hong kong or bust

well, the job is ending this next friday. which is just as well because saturday my dad bought our tickets for hong kong! i am super excited, though apprehensive, only because my brother still doesn't have his passport yet... he got it renewed aug 11th... but when my mom tracked it, it's apparently in pittsburgh. we leave in 2 weeks, and we need to get his visa for china. not good. it's going to take 5 business days to get one, so needless to say, my dad is freaking out, which is weird to see, since he's normally so stoic.

the hurricanes this season have been crazy. when hurricane charley went through, it ripped into my parent's orchards on pine island... maybe 80-90% of their 25 acres are destroyed. not sure what they'll be doing after we come back from hong kong. i think they're looking to sell, so if anyone wants some primo real estate out on pine island... contact me! honest, hurricanes like this normally don't happen! also, as long as you build a free-standing house, you should be ok... i think it stands to reason that mobile home + island off of florida = bad.