he's stable and doing well - thanks for messages and calls!

i just drove back into town tonight w/ ant. exhausted.


please to keep

good thoughts in the direction of my dad. he's in the hospit


wallet? lighter?

all photos from 1997 - present have been sheathed. target had some great $3 albums on clearance!

next step: high school photos & prior. i just need to get them OUT OF THE WAY. they're in this bag just sitting on my floor. driving. me. insane.

next next step: organize photos on the computer (post computer reformat)

next next next step: enlarge and print cute photos i love to put into new apartment w/ ant

this weekend was really lovely. far too much money spent, but all for super enjoyable food and events. anthony made fondue tonight. i made a quiche this morning. yesterday we made veggie subs w/ roasted red peppers and salads with roasted garlic cloves. expensive goat cheese. delicious coffee.

today we went to st. pete and spent time walking around in 65 degree weather, drinking fruit smoothies and organic coffee and meandering the vatican splendors exhibit at the florida international museum. it was a great time and a pretty good exhibition. though just not as "impressive" as when you actually go to the vati-CAN (as professor "ducky" duckworth would have said).


cojoined 2 taggings

i've been remiss. 2 tagged memes and nothing to show!

one from the smirking cat and one from fb. so here we go.

first was from the smirking cat - 6 random facts.

in fact, both are about random facts! fb's requested 4 random facts. i'll simply put 10. can i say that i am SO bad at these?

1. when i was younger, i LOVED ketchup. i couldn't pronounce it very well, "ka-kahtch". i ate it on practically everything. i was the family dubbed 'ketchup queen.' rice, broccoli, eggs + ka-kahtch = DELICIOUS.

2. chess is not my game. i truly and horrendously suck at strategy games. i don't play offensively, but rather, from a cowering, freak-out defensive position.

3. (i'm only on #3?!) i am pretty flexible, but was even more so when i was younger. imagine taking your leg, bending the knee, grasping the foot and stretching out your quads. then keep pulling. i could hook the top of my foot in my ribcage and hop around like a side-show freak.

4. i love packaging and industrial design. this causes me to occassionally spend exorbitant sums on stupid things, like frozen pizzas and q-tips.

5. "a clean house is a sign of a wasted life." i read this recently and want to believe this is true, so that my messy house will be a sign of a life well lived.

6. "you have everything you need." another phrase i read recently; i try to keep this in my mind. especially in regards to items that are related to #4.

7. the smell of gardenias and jasmine make me deeply happy. one day i'd love to have a gardenia tree. and lots of night-blooming jasmine.

8. i don't know where i want to be in 5 years.
... wait, that's a lie. i'd like... to be working for myself. perhaps in graphic design. making items. i need to get myself some confidence. and just start throwing work out there.

9. i just sent out a bunch of postcards with 24 cent stamps. it costs 26 cents now! argh.

10. i throw my support to obama.