yams, by the way, came through her surgery with flying colors. she's far more her normal self, incredibly alert and chipper, than i would have imagined. it's like nothing even happened -- as though she got a little trendy shave and some body modification for kicks.

the mass is being sent to a lab to see if they can determine the extent of any spreading through her lymphatic system, but it was good that her radiology tests came through clear (though masses would need to be the size of a pea to show up).

god, man. pets. they're totally our furry children.



first 5k completed and under the belt; zoo zoom - held by, for, and through the lowry park zoo.
overall time, as captured by runkeeper, was 44:29. huzzah! ran 8:22 straight at the beginning, walked and ran, had lots of kids pass me by, and saw a florida panther, rhinos and roseate spoonbills. hills, by the way, are ROUGH. GOING.

i'm actually excited (and slightly apprehensive) about signing up for my next 5k - it seems like a good way to keep myself motivated to run and *gasp* maybe even get a little better.

towards the end, there's a bit of the race path on the road before the END in the zoo's parking lot - i mentally told myself i was going to run without stopping until the parking lot - RAWR! - and that walking afterwards was ok. but at the end, the last of the guides were shouting encouragements, and my friends were cheering me on at the parking lot, that i just couldn't let them down. adrenaline kept me running straight on towards the very end - towards a bottle of water and a slice of cheese pizza.

HEALTHY LIVING, FTW! heart and lungs +10 strength and endurance.