anthony on my musical spoons deficiency

"there are monkeys flying in space and you're just now learning how to play spoons?!"
-- anthony


high priestess

last sunday, the 19th (father's day), my friend michelle was ordained to be a minister in the presbyterian church. i am so proud of her (regardless of my non-christian beliefs). this is a moment she has been striving towards for much of her life. and of course, we all celebrated afterwards at her open bar reception. ; ) she will be serving as an associate pastor in a church in birmingham - i truly believe that the presbyterian church will benefit greatly from having her serve with them.

i got to meet her boyfriend scott and her two babies - strider & sophie - the cutest kittens ever (excepting my own two children, of course)! i'd put images up, but i am learning the limitations of our 2 megapixel camera rather quickly. : p one day, my friend, one day i will have a nice digital camera.

then on *this* sunday i went out with anthony and spent the afternoon in st pete. : ) it was so sweltering. we spent our time running from store to store to ben & jerry's. sometimes it's good to get away from the house - we should plan mini trips like this more often.

and here is our potential home! not to buy of course, but just to live in. a friend of the family has owned this house for quite a while and it has been unlived in for the past 20 years. it needs some work, not to mention an air conditioning unit. we are really hoping this works out for us - it would be awesome to live in a 3 bedroom house rather than a 2 bedroom townhouse. AND the lack of stairs is good for thomas's hips. sometimes he goes up the stairs rather slowly... : (


white ducks!

these ducks are super cute! every once in a while they'll hang out in our yard, quacking happily. they are beautiful compared to their ugly duck cousins - the ones with big red growths around their beaks and eyes. : )

seeing these cuties brighten my day.

"may i admire you again today?"
- duckie dale, pretty in pink

greenpeace - save the whales!

help save the whales here.

renegade craft fair

so can i say that i want to go to this craft fair so badly? one day i'll go to a craft fair. one with people my age. with good crafts. crafts i actually want to buy. not really bad art, horrific renditions of food or flowers... the craft fairs down here i end up wandering about aimlessly and being depressed. i want to be inspired! not repulsed.

one day...



i should know - anything worth doing has already been done! i love the few aquarium pictures i have taken, my jellyfish and seahorse images, but here are ones just as, if not more, beautiful! ah, so cliche.

in any case, i am attempting to finish up projects that have been lying around the house. too long have i been depressed and mopey and sleepy all the time. granted, the sleepy-from-lack-of-sleep part may be credible...

i am going to list them here and give updates on how they are going.

::project 1 and 2::

the fabric underneath the pages is what i am going to use to make our couch pillows. i was going to make some nice stiched edging, but it turns out anthony likes his couch pillows unfettered by thread accoutrements. i may still add something to the front - we shall see. i feel like these pillows need something more (well, maybe a little something less; the pattern is beautiful, but maybe too busy for a front and back).

the actual pages are from a photo album i started making a while back. i sewed the pictures onto a page and then sewed two finished pages together to form a front and back. i have come to a halt mainly because i have no idea how to make a cover or put these pages together. haha! i've been searching books and the web and have yet to find a method that will work. (i didn't leave too much room on the back edge...) also, i'm not sure what kind of cover will work best. i'm considering hardboard, mainly because i've got a few slabs of it that haven't been painted yet. maybe i can cover it with the same fabric...

here's a detail of one of the pages. sorry for the crappy image quality - my digital camera is small and not very mighty. most especially since it's night and i had to use flash and still it looks fuzzed (you get the picture).

::project 3::

this is a charcoal erasure i've been doing of anthony for the past month. yes, his mouth is totally messed up, but hopefully i'll be able to work it out. mouths and noses are incredibly hard for me. also, does he look a little cross-eyed?

i remember being in art classes where other students would make "art" of poems and roses for their significant others and i vacillated a little on whether a portrait of anthony would fall into this (again) cliche category, but decided to go ahead somewhat full-throttle to get my rusty and creaking artistic tendencies oiled (or at least moving).


ipod photo goodness

: ) : ) : ) anthony bought me an ipod photo for our anniversary! : ) : ) : )

it's super cute and amazingly handy. we find it humorous that the chick who isn't a "music person" has the ipod. i am a total retard when it comes to music and pop culture. i sit mute when others talk of bands who "sold out" or how their first album was "so much better."

oddly enough, it's nowhere near our anniversary. not that we even have one! it's around november/december-ish. we once had erika arbitrarily assign us a date and realized the other day that neither of us could remember what day it was. *laugh* i think it might have been november 19th. ... i think.

yep, 2 1/2 years and we've never really celebrated an anniversary. it's always a reason for going out to eat at a good restaurant around that time of year, though. "hey, wanna go for sushi? it can be for our anniversary!" "whaddya say to an anniversary sushi dinner??" speaking of sushi, we always mean to try different restaurants, but always come back to ichiban. their sushi is amazing. the last time we went, we didn't have to wait a lifetime for our food! they are always insanely busy and you can easily wait 45 minutes to an hour for your food. truly, it is worth it.

in any case, i am in love with my ipod. i got a little fm transmitter so now i can listen to it in the car! no more wires tangling up all over from my cd walkman - the tape player connector, the power cord connector, the remote control connector... now it's all in one cute little package. no more carrying around cds!

PLUS i can put pictures of anthony, my family and my cats on it! i have yet to do so, but the weekend is coming up fast. eeeeeeeeee! (noise of excitement)


satanism? awesome.

You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. Though it is generally taken that agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in God, it is possible to be a theist or atheist in addition to an agnostic. Agnostics don't believe it is possible to prove the existence of God (nor lack thereof).

Agnosticism is a philosophy that God's existence cannot be proven. Some say it is possible to be agnostic and follow a religion; however, one cannot be a devout believer if he or she does not truly believe.

agnosticism - 83%
buddhism - 75%
paganism - 75%
satanism - 71%
hinduism - 58%
judaism - 54%
atheism - 54%
christianity - 25%
islam - 8%

Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)


i will overcome

i'm having to restart this getting-rid-of-debt thing. i have successfully paid off two credit cards, but have also gotten a new computer.

SO - i have recalculated and am starting over from this new amount. : ) i will not add any more to any of my remaining credit cards and i will not (obviously) buy any other huge purchases. right? right!

i'm going to shower now and clean the house. and then i am going to design a little thermometer thing to display on this blog to show how successful my bill payment is going! maybe i'll make a big one and put it on the bathroom mirror.

ok, motivation - here we go!