illustrator is my friend

if only i had my camera

i am a man, somewhat braveheart-esque. my wife sleeps (or is perhaps unconscious) and there is a battle raging in the village. standing on a raised bed in a long and wide room, i must fight the attackers with remnant arrows littering the ground. quite concentrated, repeatedly and vehemently - in their chests, the hollow of their collarbones, their heads. very satisfying melon-like thunks.

the contest is won in the room, but the fight goes on outside. with my allies i gather more arrows and place them in my anacronistic nylon bag - not unlike a drummer's stick bag. then, almost as an afterthought and out of nowhere, i gather tapered candlesticks (thinking, "i hope those don't break") and, naturally enough, drumsticks. (no, not chicken/turkey/poultry drumsticks.)

we race outside into the night towards the village daycare, where we must stash our small belongings, most especially our cellphones. those with young ones say goodbye; a woman rubs the heads of her two enormous cartoonish bullfrog children resting in a commercial stainless steel sink.

after this, the images begin to fade. i remember gorgeous colours - clear blue skies and a rusty orange bridge spanning overhead, tall townhomes or some other such building against that beautifully bright washed-out fading light of the sun with the sky, again, a deep azure.

and i remember thinking, "if only i had my camera."


indian summer

ultra-violet rays are washing over all the boys and girls
as their moms lay tanning by the pool
all of their dads arriving home
all the children hug his neck unaware of their inheritence
all of the experts say you aught to start them young
that way they'll naturally love the taste of corporate cum
god bless the indian summer
god bless the indian summer
god bless the indian summer
don't you just love the sun?
doesn't it make you feel good, all over?
it's my pleasure to announce
in conjunction with the fed
and my recent popularity
thanks in part to mother nature
it will never rain again
it should do wonders for the gnp
if you're just joining us now
you missed a brilliant speech
we go now live in the streets
to find out what the voters think
he's worked a miracle
i just now bought a brand new car
god bless the indian summer
god bless the indian summer
god bless the indian summer

- pedro the lion


kick to the pants

i need to get this craft thing started. i need to jump start this craft business. i need to start creating and drawing and bursting this artists block that surrounds and mummifies me.

i need more energy.

also, money.

*laugh* well - i feel better now after that little rant. i am going to be hired on at my job. even though i have much distaste for the corporate world, it's something that i am going to have to work through in order to realize more fulfilling dreams. plus, i get a $1.50 raise and health insurance in but a mere month.

i played with illustrator a bit tonight - can we say tons of fun, boys and girls? it's soooo nice to use illustrator with this awesome monitor and not have it freeze. and i love my wacom tablet.

anyways, here are the cute froggie chocolates that anthony got me this weekend!


news :: news

as i speak, the new computer should be happily on its way to me. hopefully i will be able to get it and set it all up this evening. :)

this afternoon i will be taking a pee test to make my current job permanent. benefits start in approx one month. huzzah!

though after sitting in on a staff meeting, the urge to leave this corporate world grows stronger and stronger.

once i get this new computer, i'll be working on my portfolio to hopefully get a new job. something in the arts field. that would be nice.

beautiful sunflowers from anthony. and cute chocolate frog truffles! godiva chocolate biscuits. ritter.

made a t-shirt for a co-worker last night on my print gocco. i think i'm falling in love. if only the larger version weren't $600!!

my little cat yam sleeps under the covers next to my stomach; her fur is soft.


impulsive much?

i just bought a new computer.



it's a dell. as much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE apples... i just kept looking at what i was getting for the cost and i couldn't make it work out.

when i'm a high paid artist/graphic designer/illustrator, i'll splurge and get a mac. in the meantime - i'll have to make do with my new kickass dell cpu.


*** !! happy new year !! ***

albiet a tad belated.

this year, as with every year, i skipped work to head down to the parent's home and celebrate with good chinese food and sangria. anthony and i drove down on tuesday and spent the new year's eve at a party at china star.

wednesday we slept in till 11 and woke to the sounds and smells of my dad puttering about in the kitchen. erika, vincent, jenny & jesse, tiffany, lee, the bobaks, gene & jan... and still a few others - we all ate to our heart's content. it was a really, really excellent new year.

my nephew lee actually didn't cringe when he saw me and ended up more infatuated with anthony than myself! then again, anthony did spend lots of time showing him how mr potato head works. so cute.

and my brother vincent got a new job! i'm incredibly proud of him. he's an assistant general manager at a restaurant down on fort myers beach. yes, my friends, my younger brother now makes more money than i do.

must... get... career... going...

and for those in relationships: for some reason, in the year of the cock, the first day of spring is omitted, like a weird inverse leap year that occurs every 12 years. spring being the time of growth and new beginnings - one shouldn't get married at all in the year of the cock. very unfortunate. it's called "the year of the widow."

hear more at npr.


i am at work and am ridiculously, insanely and ravenously hungry.

so there.

this weekend erika came down and we shopped, shopped, shopped and watched movies till we all nodded off, drinking hot cocoa and nibbling choco liebniz crackers. erika: move to tampa!

i have been feeling sluggish about my job. i should be hired on soon, and with a raise (yay!), but am ambivalent about going permanent. yes, health care is good, but i feel trapped. like i'm going to be sucked into this corporate world job where i am stressed to be training people and stressed that my supervisor might fire me at any moment (she has been known to do such things). and i will become drone-like. my slanty eyes will become computer-monitor-square.

anthony made me feel better by telling me that i was hardly trapped. that i can quit at any time. the stress in my gut is allieviated for now.

but to further combat this stress, i have signed the both of us up for a small business class at usf! i'm pretty excited. i always talk about starting my own business, and i always check out books from the library, but never read them. i figure this way, i am spending money to learn about what i need to do to start a small business. more of a start than talk and false information.

also, this tuesday is chinese new year eve! start celebrating! clean your house tonight and tomorrow, but for 3 days after the new year (wednesday the 9th) - do not clean at all, or you might sweep out the good fortune in your home.