare in positano, italy. isn't it beautiful? the view, also, was impressive:


positano, beautiful town of 20 billion stairs.

i was alone in italy for a week after traipsing about europe with michie, who had been studying abroad in sweden. i boarded a bus and got off here on the amalfi coast and easily skipped my way down to the beach (300 steps), where the tourist office was located. the hostel i wanted to stay at was all the way up past the main road. with a gulp, i started climbing back up with my overly heavy backpack. if i remember correctly, i was probably carrying rocks in my bag from our stay in cinque terre. rocks i still have on my patio, i might add! needless to say, i got about 200 steps (210, to be exact) up and i utterly faltered. i was sweating buckets and thought, 'i'm staying at the next hotel i see, i don't care how much it costs'.

i distinctly remember the man at the front desk looking shocked after i accepted the room, which cost 220,000 lira. maybe $100-$150? i can't remember now. but it was a small room with a PRIVATE BATH and AIR CONDITIONING and a gorgeous BALCONY. it was so worth every penny at the time. we had been staying in hostels that averaged $15/person/night.


can you see how pleased i look? my pinky finger looks broken..

i can't recommend this place enough! however, their rates have um, definitely gone up since i was there. save those pennies! the balcony is SO worth it.


delish knish

photo, originally uploaded by gimchi.

doesn't my breakfast look amazing? (i took that pic w/ my iphone *heart*) the work fridge didn't have any spicy brown mustard, so i had to make do with some regular yellow. very good and very filling. with blueberries as a snack.

i've found that berries are one of the few fruits that won't make my mouth explode in an itchy and swollen fervor. thank goodness.

so, i've decided to try my hand at this wedding photography thing. just part time for now. i like the idea of having a name for my business, and not just my name. something with "studios" or some such word after it. nothing too hippie, of course.

moonlight studios
granola studios
no soap studios

should you have any ideas, send them my way! gimchi studios... doesn't really work, i don't think.

because come on. i'm 30 and am working a kind of dead-end job right now the way this economy is going. no raises in the forseeable... ever. i did right and got a fan-fucking-tastic raise when i got into this position, it's just demoralizing. no piddly 2% standard of living raise, either. and that dreary should-i-call-in-today feeling is coming on with alarming frequency.



Balloons magic6, originally uploaded by sugarock.

these are absolutely beautiful.

go look at her site; you won't be sorry.


*insert choir of angels*

we caved and tuesday night on a whim, we bought iphones.

<3 *swoon*

it's like........ a mini computer and phone and ipod and video game player all in one!!

reasons why i like it: i can check my email and facebook account in bed.

reasons why i hate it: i can check my email and facebook account in bed.

for someone who already has addiction issues with the internet and who regularly enjoys thoughts of going a full weekend (*gasp*) without checking email, but who cannot do so without getting the shakes..... i can see this becoming a very bad thing. i'm like a smoker needing to shake and fondle and smell their cigarettes every few minutes. it's so... beautiful.....

and can you believe it, it's been what, 2 weeks since it came out? tuesday night, there was still a line outside the apple store! wth? yes, we waited in line for a god damn phone. we are losers. we already got the weird glances from people walking by and we were one of those people 2 weeks ago. the line was WAY longer then! and we'd already driven there! and the line didn't look that long (we were wrong). ah, but it was worth it and lovely. anthony watches movies and tv shows while processing claims at work and is agog at the beautiful large screen. much better than his dinky ipod.