the elusive kiki

the elusive kiki, originally uploaded by gimchi.

i had to crawl about to get this shot without her running away. :)



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coffee and good times with lila, along with really good homemade scones!

now out looking at houses - where are you, perfect bungalow home?


gordie photo shoot

gordie photo shoot, originally uploaded by gimchi.

gordie photo shoot

gordie photo shoot, originally uploaded by gimchi.

gordie photo shoot

gordie photo shoot, originally uploaded by gimchi.



it's a long thursday over here, folks. a loooooong thursday.

exciting news: anthony and i are house hunting. we're getting pre-approved right now and will be going out on sunday to look at some homes. this whole process so far has been way easier than we thought, unless we're overlooking a lot of stuff. it'll be nice to have a house where i can garden and paint and relax. and where the cats can frolic and lounge. oh, and to have a real dinner table at which to sit!!

we're hoping to have it all done in just a few months, our lease is up at the end of november. the good news is that i have surprisingly and insanely good credit.

i feel like there's so much i want to say, but all my brain power is going to my stomach right now, since it's after lunch.




i did 30 pushups last night!


must break free of doldrums!

amazing meal at vincent's restaurant, the bay house. "peking" duck over some sort of sweet plum compote with a black lentil side. butter poached (and then briefly grilled) lobster with a wild rice mushroom pilaf. peach crostada. dense dark chocolate torte. a super tuscan wine, a pinot and a divine port. i'll have to get actual names, by the end of the night my recall powers were mightily lessened. and spending time with my brother, who works far too much, was quite a pleasure! i even took some photos for their website; let's hope some of them came out alright, shall we?

my niece's english language skills have increased exponentially since we last saw her when we went to disney together. it's incredible how the mind bounces back. and my nephew is not the terror he was when he arrived back in the states; he's calmed down a lot and is nowhere near a wild thing anymore. it was utterly adorable how he idolized anthony. it'll be interesting when he starts speaking english!

and while i didn't get a single home cooked meal, i did get delicious dim sum and 2 lobsters over the weekend. not to mention a TON of fruit! longon, dragonfruit, atemoya, mangoes... our fridge is overflowing with fruit! next visit we'll be able to spend more time with my dad as well, since he won't be out on the farm every day.

a case of the mondays


i hate my black moods and i'm stuck in one now.

well, not so much black as a dark grey. it's raining hard outside and thundering something fierce, which makes me want to stand under the drops and get utterly drenched.

then take a hot shower.

when was the last time i stood outside in the rain? maybe with a swimsuit on. the drops feel good on bare skin.

lack of sleep makes me ever so down.


written to and for meaghan... who requested more posts


btw - craig, i'm sorry i missed your birthday! i meant to call, but then it slipped by and then i felt like a loser, so instead i'll do it via blog post, which is even lamer, however, it's just going to have to do. you're ok with that, right? oh, good. happy birthday! i'll make it up to you by cleaning the kitchen next girlfriend sweatshop weekend. or maybe by taking more photos of you with your kids, and not blurry photos of you on your knees cleaning up spilled dry pasta from the floor.


it's been hot lately. hot and muggy. my mind appears to have utterly vanished. have you seen it? send it home, if you would. maybe junie can lick it clean. i'm going to blame my uterus and my ear canals. they've been pained and wonky, respectively. thankfully the pain has gone, but the wonkiness remains. at the worst times, i keep listing dangerously to the side, like a waterlogged ship at sea. walking in to borders, i almost fell on top of a man and his table while heading towards the cafe. it was seriously an almost 90 degree tilt at the waist. my hair may have brushed his pastry. i didn't even look back, i was so embarrassed. just kept on walking, straight for the coffee. some ear drops are in order. or hydrogen peroxide. or one of those diminutive bamboo/jade ear spoon-scoops. with a lucky red tassel on the end.

anyways, i am now well sorted in my new office with a lovely semi-private cubicle. the lack of windows is a little sad and i may need better lighting and bigger photos, but overall, i like it. or rather, it's acceptable. thoughts of death by pen stabbing don't race through my head, so that's a big plus sign (+).

an even bigger plus sign (+) is that i put something new up on my website. check it out when you're bored! it's not anywhere near finished, it was just me playing with the web tools that lightroom has to offer. there are some really crappy photos mixed in there, could you let me know which ones i should just take out? if you have the time, of course. (actually, this applies to all 3 of my readers - get to it!) i may put a little craigslist ad out there to bulk up my portfolio. yay!

UGH, but a big minus sign (-) is that i haven't thought of a name yet. it's been a long arduous process of looking a fruits and flowers and then looking through many of my favorite books trying to find names and phrases that might work or fit. dangerous angels, watership down, the diaries of paul klee... i am probably overthinking it. i even thought of going with 'dolce zucchero', but that ends up sounding like boudoir photography when translated (sweet sugar!). ... i am definitely overthinking this. but when i go with something i like off the top of my head, things like 'lop chong & oolong' end up being the result. that was the first iteration of a name for my craft "business". lop chong being delicious fatty chinese sausage and oolong being, well, my favorite tea. sausage and tea?!

right now i am hopeless. i'm going to drink some water, finish up my day and have a good dinner. then i'm going to relax. miss you!





isn't this poster the best?! i just stumbled on this site and wanted to share; it makes me want to redecorate!


a la pigpen



after updating computer images at one of our branch libraries, we stopped by a cute little spanish market cafe to get some cafe con leche. back at the office, every time i went to drink, what seemed to be a little gnat (or possibly fruit fly) would fly around the edge of the cup, counterclockwise. every. single. time. i felt like pigpen. what the hell?! i realized that perhaps it was a strand of my hair, blowing the same way when i breathed out my nose while drinking. i just couldn't catch it fast enough with my eye to confirm.

and then, i wondered if, like coke addicts, i was seeing things on the edge of my periphery, as coke addicts are wont to do. i guess they are apt to see bugs or some such flitting objects/lights just out of range of their vision. i mean, c'mon! i've never even done coke, but i was thinking i was having the same symptoms - these are the kinds of thoughts going through my mind as of late.

so i took the lid off the coffee and the bug seems to be gone. i even tried breathing out through my nose while drinking, but no bug, just fogged-up glasses. can you believe me? what is going on here?! next i'll be pouring coffee on my shirt for some reason, just to be sure the bug is gone and won't be attracted to the spilled coffee. and to make sure i'm not a coke addict. trust me, it'll make sense in my head.

just pat my hand and put me to bed and tuck in the covers.

... or, rather, plop me somewhere nice, a spot of shade in a park on a nice bit of blanket, hand me a mimosa and read to me. that would be nice. could i also request a fun straw? thanks.


hot water

hot water, originally uploaded by gimchi.

went to the beach last tuesday with erika and it was incredible! hot
water in the shallows and clear skies. this is why florida melts my
face. that and the raging thunderstorms. i'm complicated like that.

or maybe that just means i am really easygoing.

introducing bridget kathyrn

july 14 - read about her 5 minute birth here.


i've been remiss in announcing her birth, but i was able to visit her the weekend of the 25th - bliss! she is absolutely adorable and precious. so tiny and soft!