word of the 2013 holiday season: tired

yep.  the word is 'tired'. 

just getting over a cold or bacterial infection of some sort and i'm still feeling utterly exhausted by everything.

also, i'm really insanely grumpy.  just a few days before xmas and i want to just... stab something.  paint the town black.

i'm tired of doing everything, of being in charge and i'm ready for some big changes in 2014.  i'll be 35.  fuck this shit.  

i'm going to get a handle on my health, whether that means joining a gym or doing yoga or pilates.  probably the latter. 

i'm going to spend more on me, like buying and owning more than 3 pair of shoes.  (wearing sandals in the winter?  over it.)  

i'm going to meet new people and venture outside my house.  i'm going to grow some plants and i won't kill them.  i'm going to hire someone to clean my house every once in a while.  i'm going to watch less television.  i'm going to stop reading so many blogs and pinning crap, and am going to actually DO things, and not curate things i WANT to do.  

i'm going to figure out a way to either enjoy my job, or get a new one.

more happiness and contentment.  less stress.

i hope you're ready, 2014.  because i'm tired of being tired and i'm totally fucking over it.