thursday, dusk, be there

thursday night shall find me at new world brewery, on their patio, with some delicious ambrosia in hand. after thursday i shall have only 1 more week of classes! oh, blissful days. again, i cannot imagine life without attempting to post on my lunch hour or having to write a paper while anthony gets to play video games.

in any case, thank goodness for knowing where the free parking is in ybor. please do join me should anyone be in the area or have the inclination. or if you're cool. and there's always fuma bella a quick jaunt across the street (do watch your step for the trolley tracks).

red room cinema - july 3rd


feeble attempts

at the cat's behest, i am back, though i am feeble and absent-minded. the past month has gone by in this fog of work and school and the only semi-clear memories i have are of gmail and google reader, food on utensils being tipped into my gullet and my feather pillow, soft and quicky rushing up to greet my face.

last night i attempted a show. red room cinema played wonderfully and the summerbirds in the cellar were enjoyable and pert. however, i ended up leaving early at 1:30 am, unable to continue onwards. also, i felt old and lame and can't really enjoy myself fully at crowbar (the ambience is just awful). i feel like the glory days of enjoying myself at shows has come and gone. i didn't even get to see maserati and i had really wanted to see them. anthony came home at 3:30 am and went to work without any sleep, knowing that had he slept, he wouldn't have made it into the office.

ugh, i'm feeling awful self-pitying right now, i blame the lack of sleep and the great desire to finish up classes and homework. i keep opening my collections development book, sighing a deep sigh, then returning to my computer to check email (for the umpteenth time) or browsing the tubes of the internet.

tonight will most likely find me cleaning and purging and attempting to finish homework. bleh bleh bleh. note to self: don't blog whilst feeling crappy and tired and vaguely unsatisfied. i can't even take a bath easily because filling up the tub causes me to RUN OUT OF HOT WATER. wtf, right? maybe i'll stove-top some hot water, hm...

i promise i'll be back soon and in a better mood. and with pictures of owen eating handfuls of sand. he's very adorable.




comps are done and my brain feels like absolute mush. smashed potatoes. cheesy grits. vegetarian hot dogs gone awry.

i'd like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • anthony for periodic bouts of calming, food & sustenence (i.e. early onset grumpiness prevention)
  • jim for reassurances and email procrastination
  • lucy for keeping me on track by mentioning how many pages she wrote on the first day and for facebook procrastination
  • google for my google reader addiction

tonight and tomorrow i'll be frantically finishing up my collection development policy and then, THEN, i shall frantically finish up my reading project.

and eagerly await girlfriend sweatshop in gainesville, where i shall transform into the all-powerful super lush (complete with regenerative liver).


pop culture deficient

while making dinner

ant: did you know that clive barker was gay?

me: wait, what?! WHAT?! no way! i thought he was married. he's married. really?

me: ...oh wait, clive BARKER? i thought you meant clive owen. ... clive barker, he's that game show host?

ant: um, no, that's bob barker.


so close to the end.


12:00 pm - comprehensive exam questions released
12:02 pm - i start "my days"

sometimes it's like life just wants to challenge your motivation and energy. and bring you down with debilitating cramps, periodic hot flashes, unjustifiable rage and insatiable urges for food and naps.


set in stone

internet tubes appeared clogged last night, so i had to resort to posting this morning.

these pics are from visiting the petroglyph national monument in albuquerque. sadly, in addition to the original glyphs, there are far more "modern" interpretations to be found. OR, maybe they're just evidence that the scientologists were right.

our trip was absolutely wonderful and we had SUCH a blast with ramon & alexis. even with our favorite coffee/breakfast burrito shop (buster's) closed just the week before we visited.

last night i had my recurring dream regarding teeth loss. actually, it was just one tooth which strangely and raggedly broke, almost as though part of it has disintegrated. and apparently there is a TON of information on this common dream on the interwebs. i'll go with the explanation that it could represent that i am at a "breaking point" with some situation in my life.

stupid assignment due today by 11:59 pm.

*sigh* i need to 1) stop whining and 2) just finish it already.



in lieu of writing my needs assessment assignment, i instead drank a blue moon and worked on some photos from mine & ant's trip to new mexico to visit ramon & alexis! i am *that* good people. *that* good.

why do i like to screw myself over like this? *sigh*

however, without further procrastinatory ado:

these are from the ernie pyle library (it's his last home, converted). i especially loved the bathroom filled with periodicals. PERFECT! the whole place felt so cozy and warm, lots of wood shelving.

these are from the japanese spa, ten thousand waves. koi pond? in-the-buff hot tubbing in 40 degree temperatures in nature on the side of a mountain? snow, less than 5 ft away from the cauldron-esque tub of bubbling water? refreshing cucumber h2o? clean open showers with hair dryers and deliciously deep pine scented shower gel and lotion? warm towels and heated floors? need i say more?

apologies for the lack of actual tub photos! i'm still learning my wide angle lens. check out the site for pics of our tub - kobuta.

and these are from our trip up sandia peak! the sky was gorgeous this day. actually, for most of our trip, so we were quite lucky. we took the tram up the peak and had drinks at 'high finance', the "cleverly" named restaurant at the top! we're talking snow and major wind huddling action.

don't worry, there are a few more pics coming before my paper is due on wednesday. petroglyphs!



so. confession.

i was obsessed with the mickey mouse club in middle high (edit: wait, maybe it was middle school. 1993? 8th grade? man, it's still so painful to watch.) school. erika (more here and here) and i would watch and tape episodes (VHS, bitches!) each afternoon. one of the best gifts erika gave me was a mix tape of MMC songs. actually, as i was telling this to anthony, i realized that what really happened was that erika made it for herself and then i coerced her to make me a copy. i'm a good friend like that. oh yea.

in any case, below is one of our favorites, just for you! we had the HUGEST crush on the lead singer, matt morris. who apparently has his own site! who'da thunk? thank god he's lost the coif, but he still seems weirdly arrogant.

erika actually knew this entire dance (i was never so talented). perhaps one day i'll be able to surreptitiously video a part of it for you. you won't be sorry.