oops, old forgotten draft

i meant this as an addendum to an older post -

i really don't believe that you should measure life in life tiles. because that's silly.

that game is just a social construct which isn't necessarily what we should follow or even believe.

one should set their own goals, live their own lives. not follow some outline or pre-determined milton-bradley plan.


freak. out.

so. i'm a little stressed about this upcoming craft show and am glad that 1) classes are over for this week and 2)... that it's not 12 am.

this morning i woke up late and am still exhausted. after this, i'm having some sangria whilst i shower and then will drift into slumber with my beautiful yammie.

i had to take some time to upload this photo of her, mostly because she's just so beautiful and cute, the sweetest cat ever. i think someone might have scared her when she was younger w/ a broom, since she doesn't really understand how to "play."

anything, whether broom or toy, that's above her head, causes her to run for cover. the other morning she woke me up by licking my entire palm. (i almost added "with her tongue," but really, what else can she lick me with?)

beautiful yammie

and here are some aquarium photos from georgia.


blue lips


deep slumber


web 2.0 is killing me!!!


web 2.0.

i love it.

but it does not love me.

i am overwhelmed by choices.

do i keep track of my books read on facebook?

on librarything?

on goodreads?

amazon wishlists?


*gaspgasp* i just spent part of my time on goodreads adding books, but i realize... enough! (sorry sleep goblin!) i can't do it. i must stick w/ library thing. i must stick with one option or i will go insane.

no more keeping books on facebook. i remove that application! I REMOVE THAT APPLICATION!

and i will update my library thing w/ my amazon wishlists. and i will clean out my wishlists.

the game of life

yesterday, i found out a good friend of mine is pregnant!! i am ridiculously excited for her and her little foetal cashew secret. i say secret, because... well, it's still not "public knowledge." but i can't wait to visit her and lay my hands all over her uterus (YEAA!).

how exciting, right??

and of course, it keeps me thinking about life. hmmmmmmm.

1 life tile: own a car
1 life tile: BA
1 (anticipated) life tile: MA

life tiles yet un-obtained:




things i need to stop doing: checking out too many books to read. i then renew them multiple times, in fact, renewing each of them the allowable two times, causing me to have had the book for a total of 63 days. and still unread.

i have just gotten 'snow flower and the secret fan' and 'after dark' and at home have 'mao', 'the search for the giant squid' and 'down and dirty pictures'. and one of david lynch's books on meditation, a book on 1001 gardens you must see and 'they call me naughty lola'. plus various crafting, sewing, photography and art books. not to mention the dvds.

i am awash in loaned items.

watched the departed w/ anthony the other night. meh. i never felt really involved in this movie. and while the characters themselves were good, i never quite felt their relationships between each other very deeply. the end came out of nowhere and just wasn't satisfying either, just shocking. surprise! *bang*



not sure how i didn't mention it, but ikea in atlanta was incredible. amazing. totally worth the 3 run-throughs we made. just a little longer and we'll have one an hour away and one 20 minutes away! glee!


second life

at the requirement of my class, human-computer interaction, i have created a second life avatar.


second life addiction beginnings

frightening, no? it's actually kind of boring if you don't have something specific you want to do. if anyone has any suggestions, let me know, because otherwise, i will end up having a little horde of unicorns.



a baby unicorn!! so adorable.

it's very easy to get a baby unicorn. very easy.






sleepy this morning. so sleepy. how much is the right amount of sleep? is it 8 hours?

... i get up around 6:00, so that means i need to get to bed at 10:00.

right now, my goal is just to get into bed before 12, which i've been doing. ish.

new goal - in bed before 11. this is good. baby steps.
i like baby steps.


this morning was the beginning of re-learning italian. my drive to work ranges from 45 minutes to an hour (now that school has started up again) and i feel so unproductive just listening to npr. anthony thinks it's funny; most people would think listening to npr is a lofty enough goal, over that of listening to morning djs or talk radio, but no, not enough for me. i need something more productive than npr.

so some days will be for npr, some for learning italian and some for a book on tape.

my current book on tape is catch-22, which i've never read. it seems to alternate between boredom and hilarity. which is life, i suppose. only on disk 2 of 15, but had to get a new copy from the library since the second disk had pieces of the silver foil stuff scraped clean off. nice.

"'tis just a scratch!" -- the black knight


this morning i also saw a cute baby garter snake. maybe about 4 inches long and pretty thin. i moved it to the mulch when i saw how much trouble it was having moving on the sidewalk. perhaps it was newly hatched; hopefully it didn't get into anything poisonous.


labor day saw anthony and i in atlanta (we're seeing about working things out).

rusan's, paolo's gelateria and the flying biscuit. delicious foodstuffs! $12 sushi buffet! crunchy breakfast biscuits with apple butter! gelato!

a 7 hour drive north will remove much humidty and put a chill in the air in the mornings.

regarding the ga aquarium - i think i talked it up too much! far too much expectation. alas. i guess i thought there would be more. but what it really has is just bigger.

don't get me wrong. the beluga whales and the whale sharks were pretty incredible. ok, really incredible. and very soothing, as anthony noted.

the belugas were very graceful and so powerful. you could see their skin and rippling muscles. and when they talked, their fatty melons changed shape! adorable.

most of any negative feeling i have towards the aquarium came from 1) the immense crush of people who were there and 2) the horrific mascot, deepo. deepo is an blatant "friend/rip-off" of neemo's, not to mention his shark friend looks completely stoned, with huge bags under his eyes. unfortunately, i was unable to find an image online. i compare it to the animation style of dreamworks (as opposed to pixar). and i don't like dreamworks' animation style.


my new roomie, emily, has also arrived! in a word, she's awesome. her cat molly is adorable. and we both enjoy arrested development, jon stewart, kids in the hall and douglas adams. w00t! i easily got her addicted to lolcats (it's a sickness, truly).