the happening: totally sucked.

penelope: totally rocked.

twilight: also, totally rocked.

sooo............... i'm a little drunk at 1:20 am. today was spent at ikea fielding calls from various libraries that our database totally went down. *big sigh* trust me, it was not pretty. it was, in fact, really awful, to spend a saturday getting calls every 3 minutes from 25 branches saying the same thing. hopefully i came across as calm and patient, because really, it wasn't their fault. issues are now resolved, indexes have been cleaned up and thanks to my supervisor, things are much, much better.

i have read the first 2 books of the twilight series in 3 days. i am on my period. that's the only reason/excuse i can give for delving so deeply into teen vamp romance books. i'll probably watch the movie that's coming out, however, i harbor no hope for it in the least. c'mon, the books have like, almost no plot. it's a vamp romance. end of story.

tonight at wal-mart (*cringe*) ant and i fought furiously (best 2 out of 3) for who would get to pick the movie to watch that evening. paper rock scissors. he completely whalloped my ass, as much as is able in such a high-stakes game. completely.

so we watched 'the happening' and laughed our way through it because IT WAS TERRIBLE. seriously terrible. the acting was atrotious and while the idea was interesting, ... no, no, let's face it, it was a terrible movie. that's all i can say about it. it was laughable.

so after it was over (we watched at least a third of it at 1.5 fast forward speed), we watched penelope, which was FAR better and cuter and sweeter. a nice fairy tale movie, really, with christina ricci and james mcavoy.

wedding planning is going swimmingly! i'm not anywhere near as stressed as i thought i would be. i mean, there are stresses, but nothing major. i'm kind of really excited and slightly giddy. my brother, vince, picked out the wines and will be able to order them through the restaurant at which he works. !! he's taking a test to start the process to begin to be a sommelier. i know i probably spelled that incorrectly. in any case, it's very cool. he's going to learn me on how to become a lush. and not just a lush. an educated lush. oh yes. so he picked out some chardonnay and some riesling and some pinot noir. i'm very excited. and it's a chinese banquet and we bought some candles and plants at ikea today. i'm making the cake topper and our friend is making the cake and it's chocolate and it's going to be delicious. hazelnut chocolate, even.

ah, enough on that. i'm making a top hat out of a wine cork.

and... enough on this blog. i'm going to commence reading book 3 of the twilight series.