the horror that is my job continues

haven't been here in a while... mainly because my job has been keeping me super super busy. lots of stress - to the detriment of my dermis. need... new... job...

on the upside, i'm almost done w/ amy & emily's photographs and i've finished another bag. this is the second time i've broken a needle while sewing - i think i need a needle made for thicker material like denim. having small bits of metal fly at you and get stuck in your shirt is never a good thing... good thing i wear glasses. also, at the slow rate i'm making bags, i think my first few will be sold on cutxpaste. we shall see!

saturday we had a picnic at the fortuitously named "picnic park." it's located way down on westshore and one would never have imagined it there. you have to go through a really industrial area filled with many a rusty item of vague usage and really, they should have a gate where they give out free tetanus shots - pretty scary. but the actual park was quite nice, with a beach, hot humid bathrooms (ugh), scenery of smokestacks and huge cargo ships on the water, nice shade, tables, screaming kids on slip-n-slides... it had appeal. 20 minutes of frisbee, one bottle of wine and 2 games of clue later and were happy and content.


random good things

anthony makes the most amazing puttanesca sauce ever. YUM! my tummy is still super full. so... sleepy.. ..

tonight i went out to jo-ann's and got lots o' dark brown twill. the first purse i ever made was out of brown fabric and a neat-neat blue robot lining. so i'm going to recreate a few of them. at least, until the fabric runs out.

i've been feeling really super happy these last few weeks. just in a really good place. getting paid, paying bills, not using credit cards... oh, and the trip to hong kong/china has been set for dates - oct 14th-30th. pretty exciting, really.

anthony and i went to borders to check out some travel books. even though i've been there a total of 3 times (granted, the first 2 times when i was 3 and 7) i've never really been able to do the "tourist thing." never been able to explore on my own and figure out things to do on my own. always with the family, just following along. so this time, even though the family thing will be important, i'm definitely going to be planning lots of things i would like to do. and i'll be taking TONS of photos, i'm sure.

i've also finally gotten all the photographs from the emily & amy wedding developed and put on cd. now i've just got to go through all of them and save them as tif files, make sure they all look nice and snappy. hopefully this won't take too long. i think from past experience, it takes me about... 4-5 hours per roll. so, a roll a night (approx) and i'll be done... in... 8 nights? hopefully i can keep up the pace.

and here are the pictures from the paper party! i only took a few right at the beginning. keoni took the awesome picture of me & anthony. though, um, you can sorta see the pleats in my paper skirt. look close. super close.

meaghan & erika

me & ant