not even halloween, and yet the halloweenie photos have begun

firstly, the red room cinema photos:

anthony - guitar

brian - bass

keoni - drums

dug - keyboard

dave - guitar

trevor - merch boy

guests of the show:




joethe incomparable joe of tastemakers





jen was my muse for the evening. check her out as she enjoys the flash!


the light... it is so beautiful.....



i am rather lethargic this morning, for no good reason of which to speak.

i went to bed at 11, which is early by my standards on a normal work evening. and i'm on my second cup of tea.

perhaps it is the tea that is making my morning feel surreal. my tea drinking began in earnest yesterday morning. the entire 7 ounces of nescafe that i've voraciously consumed in the past month has taken its toll.

i feel jet lagged. everything smells differently with 2 mugs of oolong in your system. in the break room, i smelled incense, even though i'm sure it was just some strange spicy syrup pancake smell. maybe.

and just now i could have sworn i smelled siu mai, or some other such dim sum treats.

maybe it was the yellow bean (?) chinese breakfast pastry bun i had for breakfast as well.
  • a summer wasting - belle & sebastian, the boy w/ the arab strap
  • we should have never lived like skyscrapers - chin up chin up, we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers
  • the girl is mine - michael jackson ("yep she's mine" ... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  • streamside - the album leaf, in a safe place ♥
  • benway - tortoise, standards
  • last humans - seaweed, spanaway
  • diazepam - karate, the is in the ocean
  • sometimes i still feel the bruise - trembling blue stars, broken by whispers
  • winter - audio learning center, friendships often fade away
  • here comes your man - samiam, where is my mind (pixies tribute)
  • arretu i sbarri - la musica de la mafia, omerta, onuri e sangu
  • academic festival overture, op.80 - the london philharmonic/abrosian singers/wolfgang sawallisch, brahms symphony no.4 - shicksaslied
  • the way you say good-night - the magnetic fields, 69 love songs vol 2
  • shelly belly - pedro the lion, the new songs ep
  • ferocious love - aloha, that's your fire
  • you love to fall - the magnetic fields, distant plastic trees
  • md11 - the swords project, entertainment is over if you want it
  • otak - tristeza, 2005 japan tour cdr
  • i'm tongue-tied - the magnetic fields, i
  • dionysus burning - elliott, us songs
  • ♥ anthony's band, red room cinema was asked to open for the album leaf! except we'll be in chicago - me at the museum and he at the studio mixing their cd. oops!


weekend extravaganza!

many photographs to follow, not all are terribly exciting, but all make me rather happy.

as mentioned previously, erika and meaghan came up for a little girlfriend sweatshop city-wide! much bubbly was ingested and yarn bought. and sangria! and brownie brick! meaghan makes this delicious dense and melty brownie brick "cake." maybe it's more of a loaf. it's heaven on a plate. and in my mouth.

firstly, meaghan dropped by & vacuumed my craft room, i showered, anthony ran off to pick up chinese take-out, my parents came into town, erika drove up and we ate! thank you, ho ho choy's deliciousness.

the parents - look, they sit alike!!

erika telling us stories about her high school students and what wonderful angels they are! (read: sarcasm)
[this was when i broke out the good flash - it makes a big difference!]

the snuggle-bunnies

"what? 3 females? 1.5 bathrooms? token male? whatwhatwhat??"

we watched pretty in pink, which meaghan had never seen (!!) and lounged in our pjs.

i believe that erika's shirt says 'stolen from mabel's whorehouse.' i believe it means the person, not the shirt.

sleepy boy
so cutie! boy w/ cats. that's thomas on the right and yammie on the left. this was actually the second photo taken - thomas learns quickly to not look at the bright light.

the next day, we woke up late and meandered down to ybor to see yen @ the craft fair!

yen makes beautiful jewelry!

yen & her man, mike

"hellooooo customers!," says yen

jen & yen are so adorable! not only do their names rhyme, but they're also about the same size.

rachel looks... umm... really lecherous in this picture. we're actually insanely hot and sweating. the sweat gushed forth as water from a burst dam. my shoulders are sweating in this picture. my SHOULDERS. along w/ other body parts. UGH! a cold front supposedly went through, but could we feel it? a hearty NAY. i've never sweat that much before in my life .

again, that's not happiness - rachel & yen are actually crying because of the heat.

and onward, to the yarn store! we met up with danielle, the newest addition to our girlfriend sweatshop (tampa edition) meetings. i had to restrain myself to not buy $90 on japanese yarn. so i spent $50 instead. it was so beautiful. so yummy. as meaghan said, it's wonderfully slubby. mmm....

the evening entailed erika falling asleep at 8 pm, pesto, onion/garlic/olive oil/balsamic bread dip, salad w/ pineapple lemon dressing, caprese and pavlova.

sunday was a day trip to la creperia.

rachel & laurie (lawrence)

erika, looking cute, yet funny

jen grabs her knitting from the car - meaghan inspires us to actually carry our knitting w/ us everywhere. her knitting is incredible. *le sigh*


the send off. eff, i'm getting a mullet. i am ----><----- this close to cutting my hair tonight.... gfss16
secrets?? hmmm....

yammie will miss them, too.


highly anticipated fridays

thank goodness for fridays!

meaghan & erika are driving in tonight for a good 'ol romp in the hay, gfss style. ok, maybe no hay romping, but as per usual, lots of food, drink and girly time. also, yarn. lots of yarn.

just 40 more minutes and i can leave the brightly lit environment of my cube. i should name my cube. my work cocoon. my freezing, forest green, work cocoon. if i should die here, i believe that my body shall be forever young, never to decompose. it is so cold that i often use my desktop battery plug as a foot warmer. now, that's pathetic. or ingenious, i'm still not sure which.

  • smoke signals - the magnetic fields, distant plastic trees
  • fortunate and holding - knapsack, silver sweepstakes
  • william, it was really nothing - the smiths, louder than bombs
  • red house - the casket lottery, possiblies and maybes
  • speed of film - elliott, false cathedrals
  • we heart our hive - q and not u, no kill no beep beep
  • things that make you want to (kiss me) - errortype:11, amplified to rock
  • buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow (demo) - red sparrowes, split EP 2005
  • panic - the smiths, the best of the smiths
  • leif erikson - interpol, turn on the bright lights
  • live through the age of radio - the cancer conspiracy, the audio medium
  • hilmar orn hilmarsson & sigur ros-5 - sigur ros, angels of the universe
  • hanging marionette - the appleseed cast, two conversations


oh, the rants are neverending this week

songs enjoyed today:

rainer maria - feeling neglected
mineral - slower
pedro the lion - rapture
the appleseed cast - losing touching searching

for real, the lady who sits near the printer needs to stop telling me that i'm too thin. you might say, "oh, don't complain, you're lucky!"

no. really. stop. objectifying. me.

i guess... whatever, it happens. i don't mind every once in a while. but at least 3 or 4 times a week she mentions it. and she's always offering me candy or cookies. maybe i've also already complained about her.

in any case, after lunch, i was still hungry and then commenced to eat 5 nuggets of chocolate. i then commenced to feel really sick - sometimes sugar makes me feel really yucky. hence why i don't eat much of it.

i walk by.
she: "you're so thin! oh, have some candy!"
::points to huge candy box::
i: "no thanks, i just had a bunch of chocolate and now i feel kind of sick."
::walk to printer & walk back::
she: "oh, well, you're the one that never eats."

.... excuse me? ... are you insinuating i have an eating problem? just because i don't eat all the candy and sugared foodstuffs you offer me doesn't mean i don't eat. i actually eat quite a bit and i am lucky to have such a great metabolism, i know.

i'm just super hormonal right now and cannot handle the barrage of workplace annoyances that are piling up at present.
hormones + stress + work + school = kim-mind-messy

such obsession with looks and appearance can't be healthy in this society. regardless, if i were to take the opposite side and tell her each time i saw her that she should lose weight or stop eating that candy as she's chewing it, that would be a huge social faux pas! even if i took the slant that i was only "concerned" about her well-being.

either way, complimenting how thin someone is and telling someone they are too big, both are just different sides of the same sticky situation - objectification.

and now my eye is twitching.


two?! at once?

this weekend went by in such a blur of fun and stress and money and friends. i need more weekend! more weekend i demand!

saturday was star's virgo birthday party {star, dave & jen}.

star. was. so. drunk. they played a drinking game called moose, wherein star liberally drank of the communal cup, which was filled throughout the night by a bevy of various brands of beer and wine. she is a strong woman, for she chugged at least 3 glasses of the "moose" apertif.

i'm getting a gagging feeling in my throat just considering it.

sunday was spent taking photographs for a friend's niece's wedding. fun! AND i got to see my brother and hang out w/ him and his roommate, who apparently used to be a... dancer. the boy can dance, i'll grant him that.

(they were the "help" - assisting w/ cooking and serving. also, "helping" themselves to drinks from the bar.)


they got a little drunky drunk.


vince can also make an *AWESOME* fruit plate. one of his specialities, one might so say.


it does, however, look a little yannic, no?


on the other side of the camera, surprise!

me & vince

so....... going back to the title of this post.

on the way back from the wedding, kim happened to get not one, but TWO flat tires at once. can you believe it? what kind of bad luck do i have, right? i heard the POP, thought "oh, crap" and got out to inspect. one tire completely down while the other could be heard hissing really loudly. upon close examination, i could feel and see a rather large piece of metal/glass in the middle of the quickly deflating tire.

*big sigh*

thankfully, anthony and saad came to the rescue! much time was spent waiting by myself, at 11 pm at night, on a lonely stretch of highway. creeeepy!

so i entertained myself by taking photographs of the surrounding area.


the view from the front of the car:


views from the driver's side:



and side views from the driver's side of cars passing by:


total. suckage.

at least now anthony has nice new tires and a newly adjusted alignment. so that's a plus. AND i wasn't kidnapped and chainsaw massacred in largo, home of the "country skillet" restaurant.

mmm MMMMM!


five away

top five things keeping me from enjoying my own blog:

1) classes
2) my new nikon D50
3) visiting family in bokeelia
4) {thinking about} crafting
5) your mom


happiness is a friday

today = immensely boring.

i am, however, getting really good chinese food from one of my favorite restaurants, ho ho choy.

and tits got her bag!! huzzah! i didn't realize it, but some yammie hairs had gotten in there. she's a sneaky one, that cat. maybe she was sleeping in the box... i even hung that bag up on the top of the door so she wouldn't get it! *laugh*

i, myself, am wanting to buy more things from people online. from etsy and from tits cafepress site. i very rarely wear t-shirts w/ actual lettering (unless it's crazy chinglish from china), but her mugs have been calling my name in dulcet tones for some time. i'm also about to go on a big tea kick, so that'll be perfect! must... get... paid....


i think i actually had a reason for posting, but i can't quite remember what it is at present. *sigh*